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How To Make Your Own

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Learn to make your own sprinkles (or “jimmies” or “hundreds and thousands”) and you’re never out! Customize the color and measure it on your favorite baked goods.

How To Make Your Own

How To Make Your Own

Every Wednesday, a local radio station asks people to call in and talk about their simple pleasures. I didn’t talk inside

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(Being able to be honest and talk on the phone as little as possible is one of the simple pleasures of my life)

I’m definitely the kind of person who can get through the day with simple happiness and I mean it

I imagine my day when a chipmunk or chipmunk crosses my path when I walk (fuzzy mice make my heart melt) or if I see a tube of Carmex that I believe is lost in my pocket.

I needed sprinkles for a recipe I made this weekend, but I really (and for absolutely no good reason) needed specific colors that I didn’t have on hand. Fortunately, a quick look at the ingredients in my bowl (called “Rainbow”) let me know that they are indeed made from pretty basic ingredients and that I can make the recipe myself.

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I took some pictures to get you through the stairs, although not difficult. The hardest part is waiting for the spray to harden (I suggest waiting

The first step is to combine your sugar, cornstarch, water, corn syrup, and vanilla extract (or whatever you like!) in a medium bowl according to the recipe at the bottom of the post (don’t add the sugar all at once, it’s too much to mix). If you want, you can separate the mixture into separate bowls and separate each color for the sprinkles. I find that one batch makes about ½ – ⅔ cup of sprinkles, so depending on how much sprinkles you want you may want to make several batches rather than dividing one portion.

Add your favorite food coloring and mix well. I used food coloring gel which gives a very deep, vibrant color. Remember, the more food coloring you add, the more you’ll taste the final product, and I don’t recommend more than 1 ½ chocolate-chip sized drops (max!).

How To Make Your Own

Next, place your mixture in a piping bag fitted with a #4 Wilton tip. If you don’t have this exact information, you can still get away with using the same amount, or by cutting a small hole (the size of a spray) in the end of a Ziploc bag and using it. Be careful when using a ziplock bag, the mixture is thick and the ziplock bag can burst if squeezed too hard.

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Line two cookie sheets with wax or parchment paper and draw long horizontal lines across the sheet. When you make them, make sure they are the size you need. Try to keep your lines as straight as possible, but don’t worry if they wobble a little (like mine). When you break them, you won’t be able to tell!

And as you can see here, I made little dots along some of my sprinkles along the lines to make cute half-squares. I think he added a nice variety to augment the traditional ones.

Now comes the hard part – the waiting. You will have to wait at least 12 hours for these to completely dry and harden.

Once they are dry, remove the dots you made, then cut your lines with a large knife to make your spray! Decide how long or short you want them to be. The ends of my rows are a bit awkward, so if yours are, you can cut them off first and throw them away (or shamelessly eat them all).

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And that’s it! Mix your colors as you wish and weigh them. These are kept in a well protected container.

Scroll down for a sneak peek at my next post where I use these sprinkles to their fullest advantage.

Have you ever wanted to make your own sprinkles? This simple recipe shows how to make homemade sprinkles in minutes.

How To Make Your Own

*If you don’t have this particular idea, you can also get away with using the same size or by cutting a small hole (the size of a squirt) in the end of a Ziploc bag and using it. Be careful when using a ziplock bag, the mixture is thick and the ziplock bag can burst if squeezed too hard.

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Serving: 1 tbsp Calories: 50 kcal Carbohydrates: 13 g Protein: 0.001 g | Fat: 0.003 g Sodium: 1 mg Potassium: 0.4 mg | Fiber: 0.004 g | Sugar: 12 g Calcium: 0.4 mg Iron: 0.01 mg

Nutritional information is based on third-party estimates and should be considered estimates only. Actual nutritional content will vary depending on brands used, measurement methods, cooking method, portion sizes, and more. Have you ever been intimidated by a friend who came to dinner in formal attire? Ever see an amazing pair of jeans in a store window, only to find out they aren’t made in your size? Scroll through Spoonflower’s design marketplace, dreaming of designing a shirt one day with your favorite quilt patterns?

Making your own clothes may seem like a far-fetched dream, but if you’re willing to take it slow and learn, it can be very easy! With a little experience from a 7th grade home ec class, a budget sewing machine, conversations with more sewing savvy friends, and lots of internet searching, I entered the world of custom sewing two years ago in celebration of Me Do May.

My first project, Stacia’s Dress – If you make your own clothes, you can be sure that every dress you make has pockets!

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I started this first sewing experience with great trepidation, but quickly learned that every mistake can be erased or corrected (maybe actually!). Since then my skills have leveled off with each project and although there have been moments of frustration, I have gained great joy in the process.

If you’ve been able to make a few pieces of your own clothing but don’t know where to start, I’m here today to share some of the basics I’ve learned. I hope this article inspires you to take the first step towards creating your own clothes!

Both Singer and Brother make entry-level machines that work well for most projects. Brother model cs6000i is very popular among Spoonflower workers. It’s beginner-friendly and adapts well as you upgrade and grow.

How To Make Your Own

Want to make sure you know the difference between your tension adjustment and stitch size adjustment dials? Or want to know more about what they do? Check out our sewing machine anatomy diagram in our ultimate sewing guide post to learn the language!

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Now that your device is ready to go, what should you run first? You can get a feel for your machine by sewing a pair of jeans or repairing a cheap t-shirt with our raglan tee tutorial, or you can jump right in and learn to make your own clothes from scratch.

Two of my favorite places to find beginner-friendly sewing patterns are Peppermint Magazine and Seamwork. Our friends at Peppermint Magazine Fashion School offer free patterns and release a new one every three months! The Seamwork Pattern Library has over 200 to choose from. You can start with a beginner-friendly and free sampler like Sorbetto, and become a monthly member to tackle more clothing collections as you grow and need them. Stitching also has a handy help section and clear instructions so it’s easy to learn as you go.

If you have access to a printer, you can easily print the PDF patterns you downloaded at home and put them together using scissors and tape. You can explore options like PDF Plotting to order a printout of the entire process on one sheet.

Spoonflower has 23 fabric styles and counting, so our pattern pack is a great place to start to get a feel for all the friends. The sewing instructions will tell you how much fabric is needed for the piece you plan to create in the fabric requirements section. Your driving style will often recommend different substrates (types of fabric) that work best. Here are some of our recent posts to help you choose the perfect outfit for a variety of projects:

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Needle and Thread – This will vary depending on your fabric choice, but our help desk will help you make your decision!

Seam Ripper – We all make mistakes, especially when first starting out, but a careful seam ripper can help you fix bad seams.

Clothing Scissors or Rotary Blade – A pair designed specifically (and used exclusively) for clothing is an important addition to your tool kit.

How To Make Your Own

Iron – except your stitches

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