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How To Build Your Own Pool Deck

How To Build Your Own Pool Deck – Above ground pools have many advantages: they are less expensive to build than inground pools, are less permanent, and generally require less work than inground pools (if at all, since they are usually smaller).

But they also have drawbacks, one of which is that getting in and out is a bit difficult when you’re climbing a ladder – it’s not as easy as jumping in, and it’s not as relaxing as sitting around dangling your legs in the water. Also, if you don’t have a deck, that means your guests are walking right out of the yard, down the stairs, and into the pool, picking up whatever dirt they just passed through (between the drain and the weather). , it’s on. the ground can be muddy around the pool).

How To Build Your Own Pool Deck

How To Build Your Own Pool Deck

There’s an easy way to upgrade your above ground pool: Build a pool deck. Installing a deck around an above ground pool is a great way to make the pool accessible and fun. Whether you’re building a deck around the above-ground pool or to the side, the extra space will give you and your guests a place to bathe on the water. In addition, guests entering from the deck do not have to enter directly from the grass (muddy), which means your pool will stay clean and your sanitation and filtration system will not have to work as hard.

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Unless you are a very skilled carpenter and happen to have a lot of free time, it is best to hire a professional to build a deck for your above ground pool. Most pool decks can’t be done on a weekend, and they also involve a lot of structural engineering and design (and cement), so unless you’re sure you’re ready for this type of work, it’s worth hiring a professional.

The right contractor will work with you on how you will use your deck (maybe a cozy area where you can set up a patio table and grill for poolside dining? versus the stairs?). They can design several options to meet your needs and any local building codes. That’s right – while above ground pools themselves usually do not require any permits as they are not permanent structures, building a deck can be a different story; you’ll want to make sure you do it right. Decking is subject to specific construction guidelines regarding guardrails and guardrail height (they are two different things; guardrails go with stair treads and guardrails run around the edge of the deck itself).

Building code guidelines will also govern the placement of handrails, the size of stair treads, the slope of the floor below the floor, how the floor is constructed, and more. A good contractor will know the rules of basement construction and will be able to save you from having to research it yourself. Also, a professional contractor with experience in this type of project should be familiar with the specific requirements of the pool deck and know how to consider these long-term requirements, such as ensuring that the pool deck can still be replaced without damage. make a floor (a common mistake many DIYers make. mistake).

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to building an above ground pool. There are various factors that can affect the cost of the final project, including your property and the shape and size of the deck you decide to build. For example, the slope of the yard and the surrounding design will play a role in the construction.

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Of course, there is a way. How big is your floor? Are you building a privacy wall on one or more sides – say a wooden lattice? Have you added a built-in bench or BBQ area? All these decisions add a price tag (although sometimes, they also save money elsewhere; money invested in chairs is money saved in furniture).

The most popular choice is wood. Building a wooden above ground pool gives you many options to customize the look, from the type of wood you choose for the stain or paint color to the way you decide to place the boards. Just be aware that wood requires maintenance. You should maintain the sealer and reseal it every few years, depending on the climate in your area and how you use the floor—it’s the same as resealing or resealing when the color starts to fade.

Another material that is growing in popularity is engineered wood composites. Composites are man-made materials made from a combination of organic fibers such as wood (and sometimes grass) and synthetic materials such as recycled plastic. The resulting material often has the appearance of wood, but is stronger, harder, and more weather resistant.

How To Build Your Own Pool Deck

Your contractor can help you choose the best products for your new above ground pool based on your budget and recreational needs.

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Get the latest Old House news, trusted tips, tricks and DIY Smarts projects from our experts – straight to your inbox. Three years ago we discovered the in-ground pool, installed by the previous owners who fixed the upper section in the 1980s, had to be dug up and removed.

After discovering a major water leak from our swimming pool in late 2016, we sought the attention of several experts to diagnose the problem. Ultimately, it was determined that the pool was improperly installed and the steel walls had corroded down to the lines, causing a leak.

Not only is this a problem for our family, because the pool and private patio were one of the main attractions of the house when we first decided to buy the place five years ago. We were also surprised when we were quoted over $60,000 to replace and properly install a new in-ground pool.

After scraping our jaws from the floor, my husband and I thought that an investment of this size was a stupid mistake (we will never resell our money), but we also admit that our pool has become important in the summer and not only for us. , but our children.

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Finally, we decided to settle for an above ground pool. (You can read the initial build and installation details here).

However, given my aesthetic personality, I feel I have committed a mortal sin. The main concern was executing the design of the pool so that it didn’t look like a normal above ground pool (I had to make it classier).

When I was putting down $32,000 in expected materials ($25,000 for the deck + $7,000 for the pool) it was initially one of the most stressful experiences we had during the renovation, in retrospect I honestly I can admit that it was a great blessing. The deck and fence are very tastefully designed and our backyard oasis is perfect!

How To Build Your Own Pool Deck

In fact, pictures of my pool have gone viral on the internet – many of you have sent me your questions and concerns. So

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We stained the deck and fence with Behr “Chocolate” last summer. Because the wood is nice and fresh, we can use a white stain finish…

Transparent stains give the wood a touch of warmth and color, while also providing the protection necessary for longevity.

Speaking of longevity, I’m sure you’re interested in knowing how the unique design of your pool deck works (you can read the deck construction details here).

Although I’m still happy with my two-year-old pool and deck (I’ve given all the details of the pool in this post), I wanted to show you some of the trim we used to hide the plastic pool cover from a small problem around the pool. swimming…

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As with any wood floor that is exposed to the elements, the trim bends upward (as shown in the photo above). This can create a risk of stubbing your toe. However, to avoid the risk of injury, we made sure that our children wear swimming shoes when running around the pool (which they should do anyway to avoid getting scratched).

Pictured above is our newly built patio (two years ago). See how cute it is to frame the pool with 2×6 boards?

Unfortunately, the raised/cut 2×6 cups make the top cover visible when you’re actually standing in the pool (pictured above).

How To Build Your Own Pool Deck

Still, I’m happy with the pool design. Sure…it may not be as good as it was when it was first built, but it still looks a lot better than an all round plastic pool cover deck.

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The amount of pruning is

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