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Where To Buy Christmas Ornament Storage Boxes

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Where To Buy Christmas Ornament Storage Boxes

Where To Buy Christmas Ornament Storage Boxes

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Dii Christmas Storage Containers Collection Zippered With Dividers, Ornament; Large, 16x16x13, Snowflakes

Please note that all tree heights shown on our website include the tree stand. If you want the tallest Christmas tree your room will allow, we recommend purchasing a tree that is 6 inches shorter than your ceiling height to allow some space at the top of the tree. If you have a large 8-9 foot ceiling, we recommend a 7.5 foot tree. Here are some other tips:

The 7-7 ½ foot tree is our most popular size, designed to fit snugly in rooms with average 8-9 foot ceilings.

The second most popular size, the 9ft tree, is designed for rooms with 10-11ft high ceilings and creates a stunning effect.

10 – 12 Foot Trees These trees are a beautiful focal point for two story living rooms, rooms with very high ceilings, and some commercial spaces.

Vermont Christmas Ornament Storage Box With Pull Out Drawers, Holds Up To 72

15- to 30-Foot Trees These oversized trees are popular for creating spectacular holiday displays in churches, shopping malls, and large office spaces.

We have artificial trees in various sizes, from traditional full skirting to space-saving slim trees and flat backs. We recommend that you consider the diameter of your Christmas tree when choosing a tree (the size description says 40 inches). This dimension will help you choose the best tree for your space. Or, if you plan to have some branches touching the furniture, the actual space occupied by the tree will be about 6 inches less than the specified diameter.

Balsam Hill’s designers carefully craft trees to mimic nature, visiting sites and harvesting trees. We offer 3 different leaf options made of PE or PVC material. Some trees use only one type of leaf, while others use a mix of leaf types to achieve a particular look. Specific blends are designated on each product description page in the section describing tree leaves.

Where To Buy Christmas Ornament Storage Boxes

True Needle™ Technology Balsam Hill’s exclusive True Needle™ evergreen foliage is used to create the most realistic and gorgeous artificial Christmas tree. These realistic leaves are created using injection molded PE plastic and various colors of paint to mimic the structure, texture and color of natural evergreen conifers. A unique feature of True Needle™ Foliage is the color variation within the branches. For example, the branches are brown/green, and the needles start out dark green and gradually fade to light green.

Honey Can Do 48 Ornament Storage Box Red Sft 08360

The Classic Needles Leaf in the Classic Needles Balsam Heel features soft, flat and flexible needles with a more classic synthetic look. These needles are made from a thin sheet of PVC cut into thin strands like evergreen needles. We use these flexible, flexible needles as the main foliage on many of our very affordable traditional trees. Due to its high capacity, it is also used as a filler for the most realistic and realistic Christmas trees.

Pine Needles The PVC pine needles used by Balsam Hill® are specially designed to mimic the shape and texture of the long, thin leaves of the pine tree. These needles also have a hard texture like real pine needles. You can feel the ridges as you roll it between your thumb and index finger.

If you’ve been longing for the beautiful glow of the tree lights but afraid to miss the wires, Balsam Hill’s unlit Christmas tree is the answer. All of our lights are UL® Recognized and professionally hand mounted to the tree to minimize the appearance of wires. Each of our pre-light trees comes with premium commercial grade lights for indoor use, so if one bulb burns out or is removed, the rest will stay lit . We offer a variety of pre-light lighting options to suit any decorating need.

Color+Clear™ Light Our exclusive Color+Clear™ remote-controlled lighting system is available in both incandescent and energy-saving LEDs. A convenient remote control lets you choose between clear lights, multi-colored lights, or both. With over 50% more lights added, the tree shows many beautiful lights even if only one light type is selected. With both clear and colored lights selected, the tree shows more light than any other artificial tree.

Oxford Christmas Ornament Storage Box

Enjoy the timeless look of Clear Light Clear Light. Our most popular prelit tree style, the clear light allows for more decorating flexibility and allows you to change your look from year to year.

Multicolored Lights Warm up your home with a pre-lit tree featuring traditional festive multicolored lights. Most multicolor prelight trees have red, green, blue, and yellow lights.

Candlelight™ LED Lights Enjoy high-quality, energy-saving LED lights that never burn out. Unlike the cold light emitted by traditional LEDs, our energy efficient candle LEDs provide a warm light reminiscent of a candle flame.

Where To Buy Christmas Ornament Storage Boxes

Multi-Color LED Lights Our multi-color Classic Color™ LED lights bring a gorgeous glow to your Christmas tree without the overpowering glare of standard LED bulbs. These red, blue, orange, green and yellow LED lights are energy efficient and will never burn out.

Snapware 13.1 In X 4.6 In Compartment Clear Ornament Storage Box At Lowes.com

Unlit Trees Use your own special lights for these unlit trees. For unlit trees that specify Simple String™, we have an extension cord pre-strung in the trunk so you can plug your preferred lighting into the extension cord outlet in the center of the tree.

Keep your jewelry neatly stored for the holiday season with our special storage boxes. Designed for ease of use, this organizer includes 3 removable trays with dividers to protect delicate tree accessories. Save space and time with stackable Christmas ornament storage boxes. The deep red color makes it easily identifiable.

We pride ourselves on the craftsmanship of our products and stand behind their quality. All non-extractable trees come with a 3-year warranty that includes:

We take great pride in our products and craftsmanship. Upon receipt he must inspect the purchase and notify us within 30 days of any damage or defects. Our team will be happy to provide assistance for a quick resolution.

Best Holiday Décor And Ornament Storage 2022

Balsam Hill™ is dedicated to providing excellent customer service. Call us at 888-55-BALSAM or contact us via our contact page.

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