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Make Your Own Transformers Character

Make Your Own Transformers Character – About: I’m Mario Caido Langer (MC for short), a Colombian STEAM teacher living in Azerbaijan, a Bachelor of Naval Science and a former naval officer. I’m a CAD and 3D printing enthusiast and an artist specializing in Jun… About M.C. Lang More »

Transformers are my favorite toys. They bring back fond memories of my childhood, I love going to toy stores to see the latest generations of this toy, I have quite a small collection, and even my first CAD attempt was designing my own dynamic robot using the amazing 123D design!

Make Your Own Transformers Character

Make Your Own Transformers Character

I’m still not a kid and when I go to a toy store by myself (at least in this country) I look like a creepy old man and nobody sends me a new transformer for Christmas to expand my love, 123D design is gone forever, my precious original design is dragged into the wasteland of obsolescence.

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This opportunity is not only to test my skills in this design application. And this is to test the limits of my new Pen Fun Magician 3D printer. After many attempts at printing (resulting in many broken or failed prototypes), I finally got an acceptable result.

This is basically a G1-inspired Decepticon converted from a robot to a military missile launcher. This project required a lot of testing/revisions as I tried three different design approaches to define each part.

This tutorial shows how I developed the first and second methods. If you want to download Transformers for print, here is the link.

To save time, I only designed the left half of the transformer so I could take it apart and copy it later to get a complete robot.

Agora Models Optimus Prime Details

Since it will be the front of the vehicle, I will start with the legs. I put two boxes and a roof, then a rotating wheel and a rotating hub connector and two MetaFillets for the wheel housings. I created the front and back of the house using two small boxes

My designs are inspired by the new Transformers: Siege series Topshot and Flak action figures as well as the classic G1 minifigures. In most robots, the front wheels are on the legs and the rear wheels are on the robot arms.

To save time, I duplicated the legs and moved them back to create the arms. Then I added some extra boxes and details to give it shape and create a punch.

Make Your Own Transformers Character

I used a hole box to create the foot well. Then I used another box with a modified radius. Also, I adjust the connectors to connect the thigh to the leg and body (these connectors will be replaced later with cylindrical holes for screws).

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After defining the position of the shoulder and elbow joints, I created the body from the box, adding the aesthetic details.

For the front, I used the skull from the Print Kits – Skeleton Shape group. I will change it later.

I did an initial “copy and flip” test to see how Transformer looks in both modes. I don’t like the result…

The transformer looks huge in both modes, which makes it difficult to damage, wastes printing time and material, and the shape looks more like a shoebox.

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I deleted the side of the duplicate and cut the wheels, legs and arms in half using empty boxes. Additionally, I added new details to cover the pieces.

After reducing the volume on the side, I flipped all the shapes to see the beauty. The results are more than acceptable (however, this won’t be the last time I remove material from a design.)

I want to put a Decepticon logo on my Transformers chest. Created by Tinkercad user Bumblebee1794 I found it very cool! So I downloaded it and put it into design.

Make Your Own Transformers Character

To be honest, I originally wanted to create a construction style dump truck. But I didn’t like the look of it, so I replaced it with a missile launcher using a box and nine paraboloids. Using the tube and cylinder as a rod, the launcher can be raised or lowered into position.

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After I finished the first design, I tried to print it. This design was too big for the Penjoy Magic print platform (remember: this is a low budget printer with a small platform), so I scaled it down to 48%.

Result? After many attempts to adjust the scale and settings, all I got was hours of printing and wasted material, incomplete parts, broken links and headaches.

That’s when I realized I had two challenges: optimizing the design and finding the perfect settings to print something so complex in my tiny 3D printer.

After failing because the connectors don’t work well at the micro level, I tried method 2: printing the already assembled model. I fixed the part by removing the connector and using the shaft with a solid cylinder and a hole cylinder. The result is better than the first method. However, as I said in the introduction, the joints are very loose, which complicates the transformer’s ability to maintain its shape in both modes. In step 14, you can compare this method with the final result.

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After a lot of trial and error I found a solution where some of the moving parts are attached to the main parts like the missile launcher, wheels are attached to the legs and arms, while the other parts are printed independently.

I have revised the sketches for each episode and downloaded the SRT files to print them out separately. If you have a large 3D printer, you can print all the parts at once and experiment with different print settings. But I have a little. After some research online and a lot of typos, I finally found a great setup for Penjoy Magician by Cura:

(Thanks to Andrew Mayo from BIQU Magician – Facebook Delta owner team for finding most of the best combinations)

Make Your Own Transformers Character

I carefully removed the backing material, filed it and cut out some parts that had too much print material.

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Secure the legs to the thighs using the two plastic rods by printing the rest of the designs on them. Attach the legs to the body using nuts and bolts. Each arm is secured with screws.

Here you can admire the assembled transformer. Of course, there is still room for improvement. Some things that should be fixed in future versions:

One of the important lessons I’ve learned along the way is that when I need to print tires, it’s best to place them parallel (horizontal) to the build tray. In the blue and green models, the wheels look more like eggs because the heat-stamped material is affected by gravity. In the third prototype, the wheels are completely round.

I used acrylic paint to paint the tires black, the windshield blue and the missiles red. Also, I drew metal screws. I outlined his face in red and green.

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It’s all over! Building this transformer was a long experience that tested my patience many times. But I learned a lot about Tinkercad and 3D printing.

But don’t get me wrong dear family and friends: you can still buy me a new transformer for my next birthday! In: Game Mechanics of Transformers: Battle for Cybertron, Game Mechanics of Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Game Mechanics of Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, Game Mechanics of Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark

Create a character, also known as a custom character, is a game option in Transformers: War for Cybertron, Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, and Transformers: Dark of the Moon where players can create and customize different Transformers for multiplayer games.

Make Your Own Transformers Character

Character Creation In Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark, it replaces character creation in Character Setup in favor of plot-based character selection.

Legacy Junkions: Finally, Build Your Own Transformer

War for Cybertron introduced this customization system when it came out in 2010. Players can choose which chassis to use, which can be reversed with different colored hex plates. The chassis includes a Canon character color that can be customized and a zoom

As a “runner” chassis. Chassis will also be segment-specific, for example, the “Runner” chassis is exclusive to the Scout segment, while the OptiPen Prime “Heavy Rig” is exclusive to the Driver segment.

Colors vary by class, Autobots have a more colorful preset from red, yellow to green. On the contrary, Deceptics includes dark shades, deep purple, pink, gray and blue colors.

As mentioned earlier, Battle for Cybertron will introduce a career system with character customization and four careers will be introduced in the game. This replaces the defunct Revenge character selection system. The four classes offered are Scout, Scientist, Leader, and Soldier.

Do You Ever Make Your Own Teams For Mental Roleplay? Here’s Mine. Nightcruz, Diaclone Homage Burn Out And Lift Ticket, Pe Motobot (who I Use As A Custom Character), Spacewarp R With The

Scouts are the smallest and fastest of the four units, and focus more on distraction, flanking, and evasion than direct skirmish and fire. Scouts, while generally more vulnerable, have high-damage weapons including plasma cannons, zeroing beams, and more.

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