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How To Get An Invention Idea Started

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How To Get An Invention Idea Started

How To Get An Invention Idea Started

Be specific. Visualize how your device will look like. Draw in your mind. Make lots of drawings.

How To Put Your Business Invention On The Map

After failed launch, Smart Shoe takes advantage of RebootHahna Alexander initially invented a shoe that could charge a battery, but no one wanted to use it. “You have to invent something that people can’t live without,” he said.

How to do an invention competition The biggest tip for doing well in an invention competition has nothing to do with the invention itself – it’s all about the process. Applications are judged on how well they follow the steps. So if the most amazing invention in the world does not present c

Protecting Inventions Using imagination and ingenuity, Americans have turned their ideas into practical products. Sometimes an idea provokes the creation of a new and original article. Other times, a change or improvement of an idea creates an entirely new invention. Take it

Your Letters Dear COBBLESTONE, I am a (fairly) devoted reader of your magazine, and I would like to begin by saying that I have been impressed by your inclusive history. I particularly enjoyed your issue on Ida B. Wells-Barnett. Would you consider adding char

Need Help With An Invention Idea?

Engineer Extraordinaire The Mississippi River was littered with sunken steamboats that had crashed or gone down in flames. A person could make a fortune taking the load that was lying in the bottom of the river. A person with an imagination and quality ships

The storm is terrible. It was too hot to jump. A rabbit decided to sit in the shade of a mango tree instead. She was sitting down for a nap when Tiger came up from behind and grabbed her. “I have you now!” Curly tiger. “And I brought some rope. I’m bound Many people tell me that they have an idea for a new invention or product and don’t know what to do next. Whether it’s a kitchen gadget, a toy animal, or a gift item, it doesn’t really matter if you can’t make it work. In this article, I will go over some simple steps you can take if you have an idea for an invention and you don’t know what to do with it.

As a general rule, the next step involves checking if your idea is already patented, making a prototype, and knowing where and how you will sell your idea, among other steps you will see below.

How To Get An Invention Idea Started

I can tell you from my own experience with my sister-in-law who was a baker and had to decorate a pastry. He came to me with the problem of having to supply hot icing to the bakery. She would put on protective gloves and dip her fingers in the hot icing and let the frosting drip onto her fingers onto the pastry to give the dripping effect. There had to be a better way.

Preparing Your Invention Ideas For Manufacturing

Anyway, follow these steps once you have a good idea to work with. This is what the most experienced inventors usually do with their new ideas.

Have you searched the market to see if it exists? The best way is to look in retail stores, trade publications and the Internet when searching using keywords that describe your idea. No sense going forward if it is.

Go online and search under “Google Patents” or do a Google Image search, look at the USPTO and look for existing patents, look at catalogs and trade publications. What’s out there? Are you different? Is it sold?

There are many questions you might ask yourself about your idea. Can it be manufactured cheaper, or is there an improvement such as better materials or functions? Does my product work faster than similar products out there? Is it safer? What about its design, it looks cooler? Is my product more effective or reliable?

How Inventhelp Can Assist With New Invention Ideas

For the “Drizzler”, I checked Walmart and other major retailers to see if there was something like this in the kitchen section. I contacted the company that makes spatulas and kitchen utensils, and it was not there either. There was nothing like it on the market that could be bought to do the job. I came up with a design to make a set of fingers and a handle to dip into the frosting and pour it over the pastry.

For the Drizzler, I bought some plastic and cut out a round disc. I bought plastic branches quarter inch diameter and then cut them to length. I drilled holes in the top plate and inserted and glued the quarter inch pins in place. I then went to a hardware store and bought a stainless steel drawer handle and attached it to the top plate. It probably took me a day to make the prototype.

3. Go to the retail store to see where this would appear in which area. Do your research online.

How To Get An Invention Idea Started

What I do is file a Provisional Patent Application (PPA), which gives you patent pending status. You now have one year to market your patent pending product.

Invention Convention Ideas For School Projects

No more using your fingers when applying fondant, chocolate, or frosting to your baked goods! Easy-grip ergonomic design, made of food grade plastic, easy to clean and dishwasher safe. “

After steps 1-5, we went to a local bakery and gave them product samples to try. That way we could get direct feedback to see if improvements or changes were needed and see if they would use something like this. We also had an idea of ​​what they would pay for it.

After a week I went back to the oven to retrieve my prototypes and get feedback. They would not give them back they use them every day and love the product. I knew I had a winner.

I improved the Sales Sheet with photos and testimonials I received from people who were using the product and started looking for someone to license it.

How To Create An Invention (9 Step Guide)

I said to the marketing manager “My name is Gene Luoma, I’m a product developer. Are you open to ideas from external product developers?”

If they say yes, I say, “I have a product that I think would fit into your product line. Would you be interested in seeing what I have?”

I then ask for their email address and tell them I will send them some information and a sales sheet.

How To Get An Invention Idea Started

Sometimes they ask for a patent. I’ll say “A provisional patent application has been filed” and if that’s not good enough, I’ll move on.

Invention Ideas Hi Res Stock Photography And Images

If they never get back to me, I will follow up in a few weeks. I don’t want to be a pest.

You might say “license? But I want to do this on my own!” Enterprise requires design, marketing, manufacturing, advertising, shipping, receiving, billing, distribution, handling customer returns and so on. You can achieve a higher profit margin, but the risk is higher. With licensing, it is easier to get a product to market. You collect royalties without any risk

I was able to license the Drizzler with DecoPac, the world’s largest supplier of cake decorating supplies. This product has been on the market for many years and still sells very well today.YECCOUNCIL POST Expertise from Council members, operated under license. The opinions expressed are those of the author.

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