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How To Send Balikbayan Box From Usa To Philippines

How To Send Balikbayan Box From Usa To Philippines – Balik Bayan advises today to ship over the counter medications like Tylenol, Advil and even vitamins to the Philippines by mail.

The simple and unfortunate answer is YES!!!! Yes you can. And I do this through LBC Air Cargo.

How To Send Balikbayan Box From Usa To Philippines

How To Send Balikbayan Box From Usa To Philippines

I forgot to write this post a few months ago when I did a YouTube video tutorial on shipping electronics from the US to the Philippines such as smartphones, laptops, tablets and even computing devices.

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I will keep this short and sweet. The most convenient way to do this is by LBC airmail and by that I mean affordable. I mean hundreds of dollars less than Fedex and UPS. Your family will receive it within 5-7 days.

LBC Pouch fee is $20 Iphone tax is $30 Total shipping = $50 I didn’t ship my Nintendo Switch haha

For each electronic item, you pay an electronic shipping tax in addition to your shipping charges. This is not expensive, the etax fee is the same for new or old goods.

A small box weighing more than 5 pounds to ship to Manila costs about US$42. (updated January 2022) So, if you do calculations and want to send a computer Your card with PH you will have to pay $75 plus tax.

Saginaw Bay City Michigan Balikbayan Box Shipping To Philippines

Some small electronic items will not be charged. Or a USB flash drive will be treated as your regular package.

Tracking is easy. When you submit your order at LBC you will receive a tracking number that you can track on the LBC Express website or the LBC app.

Above all, your family or friends who pick up the package do not need to pay LBC pickup or delivery fees as you have already paid in advance. But I still recommend tipping the driver!

How To Send Balikbayan Box From Usa To Philippines

So there you have it, a convenient and affordable way to ship electronics to the Philippines from the US to the Philippines.

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I like to post blog posts about Balikbayan box shipping from California to the Philippines. For the past 3 years, I have been using LBC for fast and reliable airmail service.

The most common question and request I get is how and how much it costs to ship to places other than Manila.

For this I have selected a good friend and colleague from Davao – Mr. Don helped me In this vlog test, I sent him a 6lb or 2.7kg box of spices and a surprise ghost pepper sauce. . How to track fast air shipping from California to Davao City.

Another update of LBC Padala. I seem to be a big supporter of LBC now, because of how many posts I’ve made about this company. But because of how close I am to people and it’s an option that can only be given. And I refer to the less expensive air freight options I have for the US to the Philippines. Especially during these difficult times amid COVID. They also offer great deals on electronic mail such as iPhones and laptops, as long as you pay the E-Tax.

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Today’s update is the $15 LBC bladder that I sent to Manila. The starting price of a bag is usually $10 per pound or 0.45 kg. So I paid an additional fee of $5 per pound. The container is a plastic bag about 12×15 inches.

This post is my advice and review of using LBC Air boxes sent to the Philippines during the COVID19 outbreak. Please note that I am not an employee of LBC. Follow up Please contact your local LBC branch. Continue reading →

We have another check on LBC Air Mail, last time I was back in It’s 2016 and I checked out a small box of emails for about $27.00. That rate is the promotion rate in 2016 and has been increasing since then.

How To Send Balikbayan Box From Usa To Philippines

Today I reviewed the LBC Air Packet service that promises delivery within 4-7 days. work. How to send Balikbayan boxes from Hong Kong Which shipping companies send Balikbayan Boxes to Hong Kong?

How Long Is Shipping From Australia To Usa?

Many Filipinos spend years away from home to earn extra income. But this does not stop them from showing their love to their families with the help of balikbayan boxes.

Balik Bayan box is a large and durable cardboard box. Contains all kinds of household items such as chocolates, canned food, clothes, shampoo, soap, toys, shoes and special gifts. While sending balikbayan boxes is another way for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) to show their families back home that they are remembered.

It is also one of the most symbolic ways for every OFW to give back to their families at home. Filipino families get excited every time they hear the word Balik Bayan Box from relatives because that box brings joy to everyone knowing that it is filled with rare gifts from foreign lovers.

At that time, sending the balikbayan box was free. That’s why many Filipinos like to send boxes full of goods as a way to give and share, however, some people take advantage of this “tax-free” privilege.

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In August 2017, the Bureau of Customs (BOC) adopted a new policy. The goal is to prevent the smuggling of illegal goods into the Philippines. According to policy, import duties and taxes are already applied to Balik Bayan boxes. There are only specific exceptions and limitations.

You can also send your balikbayan box. But there are some things you should be aware of, such as:

Once the balik bayan box is sent these documents will be sent to the shipping company that will send the box to the Philippines, so if you want to send the balikbayan box to your family. You must follow these rules.

How To Send Balikbayan Box From Usa To Philippines

Anyone can still send Balikbayan boxes in the Philippines, however, unqualified Balikbayan boxes are exempt and limited from customs and import duties.

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Anyone related to the sender can receive the package. (not related to the sender) will not be taxed.

There are many common things you can put in the Balik Bayan box, such as chocolate, tin cans. Used clothes and more, but we’ve listed some items you can send to your family fresh from Hong Kong.

Hong Kong has high-tech facilities that your family is sure to love. These devices are diverse. Use it every day and when you decide to run a small business. Some useful electronic gadgets that you can put in your Balik Bayan box include a sandwich maker and a multicooker. Solid Food Chopper with Stainless Steel Bowl, Small Family Electric Toaster, Cordless Portable Juicer, Solid Electric Coffee Maker with Pot and More. You can choose other interesting electrical appliances. From Hong Kong at TopMart

Of course, Filipinos love to cook. That’s why the other thing you can put in the balikbayan box is cooking. There are many good cooking utensils that you can find in Hong Kong, such as non-stick pots. Stainless steel cookware sets, maifan stone pots, airless fryers, etc. These products are very light. You can put Balik Bayan box and make your mother smile.

Ship Date Vs. Delivery Date: 6 Important Shipping Dates To Know

If you are looking for a gift for your brother, daughter, son and other relatives. I think the gadget is a good choice. Some of the affordable, quality gadgets you can buy in Hong Kong include wireless Bluetooth headphones, smartphones, Android tablets, and more.

Consider the high cost of vitamins and supplements in the country. Sending several months worth of vitamins is a good idea. Ultimately when it comes to health prevention is always better than cure. You can also send healthcare tools such as: Healthcare Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor, Steam Gun, Disinfection Gun, Non-contact Infrared Thermometer Gun, Sinocare Blood Glucose Self Monitoring Meter Complete Set etc. It is a good item that can remind them how to do it. You care about their health and safety, even when you’re not there.

Household items are always on your to-do list: vacuum cleaners, ovens, pots and pans, storage, and more. One of the hobbies and bonds of Filipino families is having karaoke time together. That’s why another portable device that you can take with you is the Solid karaoke kit that they can use at their leisure.

How To Send Balikbayan Box From Usa To Philippines

We have cool gadgets on TopMart from Hong Kong that you can find at affordable prices.

The Balikbayan Box: A Gesture Of Love That Crosses Oceans

Clothing such as jeans, skirts, shirts, cardigans, etc. are some of the items to put in your Balik Bayan box. There are many high-end brands in Hong Kong where you live.

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