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Meaning Of Free Margin In Forex

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Meaning Of Free Margin In Forex

Meaning Of Free Margin In Forex

We continue to discuss the basics of forex. This article discusses the definitions of balance sheet and equity and explains the difference between the two concepts.

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Balance reflects only profit/loss from closed positions. Open positions and margin (collateral) are not included in the balance sheet.

Now let me explain the concept of equity. If we try to look up the word in the dictionary, the closest synonym will be capital. Equity means not only the current balance, but also the profit (or loss) from the financial assets in which you have invested.

Capital includes the total result of trading activity and balance at the current moment. The same ideas are presented in the formula below:

Equity will be higher than the balance sheet if the profit on the current trade is greater than the swap and brokerage commission.

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Again, the primary difference between balance sheet and equity is that balance sheet does not include open positions, while equity includes all current changes. So capital is a floating value; It can be changed at any time.

In other words, equity means the sum of your account balance and any floating (unrealized) gains or losses associated with your open positions.

Capital reflects the current state of all open positions in the trader. If you subtract the margin from the capital, you calculate the free margin that can be used to enter new trades. If there is not enough free margin to open positions, the broker will first send you a message to replenish your balance. If you ignore this message and the market goes against you, the broker will forcefully close all your positions.

Meaning Of Free Margin In Forex

A message about the need to top up your account to avoid closing positions is called a Margin Call.

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Forced closing of a position by a broker due to lack of free assets is called Stop out.

Brokers have different limits for Margin call and Stop out. Stop Out level is usually around 20%-30%. You can see the Margin Call and Stop Out levels in the Forex account specification. For example, the broker has the following values ​​for ECN and Classic accounts:

Monitor your capital level and free margin to avoid losing your deposit. If you have a working trading system, follow money management and be careful about the risks involved in trading, your account will never reach the stop level.

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Meaning Of Free Margin In Forex

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I want to test my new skills without signing up for a demo account. Show me currency charts and price movements in real time. I want to copy the transactions of professional traders to my account. I am ready to open a trading account and earn money from forex. Understanding how margin and its various subdivisions work in Forex can be an exercise even for the mathematically gifted.

To further complicate matters, there are numerous margin calculations that do not apply to your day-to-day forex trading. And it is not practical to overthink them!

A Basic Guide To Forex Trading

Let’s find out what you need to know about margins and how to use it to improve your forex trading results.

If you have already opened your FX trading account, you know what margin is. However, the purpose of this article is not to rehash theory, but to see practical concepts that you can incorporate into your daily forex trading.

After that, you usually don’t change your margin. This may cause some forex traders to forget about it. But it directly affects how much you can trade.

Meaning Of Free Margin In Forex

There are other articles dealing with the mechanics of leverage and margins, but the practical effect is that your account leverage shows how much you are borrowing from your forex broker every time you open a trade.

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For example, if your leverage is 1:100, this means that for every $1 you trade, your broker will “lend” you $99 so you can trade $100.

This is important because a 1% move on $100 is very different from just a $1 move. Leverage is how you can earn (and lose) much more in the forex markets by putting relatively small amounts into your account.

The thing about this “loan” that your forex broker gives you when trading is that if the trade goes in your favor, all is well.

When you close the deal, you pay back the “loan” and make a profit. But if the trade goes against you, you start losing money.

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A forex broker knows that you can pay back the amount you put into the trade, and to make sure you don’t lose more than that, he will usually close your trade to get back the “borrowed” money.

This is known as a “threshold call”. So the amount you bet for a trade is how much “margin” you have for market moves against you. Using our 1:100 leverage example, if you bet $1 to trade, you can take a $100 position.

If the market goes down 0.5%, that means you lost $0.50. This is still within your $1 “threshold”; But if the market goes down 1%, then you’ve “lost” $1 and your broker will cancel the trade so you don’t start a negative move.

Meaning Of Free Margin In Forex

In general, forex brokers try to give you a little more freedom in your trading by adding this principle. So when you enter a trade, the FX broker “locks in” that amount and the rest of your account serves as margin.

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In practical terms, suppose you have $50 in your account and take a $2 position. At 1:100 leverage, that means you can buy $200 in the market. This $2 is “locked up” by your broker to cover your current trade and the remaining $48 is called your “free margin”. This is how much is still available in your account to place trades.

If the market moves in your favor, your portfolio capital increases and you have more margin available. This means you have more free range. And if the market goes against you, you have less capital and therefore less free margin.

If an analogy helps us understand this, let’s turn to cars. A transmission will be like the size of your engine: the bigger it is, the faster you go, but you need more gas.

Your gas tank will be your free limit. If you go fast (open many trades), you use more margin. If you have a small engine (low gear), then you will use less gas. And of course, if you run out of gas, your car grinds to a halt – just like your currency trading grinds to a halt when you run out of margin!

What Is Free Margin In Forex?

Daniel John Grady is a financial analyst and author. He is a former CFO with a degree in financial management and has published in English and Spanish. With over ten years of equity trading experience, he is primarily interested in currencies and emerging markets with a focus on Latin America. Margin occurs when the percentage of the investor’s capital in the margin account falls below the amount required by the broker. An investor’s margin account contains securities purchased with a combination of the investor’s own money and money borrowed from the investor’s broker.

A margin call specifically refers to a broker’s request that an investor deposit additional money or securities into an account so that the investor’s equity value (and account value) increases to a minimum value determined by a technical requirement.

There is a marginal call

Meaning Of Free Margin In Forex

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