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How To Start A Blog On WordPress For Beginners

How To Start A Blog On WordPress For Beginners – The advantage of a WordPress blog is that you have complete control over your website, on the other hand, is convenient for you to start a free blog wherever you want to blog. The biggest limitation of the blogging platform is that you cannot earn money using popular advertising platforms like AdSense. I have explained this in detail here.

But for a beginner, it is wise to start a blog on or BlogSpot without spending a single penny.

How To Start A Blog On WordPress For Beginners

How To Start A Blog On WordPress For Beginners

For this guide, I’m choosing “Getting Started with a Blog”. Keep in mind that online stores and many others will require a paid subscription. In that case, it is better to create your blog on self-hosted WordPress by following this guide.

How To Start A WordPress Blog On Bluehost

The next step is to choose the theme you want to use. You can change the theme at any time and in the next step.

The next step is to choose a name for your blog. By default, WordPress offers a free WordPress domain name. However, you can choose a custom domain name like or to make your blog look professional. To use a custom domain name, you’ll need to upgrade to a premium plan. Since we’re building a free WordPress blog, let’s stick with the domain name.

Click the Choose button and the next page will give you the option to choose from a variety of plans, including the free plan.

Select Free and on the next page you will need to create a account to create your free blog. After that, everything is easy and your free blog will be up and running in no time.

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What do you think about this new official portal from WordPress? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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So, you want to create a WordPress blog. Congratulations! WordPress is the best solution for how to start a blog and we think blogs are awesome!

How To Start A Blog On WordPress For Beginners

Even better – creating a free blog is very simple. That’s why we say you can do it in 15 minutes.

How To Start A WordPress Blog On Wpx Hosting

You can do it, it’s still important, so don’t waste time to become a successful blogger. That’s why we’ve prepared this step-by-step guide.

We’ll walk you through the steps you need to start a blog with self-hosted WordPress. We’ll do this with tons of screenshots and beginner-friendly instructions. Start a blog today!

We’ll go into each of these steps in detail below, but for now, you should know that none of these steps require deep technical knowledge. Yes, you can learn how to start your own blog!

Once your free WordPress blog is up and running, you can start writing and change its look/function (for example, change your name completely or update your homepage). To help you do this, we’ll also show you how to:

Start A Blog With Bluehost Video Guide (2022 Edition)

If you know how to use social media sites like Facebook or Tumblr and have some general confidence when it comes to “web stuff”, you can follow this guide. We promise!

This guide is not about using Instead, we’ll show you how to start your own blog with self-hosted WordPress, so you have complete control. This is our recommended approach. If you don’t know what the difference is, you can read this post to learn more about the differences between and WordPress.

Already decided on your blog? To make your free WordPress blog accessible to people around the world or ready for search engine optimization, you need two things:

How To Start A Blog On WordPress For Beginners

You can buy your blog hosting and domain at the same time – so don’t worry too much about the details. But before you do that, you need to choose a WordPress host. Due to the popularity of WordPress, there are many WordPress hosts.

A Step By Step Guide To Creating A Blog On WordPress

We’ve personally tested the performance and reliability of several hosting companies. With all these tests in mind, we can recommend Bluehost to new bloggers in the WordPress world.

In total, hosting your blog on Bluehost costs about $33 per year, which includes your free domain name. It also offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

Here’s a quick tool you can use to find out if there’s a domain name you’re interested in:

To get started, log in to Bluehost and click here to unlock the special offer for users ($2.75/month). Then click the “Start Now” button. You will be taken to Bluehost plans.

Best Free Blogging Sites In 2023 (create A Blog For Free)

For starters, we recommend the cheaper Basic plan because it puts more effort into your new blog. Click SELECT to start the process:

On the next screen, enter the domain name you want to use for your blog in the New domain box and click Next. Your blog title should reflect your area of ​​interest and be very straightforward. If you’re not sure about this, Bluehost has a dedicated FAQ. Remember – you’ll get it

One click will take you to the final screen where you need to enter your main account and billing details:

How To Start A Blog On WordPress For Beginners

As you scroll down, you will see the package information section at the bottom. Here, you can choose how many years of hosting you want to purchase and what add-ons you want. While Bluehost pre-checks some of these add-ons, you can safely remove them:

How To Start A Profitable Blog For Beginners (**2023 Edition**)

In total, you’ll pay £35 for your domain name and a one-year hosting plan.

It sounds a little intimidating – but we think you’ll be surprised how easy it is to set up WordPress.

When you completed the registration process in the previous step, you should have received an email from Bluehost with details on how to access the Bluehost customer area.

When you first log in, Bluehost will present you with a simple wizard that walks you through the process of installing WordPress on your new site.

How To Start Your Own Blog

Can’t see the setup wizard? Don’t worry, it’s still easy to set up Wordhost with Bluehost. To start the wizard, go to the My Sites area and click the Create Site button:

You can then fill in all the important information for your site name and the username/password you use to manage your WordPress blog:

We’ll show you how to change the look and feel of your blog in seconds. But first, let’s see how easy it is to start a blog on your new website.

How To Start A Blog On WordPress For Beginners

This will launch the WordPress editor, allowing you to write your blog posts using a really intuitive block system.

How To Start A Blog With Bluehost In 9 Easy To Follow Step

To add text, you type. For other content – like an image or an embedded YouTube video – you can add new “blocks”. To help you use the editor, you can follow our detailed guide here or our advanced guide.

One of the main benefits when creating a WordPress blog is access to WordPress’ huge collection of themes and plugins. Here’s a quick overview of both:

As soon as you create a WordPress blog, you will already have an active theme. This is either a custom WordPress theme or the theme you selected during the Bluehost setup wizard.

But there are literally thousands of blog themes available for WordPress sites (many of which are open source, like WordPress), so you’re not limited to the small selection that Bluehost shows at the beginning.

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When you go to choose a WordPress theme, you have to choose between free and premium themes. There is no difference between the two but they are premium themes

If you want to take a look, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular and best free WordPress themes.

Once you find a theme you like, WordPress makes it easy to add it to your site.

How To Start A Blog On WordPress For Beginners

After installing your theme, click the Activate button to activate it on your site.

Best Blogging Platforms And Sites You Should Consider Using

You can view your theme as a template and further customize it using the WordPress Customizer (similar to a website builder). This interface allows you to make some changes to the theme to improve your web design without knowing code or HTML.

Depending on the theme you’ve chosen, there may be different options on the left side. But in general:

While themes are mostly about looks, plugins help make your free WordPress blog work.

When you first create a WordPress blog, you only have the ability to write blog posts and create pages.

Start A Blog

If you can think of a feature, there’s probably a plugin for it. Because WordPress

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