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Make Your Own Robot Costume

Make Your Own Robot Costume – My son was a ‘mess’ for the Robot Party, so I got in on the act and made him costumes for the invitations and the party. The best part about this costume is that it’s so cheap to make – it uses mostly recycled parts!

For the robot hat/head. I took a box and glued a thin one on top – tie one end to one side and the other end to the other. I then placed two caps of spray paint on each side of the box. I then glued 5 milk jug lids along the top of the box and added a large round button to the center of the front (I found it at the recycling center but I don’t know what it was used for?).

Make Your Own Robot Costume

Make Your Own Robot Costume

I then sprayed everything with silver paint and let it dry, giving it a second coat of paint a few hours later. When I sprayed the head, I sprayed 4 bottle caps and two soda bottles that I used for the body later.

Robot Costume For Kids

I made sure to leave one end of the box open and cut all the lids off using a box cutter/stanley knife. For the other side, I taped it with masking tape to make sure it was strong.

Then, using a box cutter/stanley knife, (I asked my husband) I cut two circles in the side of the box for the arm holes and one in the top for the head to go away.

I then measure how much flexible duct I will need for each ‘branch’ by inserting Master L’s arms and legs through each section and cut it out using a square cutter (after I get it from him of course).

Then, using masking tape, glue two pieces of flexible arm channel to the inside of the two ‘arm holes’ in the box for extra strength. (I also added masking tape to each end of the flexible duct piece to make sure there were no sharp edges).

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Leg channels can be placed on just one pair of pants and stay well without reinforcements.

I then went to work on all the buttons, gauges and computer components. (I actually printed out my measurements and then laminated them to protect them from spills and such, but that’s not a must).

You will notice that I have attached two round sizes to the CD, which is also attached to the bottle cap to give some measure.

Make Your Own Robot Costume

I then glued two painted soft drink bottles to the back of the robot’s body to look like a ‘jet’ and also added a bit more gauges.

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Using a makeup sponge, I carefully applied Master L’s face. He thought it was fantastic… “tickle, tickle”. So cute!

I also made some more Robot Heads for the kids to try out for Master L’s party, you can check them out and all the other Robot Party details here.

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Oh, and why not feature and ‘like’ us on Facebook or maybe Twitter which is your thing. . You can also find us on Pinterest and Instagram too! I am so excited to show you the costumes that Jude and Jason made this year. So, without further ado, I present to you a DIY space robot:

Make The World’s Best Robot Costume!

Jude originally wanted to be an astronaut and while I thought that was a great idea, mom who was sick this morning didn’t want to do a lot of sewing. So, taking inspiration from Jude’s favorite little golden book, Robots, Robots Everywhere!, I propose a space robot. They love it, score!

The boxes (small sizes from Home Depot) are easily cut with a craft knife. With a large hole for the head, two small holes for the arms, and almost the entire bottom cut out, you have a tongue.

We used modpodge to cover everything with foil and reinforced the corners with chrome tape. A good old dryer vent makes a perfect robotic arm. Jude and I painted a “space map” and a half styrofoam ball “button” while Jason installed the on/off switch.

Make Your Own Robot Costume

In his costume he wears black thermals, perfect for trick or treating. And “moonshoes” are actually granny shoes with padded toes.

Diy Halloween Kid’s Costume: The Robot

The best part for me is seeing how happy they are. Although he cannot sit or move freely, he is very happy. Maybe because he can still put candy in his mouth without a problem.

Full disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. I was given a copy of Robots, Robots Everywhere! but all opinions are my own (and Jude’s). The costume took a year of ideas, sketching and planning followed by a three-day session to build in time for Halloween.

We always tend to go overboard for Halloween, but this year I outdid myself. This is our first guide and our entry into the Halloween costume contest.

Some of the equipment and resources used to build this are not cheaply available to most people, but I work in a metal shop and it’s nice enough to allow me to use the machine in my spare time. Making this suit out of metal is a bit over the top and the same result could have been done using cardboard or other materials.

Diy On A Dime: The Robot Costume

I don’t really like doing this, but my family is growing +1 and I’m starting my second year of pursuing a mechanical engineering degree with two more to come after that. Unfortunately, to cover bills and expenses, the robot suit has been sold. The men’s costume fits me at 6’1″ 190 lbs. The women’s costume fits me at 5’3″ size 12. I know it’s a short time for Halloween this year but if anyone is in a hurry I can ship it quickly and maybe you can The competition itself won one of the most amazing robot costumes ever. Maybe your city has a box robot army event or maybe you can start your own army 2 with this!

A few caveats, the coating has been stored indoors 100% of the time, but the steel components were not painted, so they have a rusted surface (made a nice pressed patina). The actual condition of the sheath requires bonding to the sheath (with the help of others) which is used to enclose the cables. This is a very large item, so shipping will be quite high. Local pickup is available in the Seattle/Tacoma area or perhaps Greyhound Freight would be an inexpensive option.

Below are some concept sketches we did for the suit along with some views of the 3D model we created in Solidworks. All major parts are designed and modeled in 3D to check fit and function before the cut is complete. We spent the last year sketching ideas, looking at other people’s costumes and any robot photos we could find for inspiration for our own costumes.

Make Your Own Robot Costume

Once the 3D design work is done, I export all the parts to a 1:1 size DXF file for laser cutting.

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I’ve tried to list all the items that go into the costume, but I may be missing one or two…

0.032″ Aluminum Slag 5052 @ $0.00 – Used for body and head parts. Scrap material that lays on the job.

18GA (0.048″) Cold Rolled Steel @ $0.00 – Used for corners forming brackets and trim

(I was planning on using 20GA, but I couldn’t find any scraps. 18GA adds unnecessary weight, and I might remake the part from 20 or 22GA for another Halloween.)

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(4) McMaster Aluminum Mini Round Wall Grilles part # 2016K4 @ $1.16 – Ears on robot head.

(250+). 125″ Pop Rivets Aluminum McMaster part # 97447A310 @ $8.24/250 – I thought this would be enough, but bought another pack at Harbor Freight to be sure. We probably used about 275-300 rivets.

(I also bought a nail gun at Harbor Freight, but it was a long-term tool that wasn’t just for this costume, so I didn’t count it as part of my budget. You can get a nail gun for only $5.00 , but I went for a better model which will also install the riv nuts.)

Make Your Own Robot Costume

(12) McMaster Steel Extension Spring Part # 9654K14 @ $7.00/12 pk – This is attached to the claw for the spring to open.

Five Easy To Make Halloween Costume Diy’s

(1) propane gas supply pipe from an old BBQ @ $0.00 – This made a great antenna for a robot man outfit.

(4) 4″ Diameter X 6.5″ Long Galvanized Channel @ about $3.00 from Lowes – This is used to mount the claw hand mechanism.

(1) 25′ package with 4″ diameter dryer duct.

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