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Websites That Actually Pay You

Websites That Actually Pay You – This is the second part of a previous article on websites that will pay you daily within 24 hours. You can read the full article (parts one and two together) by clicking here. Without too many introductions, let’s talk about it.

You may have heard of websites like Upwork and Freelancer. These websites allow you to submit proposals to customers looking for the services you can provide. However, I would like to introduce you to a website called ClearVoice. ClearVoice is a freelance writing website that was recently acquired by popular website Fiverr. ClearVoice is different from other freelance websites you see because, on websites like Upwork, freelancers get contracts by giving advice.

Websites That Actually Pay You

Websites That Actually Pay You

The problem with this is that it can sometimes lead to a race-to-the-bottom mentality, where just to get a job you have to put the lowest possible price under the client’s budget to be interested in the job. As a result, you end up earning less than you’re worth. With ClearVoice, there will be no offers, instead, you submit your portfolio of work, set your rates, and ClearVoice will assign you directly to jobs that match your profile.

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Freelancers can make anywhere from $200 to nearly $1,000 per job, and some jobs take less than a day to complete. It’s not loud enough to touch a button, I’d give it a six out of ten.

GIGWALk lets you complete small business tasks and earn easy money for doing it. Duties include things like taking photos of food items to ensure product is displayed correctly, checking menus in restaurants, or attending company events to monitor quality and consistency.

Jobs on GIGWALk can take anywhere from five minutes to a few hours to complete and will pay $100 to $300 depending on the scope of the job. Anyone can make money doing this, whether you’re looking for a little extra cash, or want to get a full paycheck, this is a great app to use.

Getting started is as easy as downloading the GIGWALk app to your Android or Apple device, registering your account, answering a few questions about yourself, linking your PayPal account so you can get paid, and getting started. I’d give it a strong six out of ten.

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What if you could make money off the same photos you posted on Instagram, but you posted them somewhere else that made you money? Snapwire is similar to another website on this list, Foap, in that you can sell your photos to brands around the world and make big bucks.

In addition to photos, you can sell videos, graphic designs and artwork. There are basically two ways to earn money with this app, the first is to upload high quality photos, graphics and videos to your portfolio. And if someone buys something from you, well, you get a commission. The second way is to participate in challenges or contests that customers of the Foap application like.

There is a list of requirements, and if your photo, video, or graphic meets those requirements, the client will likely pick yours as the winner, thus paying you more money. Now, the amount of money you get depends on demand, but it can range anywhere from $25 to nearly a hundred dollars.

Websites That Actually Pay You

And the most interesting thing is that you will get 100% of these earnings. Snapwire Travel Guide, 6 out of 10.

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If you are a good listener and can write well on the computer, you can earn money from the comfort of your home by recording audio or video. Scribie is a writing service that businesses can use to transcribe things like speeches, recordings, meetings, phone conversations, and even YouTube videos. Now, this might not sound like a lot to you, but many companies will pay top dollar for this service.

All you need to get started is a computer, an internet connection, a PayPal account to get paid, and a good key with good risk support can also be a good investment. Beginners can make up to $800 a month writing, while advanced types can make up to $3,200 from the comfort of their homes. I will write this 7 out of 10 for you.

Some of the biggest companies in the world are using Agent Field to do various tasks for their business and it is a good way to earn more for doing these simple tasks. Using the app, you can gather information about products and vendors by taking photos, sharing ideas, and completing other tasks.

Many of these tasks can be done while doing the tasks you normally would, such as taking pictures of sales and window displays to make sure they are presented correctly. Plus, your ideas help companies deliver the best products and experience possible, so you not only earn money but can help millions of other people.

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There are millions of people who have already made money with Field Agent, and this is definitely a legit way to make money. The best part is that the app will pay you right after you finish working.

Getting started is easy, just download the Agent Field app, save, and finish your work. Once the process is complete, your application will be reviewed by a field representative, and once your application is approved, the funds will be sent directly to your bank account via direct deposit.

People have reported earning anywhere from $100 a day to nearly $300 a day for just a few hours of work. I give it a clear 8 out of 10.

Websites That Actually Pay You

TRYMYUI is similar to another website we talked about in this list, only better. With TRYMYUI, you test websites on your mobile device or desktop computer and provide honest feedback about your experience using the website. The test involves you performing various tasks on the website or mobile app and providing honest feedback on what you liked and disliked about your experience.

Review Website For Free And Earn Money $50 $150

All of this happens while your screen and voice are being recorded. Each test will cost you $10 and will usually take 20 to 30 minutes to complete, and there is no limit to the number of tests you can take per day. Payments are sent every Friday to your PayPal account, so even if you don’t actually get paid every day, yeah I know, you still get paid at least once a week. And doing so is better than researching sites like Swagbucks.

Getting started is very easy, just go to the website, click earn money to try, create a free account and start earning money. TRYMYUI is a solid 8 out of 10 in my books.

If you make money, I don’t know, you send people videos of you dressing up as a biker, or dressing up as a fruitarian and saying what people want you to say, or screaming in the forest. . Well, all of this is possible, thanks to a website you probably already know, Fiverr. Yes, you can sell basic services on Fiverr like logo design, video editing or NFT design creation.

These things require skill, and I mean someone who has the time to learn a new skill. No, but really, the point here is that you can literally make money doing almost anything with Fiverr. Even if you don’t have a specific skill you’re good at like writing, drawing, or singing, you can still make money by being smart, creative, or funny.

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Honestly, depending on how you approach this, you can make a lot of money. There are many people making more than six figures every year on Fiverr. Nine out of ten.

UserTesting is like the apple of research and user testing world. whereas other survey websites will send you small surveys that pay you cents on a dollar, UserTesting pays you, well, dollars on a dollar. Some of the largest companies in the world use UserTesting to gain a significant edge in their products, these are companies willing to pay good money to get real feedback from real people.

We’re talking $4 for each five-minute survey, $10 for each twenty-minute survey, and between $30 and $120 for each live interview that can last between 30 minutes and an hour. You may be wondering “So Prince, what exactly am I doing at UserTesting, am I just doing research?”

Websites That Actually Pay You

Not so much, like some of the sites on this list, UserTesting is a user experience platform, in other words, you’ll be testing things like web applications and even real physical products to make sure the user experience while using these products. in line with the expectations of the brand.

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To get started you need a computer, a good internet connection, yes

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