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Life Insurance In Islam Halal Or Haram

Life Insurance In Islam Halal Or Haram – In life, a working man has to deal with problems and problems related to the future of his children because women have to stay at home and do the housework and take care of the family, so the man at home. must do many jobs to provide for his family.

The main responsibility of a person is to take care of the future of his children and his family if there is a crime. In addition to many questions, there is one question that does not have a correct answer. Is life insurance haram or haram? Today’s article is about this topic that has no real answer around the world.

Life Insurance In Islam Halal Or Haram

Life Insurance In Islam Halal Or Haram

Life insurance is a way to secure your future. Tide’s idea is that if something goes wrong with them, their family supports them with money and things to help them later.

Pdf) Islamic Influence On Customer Satisfaction: Evidence From Takaful And Conventional Insurance Industry

The purpose is to protect the family and children provided in the life insurance plan until they are able to take care of themselves. But experts are trying to find an answer whether life insurance is haram or not? And if yes, what are the reasons behind it? And if not, why hesitate to get a package?

The first one is called term policy and the second one is given as endowment insurance. Both these packages are available in all life insurance companies.

In this type of life insurance, the premiums are fixed for 20 or 18 years. So, after his death, his family will get the agreed amount for a long period of time. If the insurance lapses and the person lives, he gets nothing. But he must understand that he will leave many things behind to his family.

In this other type of insurance, the premium given to the insurance company is higher for a certain period of insurance. According to the insurance company’s statements, when the policy reaches maturity, the policyholder receives a lump sum, including interest and profit.

Is Life Insurance Halal In Islam?

Income earned under endowment insurance is halal only if the endowment insurance company invests in businesses under Sharia and Islamic law. If it is not under Islamic laws then it is haram.

For example, if an investment is made by a real estate or trading company under Islamic rules, it will share the profit among its shareholders. At the beginning of this insurance, it is not possible to determine the level of income in this case.

No insurance company manages 100% Shariah-enhanced investments. Is life insurance haram or halal? Most experts believe that life insurance is not halal. You take interest and lack of trust in Allah by changing the behavior.

Life Insurance In Islam Halal Or Haram

It is better if you keep strong faith in Allah. If Allah feeds you while you are alive, He can feed your children.

Halal Mortgages: Alleged Misuse Of Taqi Usmani’s Fatwa And 3 Important Questions

There are many other options for you to secure your children’s future. For example, investing in businesses and real estate or holding stocks to earn regular income.

Warda holds a degree in journalism from Carleton University. He has covered various topics in The Islamic Information as a leading journalist.

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Life Insurance Is Haram

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