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Investing In Philippine Stock Market For Beginners

Investing In Philippine Stock Market For Beginners – (If you want a quick beginner’s guide on how to start investing in the Philippine stock market, you can download your free book here.)

After all, statistics show that on average, more than 80% of stock market players lose money.

Investing In Philippine Stock Market For Beginners

Investing In Philippine Stock Market For Beginners

Imagine a friend comes to you and says “I have a business right now and your chances of making money are 20% or less. Would you like to invest?”.

Investing In Philippine Stock Market For Beginners

Mark Twain: “October is one of the worst months for looking at trees. The others are July, January, September, April, November, May, March, June, December, August, and February.

A colleague once told me the first idea about investing in stocks. He said he saw no return worthy of the investment of time, energy and brain cells.

And I believe there is truth in that. With so many factors to consider when evaluating stock market entry and exit, knowing when to start and when to enter can be overwhelming.

But last time I checked, ignorance is no reason to try anything. Most of the time, you just need to know the basics to make up your own mind.

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(If you want a beginner’s guide on how to start investing in the Philippine stock market, you can download your free e-book here.) “Choosing Wisely”

History gives us a solid way to invest in the stock market with little effort. Fifteen minutes a month of your time browsing the internet is enough for this investment method. That translates to three hours a year – the same amount of time you spend enjoying Facebook power every day! 😛

Peso Price Averaging (PCA) is a strategy that regularly buys the stocks of the most important companies, cheaply.

Investing In Philippine Stock Market For Beginners

What you are doing here is investing a lot of money, you don’t need it in the short term,   in a big company that you believe will be good in the long run. Work long hours.

Pdf) Value And Size Effects In The Stock Market Of The Philippines

You don’t expect to make a lot of money in the near future, but it’s a good long-term result.

If you are someone who dreams of making quick cash back, sorry, this is not the strategy for you. (You might want to

But if you are someone who just wants to get more value from your money

, this is the right way for you to get more than what Philippine banks have to offer without disrupting your routine.

How To: Invest In The Philippine Stock Market (for Beginners)

If you want to buy regularly, like every two or three months, a company that you believe will do well for the next 10-20 years.

Instead of putting all your money in one big lump (investment), you do it little by little, maybe every month.

You don’t care about slips and turns because you know they’re just one tiny pixel in the bigger picture of growth you can expect in the future.

Investing In Philippine Stock Market For Beginners

And the biggest risk is that you are gambling on the future. And this future is very bright.

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Therefore, you should choose companies that will continue to be profitable decades from now. Their strong history of industry leadership and revenue growth can act as a safety net around your investments, even if you don’t control them. In short, it is very important to examine the company’s goals. The last thing you want is to invest all of your savings in a company for the long term, only to find that it’s going through a steep decline when it comes time to buy.

It is not possible to negotiate before investing an emergency fund, preferably three to six times monthly income.

Have a budget for emergencies or unexpected expenses that aren’t part of your annual budget, so they’re kept in liquid storage for short periods of time, always available. Simple ATM accounts can be a place for an emergency fund. If you ever need to repair something in your home, go to the nearest ATM and withdraw some of your emergency fund. You don’t have to worry about your life being the same and not having enough budget for your monthly expenses.

It serves as a hedge fund. This is important because you don’t want to dip into your investments, or worse, sell your stocks at a loss to cover unexpected needs.

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Your emergency fund gives you peace of mind knowing you’re always financially prepared if these unexpected things happen.

(Think about what happened during the COVID-19 crisis, when many people suddenly lost their jobs and had to rely on help from other people and the government. You can watch this video – Beat the financial COVID virus for that.)

With that being said, it’s wise to top up this emergency fund again if you’ve used it for your needs.

Investing In Philippine Stock Market For Beginners

However, if you have an emergency fund, you can start contributing using the Peso payment method.

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For beginners, it is difficult to develop the patience to follow this strategy while watching your investments grow and sometimes die without paying attention to the difference. Emotions can often get in the way and ruin an investment opportunity. If so, you are on the verge of another strategy called marketing time, which is a more intensive approach and therefore requires more resources such as time and skills.

That’s why it’s important to be mentally prepared and have a stable financial base while working. This solid foundation includes sound financial planning and risk management at the individual level. (You can

In “My Servant Invests in the Stock Market” by Bo Sanchez, Bo breaks down four house rules to simplify investing and make millions in the stock market:

Online trading company COL Financial, formerly Citiseconline, a leading online stock trading company in the Philippines, has launched its Easy Investment Program (EIP) to facilitate the use of pay-per-view for passive buyers.

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Under this scheme, investors are required to invest monthly fixed amounts (though optional) in strong large companies with reduced criteria of GEMSS (Growth Industry / Earnings Analysis / Control / Key Products or Services / and Strong Balance Sheet). These criteria ensure that clients choose only the best and most dynamic companies that have expanded their reach over time. COL provided customers with a list of trees to choose from based on the GEMSS criteria.

Since the beginning of last August 2008, there are only six companies in the EIP list, they are ALI – Ayala Land Inc, ; BPI – Bank of the Philippine Islands; JFC – Jollibee Foods Corp; MWC – Manila Water Corp; SMPH is SM Prime Holdings and TEL is PLDT.

The best!!! Be aware that the EIP list of their stocks is periodically updated due to market developments and changes in company fundamentals. Be sure to follow the tutorial here and check their website for an updated schedule.

Investing In Philippine Stock Market For Beginners

This year 2011, they increased the list of sixteen (16) proposals. You can click here or click the image below for a list of recommended items for EIP.

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Download the updated list of EIP from 1st October 2014 here. Also, check out the updated schedule on their website for a tutorial here.

A portion of your savings that you won’t use in the next 10-20 years can be used for PCA to continue growing year after year. You focus on your primary income.

We don’t need to watch the markets every day, hear the news about our economy, understand what’s going on on Wall Street, or hear the gossip about our president’s love life.

Spend time with loved ones. Focus on your job or business to increase your cash flow.

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NOTE: The Really Rich Club, an excellent study club started by Bo Sanchez, now uses the Method Averaging Strategy or SAM to invest in the Philippine stock market.

This is the same as the peso’s average exchange rate, but with some adjustments to cover faster growth and earnings. This will increase the income. You can learn more about it on this page. This is my preferred strategy.

PS: You can also check out Truly Rich Club to see if it suits your investment needs.

Investing In Philippine Stock Market For Beginners

I have been a member for years and it has really helped improve my financial life!

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It’s much more than investing in the stock market, and the stock updates they send me are just a small part of what the club offers its members.

PS. Get market updates and stock options! Get your quick start guide on how to start investing in the Philippine stock market and get it right

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