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Top Ecn Forex Brokers List

Top Ecn Forex Brokers List – When it comes to choosing the types of forex brokers, you will find three main types of brokers: market-moving, non-dealing desk and ECN forex brokers. What kind of broker do you need depending on your trading style and strategy? However, in this article, we will walk you through ECN brokers. Check out our real ECN broker list created by our expert team.

We will provide ways to choose the best forex broker for ECN trading along with the pros and cons of a true ECN broker. So, at the end of this detailed article, you can choose your broker based on our method. In addition, you will also get a list of ECN brokers to start your trading journey.

Top Ecn Forex Brokers List

Top Ecn Forex Brokers List

ECN brokers are like any other forex brokers that work through Electronic Communication Networks (ECN). However, if you are relatively new to the foreign exchange industry, you may not have enough ideas about ECNs. So, let us enlighten you about ECNs.

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It is a type of technology that connects traders or retail forex market participants with a liquidity provider, in other words a broker. It is a non-negotiable table mover that creates relationships between parties.

Therefore, ECN forex brokers allow clients to access the foreign exchange and stock markets of other participants. In this way, ECN brokers provide quotes from different participants. Typically, brokers work through limited bid/sell spreads. However, a real ECN broker works to match traders with other market participants. ECN brokers can never trade against clients. In addition, the spread in ECN is much lower than traditional brokers. But they charge a fixed commission for each transaction.

ECN brokers operate through an automated computer system that electronically and automatically matches clients’ trades. For example, if a buyer wants to sell 2 lots of EUR/USD at 1.2 per lot and another buyer wants to buy the same lot for the same amount, the ECN automated system will match the two traders. The broker will not participate in this transaction, but the trader will do the rest himself. However, ECN forex brokers charge a commission for arranging the match.

Leverage refers to the proportion of securities you can buy for a given payout. The higher the leverage ratio, the more buying power you have (and the higher the risk). For example, a leverage ratio of 500:1 means that you can buy 500 securities, but only pay the equivalent of the value of 1 security. The profit ratio offered may vary depending on the level of experience of the trader.

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ECN brokers will see different rates, also known as bids by most liquidity providers. After that, they recommend the provider to broadcast the best. ECN brokers offer lower spreads. But clients should know that the actual spread is calculated as the commission plus the spread.

The ECN system does not make a “market”. Therefore, trading through ECN may be difficult if there are strong market events that increase volatility.

ECN forex brokers usually offer interbank spreads from 0.0 pips with a fixed fee per lot. Transaction fees are considered as ECN fees.

Top Ecn Forex Brokers List

ECN brokers have their own ECN system for trading. Although the platform varies between brokers, the basics are the same and the goal is the same. The ECN platform is aimed at traders.

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However, MT4 introduced a new technology called MT4 ECN Bridge in 2006, which aims to give users access to the “interbank foreign exchange market”. Basically, regular MT4 works by connecting broker and clients. The main purpose of bridging software is to “connect MT4 server to ECN”. However, the process is a bit complicated. Therefore, brokers prefer to use their own platform. It can provide a transparent business situation.

While a standard forex account receives a fixed spread, an ECN account works through a commission-free structure, meaning that standard accounts receive no commission, but have a spread basis.

ECN fees, on the other hand, include interbank spreads that start at 0 pips, as well as a commission per lot. However, a 0 pip spread does not mean that trading costs are low, but it is in favor of a trader who has a perfect strategy. However, ECN technology is suitable for experienced traders or investors with large investments.

The main advantage you will get from ECN is that if any of its clients have a net loss in their account, the broker will not make any profit. However, regular forex brokers charge a commission even if the trader makes a loss. ECN brokers mainly match orders between buyers and sellers and then transfer the net orders to various liquidity providers. Therefore, this process shows that ECN Forex brokers and clients have little conflict of interest.

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Although ECN models charge commissions, they usually work through low spreads. So, you will definitely have lower transaction fees if you trade in larger amounts.

However, a real ECN broker benefits the client through reverse spreads. This happens when the bid price is lower than the bid price. Ultimately, this opportunity gives traders a chance to earn risk-free profits.

The most important advantage is that you will not have any conflict of interest with the broker because they will not benefit if you lose business. Therefore, the ECN system always tries to bring you the maximum profit.

Top Ecn Forex Brokers List

While spreads on ECN accounts are usually low, small investors may not feel any difference from a market maker broker. Additionally, spreads can be unpredictable depending on market behavior. However, if liquidity is inherently thin, spreads may be wide, especially during large market releases.

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Another conflict you may encounter is that some ECN forex brokers do not allow traders to trade in micro lots, but sometimes enforce a minimum trade size such as 1 mini lot. Therefore, traders with less capital may need to trade higher position sizes. As a result, they were forced to adopt a more leveraged stance.

Every time you place an order, the system matches your buying or selling needs with other traders. Once a match is found, the system executes the transaction immediately and seemingly anonymously. Once the transaction is completed, a fixed fee price will be charged and will have a small spread.

A first-time ECN trader will clearly find the difference from a regular broker. However, ECN trades may be less liquid than normal market maker trades. While regular brokers usually widen the spread, ECN brokers offer sudden and large price jumps. During the process, the spread usually remains lower than the market-making broker.

The general rule for ECN trading is that if liquidity is at its peak, trading through ECN will be highly visible.

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Finding the best ECN forex brokers is not an easy task as you have to follow certain criteria. Choosing a broker depends on your location, trade size, trading instrument, trading frequency, etc. All these factors will definitely affect your business expenses. Therefore, different economic models are applied based on these factors.

Choosing an ECN broker is more or less the same process as choosing a regular broker. While ranking the top ECN brokers, you don’t need to focus on specific factors.

First, before you search for an ECN broker listing, you should ask yourself about three factors. they are-

Top Ecn Forex Brokers List

If you know the answer to these three factors, you can find the top 10 ECN brokers by eliminating the less effective brokers. You will find a list of many ECN forex brokers that do not meet the minimum requirement. So you can easily remove them.

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Let’s start with the location. You may feel more comfortable with a broker that is based in your country or even with a broker that you feel comfortable communicating with in your own language. While most countries allow trading through an offshore broker, US citizens are required to trade through local brokers. So, you can narrow down the top ECN forex brokers based on your location.

After narrowing down the list of top ECN forex brokers, you should verify the broker with the local regulatory agency for future safety. In addition, you may visit for further verification to know if your fund remains safe or not. You can deposit a small amount at first and see how the broker behaves. This small investment will help you save big in the future.

Transaction cost is another important factor when choosing the best ECN brokers. However, the cost is variable and depends on the size of your business. That’s why you won’t get real feedback until you start trading. Therefore, you can get an idea by trading on a demo account. This way you will know what they are actually publishing.

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