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How To Create A Blog For Dummies

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Admittedly, it can get very difficult in later stages. But in general, anyone with a computer connected to the Internet can write a blog.

How To Create A Blog For Dummies

How To Create A Blog For Dummies

If you are new to the world of blogging, this page will walk you through all the basics of creating an online blog to write your first post. Here are the 6 steps you need to follow:

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The domain is the name of your blog. It is not something physical that you can touch or see. It’s just a string of characters that gives a website its identity, like the title of a book or part. The domain “tells” what kind of blog the visitor is visiting.

Personally, I use NameCheap to manage my domain registration. The main reason is that NameCheap is usually cheaper and offers free lifetime domain privacy protection. However, any other reputable domain registrar should be fine.

Not sure if your blog name is still available? You can do a quick search on NameCheap to find out.

Web hosting is the physical place where you store your blog content (words, blog themes, images, videos, etc.). To own web hosting, you rent from a company that builds and manages web hosting servers.

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There are many types of web hosting on the market and there are many things to consider when choosing a web host. This article does not cover those details. If you are interested, click on these links to learn more.

Hostinger ($1.99/month) and A2 Hosting ($2.99/month) are cheap, reliable, and offer enough features for most blogs. Highly recommended for beginners.

Hostinger is one of the cheapest web hosts, especially during the honeymoon signup period. Despite being a budget hosting company, it offers a range of premium hosting features suitable for new bloggers > Order here.

How To Create A Blog For Dummies

Next, you will need to update the Domain Name System (DNS) records at your domain name registrar (where you registered your domain in step 1) to point to the DNS name servers that host websites. Web hosting DNS nameserver information is usually emailed to you when you first sign up for hosting.

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DNS stands for Domain Name System and is used to direct incoming users to a server’s IP address. So when a user types a domain name (eg into their browser, the DNS record will get the IP address of the host and display the blog to the user.

Example – To change domain DNS on NameCheap, go to Domain List > Manage > Customer DNS.

There are many “blogging software” on the market today, but WordPress is by far the most popular system. It’s free, popular, well-developed, widely supported by the open source community, and beginner-friendly. Statistically, over 95% of blogs in the US are built using WordPress. and over 30 billion blogs run on WordPress.

WordPress can be installed manually on your web host. Or it will install automatically using the one-click installer. Both methods are quite simple and easy to do.

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With support for one-click installation services such as Softaculous (available on most web hosts), the installation process is extremely easy and can be done in just a few clicks.

For reference, the image below shows where you can find the auto-install feature in the Hostinger control panel. To install WordPress, click the circle icon and follow the virtual receipt instructions. Your WordPress system should be up and running within 5 minutes.

It may look different for each web host, but the process is basically the same. So if you’re not using one of these web hosts listed here, don’t worry.

How To Create A Blog For Dummies

Example – You can use Hostinger Auto Installer to install WordPress on your web host in just a few clicks (to access Hostinger, go here).

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After installing the WordPress system, you will be given a URL to connect to the WordPress admin page. In most cases, the URL will look something like this (depending on the folder you installed WordPress in):

Access this URL and log in with your preset username and password. From there, navigate to the backend (dashboard) of your WordPress site. This is the part of the blog that only you, as an admin, have access to.

BTW – I recommend bookmarking the WordPress wp-admin login URL. This is because I visit here often.

The latest version of WordPress as of now is version 5.9.3. By default, it uses WordPress Gutenberg as its block editor. Gutenberg brings a lot of flexibility to the WordPress platform. This is especially useful for beginners, as many things like setting the background color don’t require coding. The block system also helps manage article layout.

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“Add new” will move to the writing screen. Click Preview to preview how it will look on the front end (what your readers will see), then click Publish when you’re done publishing.

Now that you have bare WordPress ready, let’s dig deeper. Like all content management systems (CMS), a WordPress blog consists of three main components.

To design or customize your blog’s outlook, you simply customize a set of PHP and CSS files, usually located in the /wp-content/themes/ directory. These files are separate from the main WordPress system and can be modified as often as needed.

How To Create A Blog For Dummies

Most personal bloggers never create their own blog theme from scratch. Instead, in most cases, you pick a ready-made theme (or a raw theme) and customize it to your needs. There are countless beautiful WordPress themes on the internet.

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If you are creating your first WordPress blog, we recommend starting with a ready-made theme and modifying it along the way.

The WordPress Theme Directory is where you can find all the free WordPress themes. The themes listed in this directory follow the very strict standards provided by WordPress developers, so in my opinion this is the best place to get free, bug-free theme designs.

Another way to get quality WordPress themes is to join the WordPress theme club or buy a professionally designed theme.

If this is the first time you’ve heard of themed clubs, here’s how they work. By paying a certain amount to join the club, you can get various plans offered by the club. Themes offered in Theme Club are usually professionally designed and updated regularly.

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There are many other clubs. Some associations are aimed at specific industries, such as realtors or schools. However, only three are covered in this article.

Elegant Divi Themes – Over 800 ready-made layouts and designs available. Click here to see a demo of the theme in action.

Elegant Themes is arguably the most popular WordPress theme club in the industry. With over 750,000 customers, this theme site offers Divi Builder with over 800 ready-made layouts and designs to choose from. You can also download premium plugins to enhance your online business. Elegant Themes subscriptions are affordable. $69/year gives you access to all themes on unlimited sites. If you also want to use the plugin, you will have to pay $70/year. If you like elegant themes, you can also purchase the Lifetime Plan for a one-time payment of $199.

How To Create A Blog For Dummies

It’s affordable, easy to use, and the customization options are almost endless. Whether you are a casual blogger or a seasoned entrepreneur, a stylish theme is not only a great way to improve the aesthetics of your website, but also helps make your website easier to navigate and user-friendly. Boost your business.

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If you’ve been using WordPress for a long time, you’ve probably heard of StudioPress. Popular for Genesis Framework, a minimalist and SEO-friendly WordPress framework for all StudioPress themes.

StudioPress offers flexible pricing based on your needs. Genesis Framework with Child Theme is available for a one-time payment of $59.99. Premium themes that include the Genesis Framework are $99 each. If you want access to all themes, you can pay $499.

Artisan Theme is no ordinary WordPress theme club. Instead of downloading themes with pre-made layouts, this theme club allows you to create a theme from scratch with over 20 themes.

You can release units with this theme. Two of its most functional and modern themes are Indigo and Modules. Unlike other WordPress theme sites, themes can only be purchased individually at $129 each.

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Ready-made websites are ideal for those who don’t want to go to the trouble of customizing a WordPress theme. Just choose the theme that best represents your business and get set up in minutes. Can only be used from ready

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