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Indusind Bank Multi Currency Forex Card

Indusind Bank Multi Currency Forex Card – Thanks to technology and globalization, traveling to distant lands for business and leisure is easy these days. With around 65 million passports in the country, India is very active in the international travel scene.

According to a study, an average of INR 2, 55, 100 was spent during Indian travel in 2015, of which only 40% were business trips. When it comes to holidays, Indians choose foreign destinations most of the time. Favorite Indian tourist destinations include Dubai, Bangkok, Singapore, Paris and London. As more Indians travel abroad for work and leisure, the country’s tourism is expected to exceed $40 billion by 2020. Even for the estimates, this figure includes an increase in the spending trends of the Indian people. They go abroad.

Indusind Bank Multi Currency Forex Card

Indusind Bank Multi Currency Forex Card

Traveling abroad is often a necessity to carry enough foreign currency. It requires keeping the exchange rate steady and keeping depreciation in check. You should make sure that you have enough money on your person to avoid any situation with forex problems before the trip.

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However, such issues are a thing of the past with the introduction of multi-currency forex cards. It functions like any other plastic currency, allowing a person to make quick transactions while on the go, making it much easier to handle large sums of money during international travel.

With the Bank’s Multi Currency Travel Card, customers can easily travel abroad without worrying about carrying a lot of cash and cash. This card offers customers eight of the most commonly used currencies in the world – US Dollars, Euros, Australian Dollars, British Pounds, Singapore Dollars, Saudi Riyals, Canadian Dollars and UAE Dirhams. The multi-currency card, once purchased, can be used for many transactions – sightseeing, shopping, dining and many other things. The card can be reloaded several times when the available funds are exhausted.

With a multi-currency card, the benefits are massive. Convenience and transparency are a constant – every transaction made while traveling is reflected in the card statement. Unlike regular credit cards, there are no transaction fees involved. In addition, an important advantage of purchasing a multi-currency forex card from a bank is that there is no problem with cooperation in currency exchange. The conversion rate still depends on what was applied on the day the card was purchased.

Getting a multi-currency forex card from banks is a simple process that can be done through the bank’s website. Simply select your currency and required amount, fill in the necessary details and submit the necessary documents online. Then, one can choose the method of delivery, register the exchange rate online by paying the deposit amount and the remaining amount after receiving the card.

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With so many advantages, a multi-currency bank card is the perfect choice for international travelers looking for an easy and seamless way to carry foreign currency. Get one early to save yourself worrying about money on your next international trip.

Personal Loan Credit Card Security Checking Account Now get rid of foreign currency notes as you can now travel abroad with a forex card with no transfer fee. IndusInd Bank has launched, a one-stop portal for the foreign exchange needs of Indian clients. With the help of this portal, one can purchase a multi-currency exchange card and convert it anytime anywhere in eight different currencies. The portal also provides the freedom to sell foreign currency after international travel.

Since the world is less dependent on money, you can use the Visa Card to trade abroad. Visa is the largest payment provider with more than 1.7 million points of sale. One important advantage of this portal is that clients can purchase forex cards in multiple currencies with free currency conversion fees. Therefore, the customer saves a lot when cashing out because there are no currency exchange fees. Also, customers can enjoy overseas ATM withdrawals without any fees, which are usually charged by other cards. The portal also provides wire transfer for export and transfer in 16 currencies.

Indusind Bank Multi Currency Forex Card

IndusForex Card can be obtained or transferred simply by logging in to It is a simple, secure and paperless transaction, and can be made before departure and while traveling in one or all of the eight available currencies, namely Australian Dollars (AUD), Canadian Dollars (CAD), Euros (EUR) and British Pounds. (GBP), Singapore Dollar (SGD), Saudi Riyal (SAR), United Arab Emirates Dirham (AED), US Dollar (USD).

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IndusForex prepaid cards are accepted worldwide and all clients accept Visa cards. Frequent international travelers can recharge IndusForex prepaid cards by purchasing foreign currency from their mobile phones.

Even non-IndusInd Bank clients are eligible to avail this card through IndusForex portal or any branch of IndusInd Bank after a simple application process. It will be delivered to their doorstep in less than 2 days. Using your credit card while traveling internationally may not be the best decision, as international transactions, usually in foreign currency, attract more forex. Markup fee, which for most credit cards is around 3.5% of the transaction amount. For this reason, banks offer prepaid forex cards, designed to meet the needs of customers who make frequent international transactions. With the best forex card, one can get the best in foreign trade.

As the name suggests, these are prepaid cards, which means, unlike credit cards, that you need to load a balance onto these cards before you can make any purchases. Almost all of the best forex cards on the market support multiple currencies – you can load the card in any supported currency. Spending on the amount charged to the card does not attract any foreign currency stamp duty. Therefore, it is a good idea to carry a forex card on international trips loaded with the local currency of the country you are visiting.

Here, we have listed some of the cards offered by different banks in the country. Many of these cards, like credit cards, offer additional benefits such as vacation benefits, insurance plans, cash coupons, and so on. You can go through its detailed features and benefits in this article and choose the one that suits you best. The best:

Indusind Bank Credit Card

The Axis Bank Multi Currency Forex Card is a prepaid international travel card. The card supports 16 commonly used currencies including US Dollars, Euros, British Pounds, Australian Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Swiss Francs, Japanese Yen, Singapore Dollars, Swedish Krona/Kronor, UAE Dirham, Saudi Royal, Thai Baht, New Zealand Dollar, Hong Kong Dollar, South African Rand, Danish Krone. As with all foreign credit cards, transactions on the card attract no fees, however, transactions on funds not carried on the card attract a $3.5 deposit fee. % of business income.

Axis Bank Multi Currency Forex Card comes with an initial deposit of Rs. 300 (plus GST) waived to Burgundy and Existing account holders. Although the card does not have any rewards system, you will get many useful benefits such as discounts on international travel packages from VI, low currency exchange rates for Southeast Asian currencies, and 247 x 7 travel assistance by TripAssist. You can refer to this article to get more information about Axis Bank Multi Currency Forex Card.

The Regalia ForexPlus Card is a fully paid foreign exchange credit card from HDFC Bank. Although the card comes with no annual fee, the initial fee is Rs. 1,000 to be paid at the time of card issuance.

Indusind Bank Multi Currency Forex Card

The Regalia ForexPlus Card can be loaded in US dollars. The best part about the Regalia ForexPlus card is, not only are you charged no transaction fee in US dollars, there are also no conversion fees for transactions made in any other currency. You can refer to this article for more information about the HDFC Regalia ForexPlus Card.

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Just like the MakeMyTrip HDFC ForexPlus Card, the Multi-Currency Platinum Card can also be loaded with 22 different currencies – Australian Dollars, Dirhams, Canadian Dollars, Euros, Hong Kong Dollars, Japanese Yen, Singapore Dollars, British Pounds, Swiss Francs, Swedish Krona, Thailand Baht, South African Rand, Omani Rial, Dollar New Zealand, Danish krone, Norwegian krone, Saudi riyal, Korean won, Bahraini dinar, Qatari riyal, Kuwaiti dinar and US dollar. There is no commission on the transaction made with the amount deposited on the card, the amount used to exceed the amount of 2% of the transaction amount depends on the transactions made with the amount not deposited on the card. Card.

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