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How To Make Your Own Personal Assistant

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How To Make Your Own Personal Assistant

How To Make Your Own Personal Assistant

As we surf the web, we come across successful bloggers, entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs who have taken the social media bull by the horns and are riding it like a pro. Large companies have designated marketing teams and large budgets to create campaigns. How can an already overwhelmed small business or startup founder manage, organize and run an effective marketing campaign?

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Personal branding is no longer an option. Creative and passionate people who have made big money promoting themselves and their businesses using the power of social media are a great example for us!

Building an online brand requires more than passion and creativity. And what usually happens is that at first we are very excited (enthusiastic), but as time goes by, the pressure of work increases and writing a blog or working on social media takes a back seat. Don’t let your workload get the better of you. Online presence and media have the power to connect you directly with decision makers. Listen to what they have to say and interact with them. Task Daily’s Internet Marketing Assistants work with you to achieve your goals. They check and analyze stats to see what’s working and what’s not and help you stay ahead and stay connected! Hi, I hope you are doing well. We can create our own voice-based assistant using loops and basic programming concepts of the Python programming language.

Our goal is to try to create a simple assistant that does some simple tasks and when we give commands based on our voice. We can increase and improve the complexity of tasks as needed and when we want the Assistant to do more complex tasks.

The application flow is very simple, first we take the voice input from the user, process it, find some predefined triggers or words and then start the tasks through the assistant. The application flow is shown in the following diagram:

Build A Virtual Assistant Using Python

Diving into the application details, let’s first go through the packages used in our application. So the following packages will be used in our application (on an Ubuntu machine):

The spec package is used to convert text input to speech output. A speech recognition package is used to convert speech to text, as the name suggests.

So the idea is simple, we use the basic concept of programming and specifically we use loops and while loops point to point. The idea is to have two while loops, where the first while loop is to activate the assistant and the second is to execute our command. We will also see ads in our homes about personal assistants like Alexa, Siri, Cortana, Google that are triggered when they hear our voice say OK Google or Alexa! Like listening with a trigger word. So we can replicate the same idea with the first while loop. The first period is an infinite loop that actually listens to the user, to simplify our use case, let’s not complicate ourselves by adding a unique sound to activate our assistant, but let’s make it a generic one. Create where anyone can animate. Assistant and perform their simple tasks. We also need to fix a keyword trigger to activate our assistant. To make things easier, I personally used “OKAY” as the dynamic keyword. So we first worked with VoiceLoop, which helps us recognize a user’s voice command and activate our assistant. We can nest the second while loop inside the first or have a method call that has an infinite loop and actions to be performed based on trigger words.

How To Make Your Own Personal Assistant

Google Assistant says we can draw parallels with our daily available devices. Once we trigger the assistant, a list of options will appear like read what’s on my screen or tell me a joke or something like that. If we notice that we are in a loop where we get a list of options to be performed by the assistant and after we do a task the list appears and we can again choose from the available tasks which task to be performed by our assistant. . When we’re done, we thank you or exit the app. So the second while loop which is a nested loop inside the main loop covers these cases.

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When the user triggers the assistant, the program flow enters a second while loop. All functions are covered in the nested inner loop. The inner nest remains active until the termination condition is met/satisfied. A termination condition can occur when the user says goodbye or the trigger word for goodbye. Voice input is taken from the user in a while loop until our termination condition is true. By this we mean that the user gives his input with some keywords and the speech recognizer provides the trigger words and takes action based on the trigger word. For simplicity, words like email, time, etc. they can be used as trigger words to trigger the actions of opening a web browser and opening Gmail (assuming the user is already signed in) or by voice. and the list could go on and on).

This is my first blog about hashnode. Thanks for taking the time to read. Any comments, suggestions, questions, clarifications are welcome. Thanks again. Good day!….You know about Cortana, Siri and Google Assistant right? Have you ever thought that you could create your own virtual personal assistant and customize it to your liking? Today, we will do it here. We will create a personal assistant from scratch in Python. Oh, before I get into that, let me tell you that this is by no means an AI, just a powerful example of what AI can do and how versatile and amazing Python is. You also need to have some experience with Python to get started with it. So let’s get started:

Make sure you have installed all these packages otherwise you may encounter some errors and install them like this:

You may encounter some errors while installing Pyaudio, I did the same. You can use these steps to avoid installation errors:

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If you have these packages installed, we can import them and return to the code:

Now, we will use “SAPI5” as the TTS engine for pyttsx3 and get the key for wolframaplha and define the client.

Now, we will initialize a variable and get the necessary sound parameter we need. For a female voice, you can set a value of -1 in the second line and -2 for a male voice. Next, we’ll create a working conversation with audio as an input parameter.

How To Make Your Own Personal Assistant

Next, let’s create another greetMe function and this will be used to greet the user when they run the program.

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Is used to get the current hourly time and give the result according to the time and conditions written below. Talk fn will be used to output audio.

Next, we’ll create another GivenCommand function that is used to recognize user input, this will specify that the microphone is used as the input source, and set the pause limit. will be set to 1. Try except usage block and the recognized language will be set as English-India and if the voice is not recognized or heard we will send the entered text as some kind of error message.

Here, we will declare some important features and terms that will enhance the functionality of our personal assistant and help it deliver results and receive input from the user.

Similarly you can add more elif with other functionality like we added one for sending emails.

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Next, we’ll add functionality to use the input to look something up on Wikipedia, Google, and use Wolframalpha.

When all this is done, it is very important to exit the program. A condition for this is written here:

Now you can customize it according to your wish and set any conditions for it, plus you can add N number of features and make it more amazing.

How To Make Your Own Personal Assistant

Full code: You can find the video demo on my linkedin post here: If you face any error or need help, you can always leave a comment or ping me on LinkedIn. LinkedIn: Github: I hope this

Voice Based Personal Assistant In Python

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