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How To Build Outdoor Stair Railing

How To Build Outdoor Stair Railing – This list of 13 outdoor stair railing ideas was all created by our customers alone with no skilled workers required to put it together. Each of the railings featured in this article was constructed using a few basic tools, using our outdoor stair railing kits or a custom solution using Kee Klamp pipe fittings. No welding or cutting required.

In most cases, all that is needed to assemble the railing itself is an Allen key, along with a few other basic tools such as a drill to attach the railing to the wall or floor. When attaching a handrail to brick, concrete or stone, there are a few additional steps.

How To Build Outdoor Stair Railing

How To Build Outdoor Stair Railing

Browse our list of outdoor handrail ideas to see if there is something that suits you. If you like a railing that we don’t have in a kit, contact our project team for help. Our team will help you find the right hardware you need to create your perfect railing.

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This simple outdoor stair handrail was made by Edwards for his wooden stair case on the back deck. Edward wanted a strong handrail going up and down the stairs, especially in the winter when the steps are icy. The handrail is a custom design that uses a top fixed railing assembly, a standard railing flange and a wall mounted handrail bracket.

This exterior railing was built by Robert along the brick steps leading up to his home in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The railing was made using our signature Offset Simple Railing kit. This kit is configurable and up to 8 feet in length with color options. You have the option to order a custom longer length by contacting our project team.

This railing was made by Howie in Jamesport, New York. Its exterior railing was built using our classic offset simple railing kit. The handrail kit is configurable with railing lengths up to 8 feet and color finish options.

Mike built his porch railing in Cordell, Georgia. A porch handrail connects the concrete base and brick steps at the bottom of the stairs and the brick wall above. Its exterior stair railing is a custom solution but similar to our Hybrid 518/C58 stair railing kit. The Hybrid 518/C58 kit is designed for wall mounting on one side and surface mounted vertically on the other.

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This outdoor railing is made by Neil in Winnipeg, Canada. Neil’s Porch Handrail is a custom designed exterior railing that attaches to a sloped concrete edge using an adjustable angle base flange. With this pipe fitting, the angle of the pipe handrail can be adjusted from 11 to 30 degrees. At the top of the railing, a standard railing flange is used to attach to the wall. An elbow elbow is used to create a handrail curve.

Mike made his own outdoor stair railing for the concrete stairs leading from the driveway to the front entrance of Mike’s craftsman-style home. Mike chose the handrail for its industrial look to complement the home’s exterior design aesthetic. The railing is a custom design that uses a standard railing flange, a top fixed rail assembly, a side outlet bracket (to change the railing direction), and a flange mount (to mount on the side of the garage).

David was looking for stair railing ideas for his home in Peabody, Massachusetts. Its railing is a small, three-tiered one made possible by our Surface 29 Exterior Railing Kit.

How To Build Outdoor Stair Railing

This outdoor stair railing was made by Mark for his backyard stone staircase. He was looking for a handrail that was strong but could withstand the outdoor elements without rusting. His stair railing is a custom design that uses a top fixed rail assembly, a standard railing flange, variable angle fittings and an internal coupler. Variable angle fittings can make any angle between 30 and 200 degrees. Mark used our free design assistance to create a railing that worked for him.

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Stuart made the porch railing for his home in Pine Grove, California. The railing goes well with the exterior colors of the home and was made possible with our Hybrid 518/C58 Railing Kit. Stuart needs an outdoor handrail that can be attached to his house (wall mount) and to the ground.

This handrail was made by Christopher for the brick steps in front of his home in the Bronx, New York. The railing was made using our classic Limited Simple Rail handrail and finished with a dark red powder coat finish. Powder coating is available for stair railing kits at additional cost. This railing kit can be configured with custom designs up to 8 feet in length or more.

Doug needed more than a simple exterior handrail for his home in Carlin, Nevada. The bannister snaked around the corner, up the stairs, and onto the landing. Doug built a handrail for his outdoor concrete staircase that led from the driveway to the front entrance of his home. Railing is a customized product.

To mount a handrail on a concrete wall, a wall mount handrail bracket is used. To change the direction of the railing, a 90 full arc (in conjunction with two internal couplers) is used. This allows the handrail to be easily attached. Finally, a standard railing flange is used to attach the railing posts to the ground.

How To Build A Porch Stair Railing

Laura built outdoor railings for the stone steps in front of her home in Moorestown, New Jersey. The railing was powder coated black and was made using our classic offset simple rail handrail kit.

This railing was made by Richard for the concrete front porch of his home in Reading, Pennsylvania. The exterior railing features an aluminum finish made possible by our Aluminum Surface L160A Railing Kit. The railing is made entirely of aluminum components and is designed for greater durability and flexibility than traditional railing systems.

Building the railing yourself is not difficult. Using our outdoor stair railing kits or a bespoke solution using Kee Klamp pipe fittings, it is possible to build a railing in a matter of hours without any prior construction experience (many of our customers have installed railings in less than 30 minutes). . Be sure to browse our gallery for outdoor stair railings. In residential settings, people use outdoor stair railings on decks, porches, basement entrances, pathways, and stair treads. Design your outdoor railing from wood, metal, concrete, plastic or a combination of more than one of these elements.

How To Build Outdoor Stair Railing

Reinforce exterior stair railings to support the weight of a person pressing on the railing while walking. People using stairs should be able to hold on to the handrail to guide them up the steps. Build the railing so it can support the weight being pulled down and out as someone tries to regain their balance. People using stairs should be able to hold onto the handrail in case they lose their footing while climbing the stairs. Follow all building and safety codes for your area to determine the specific heights and widths to use for stair components.

How To Build A Deck Railing (with Pictures)

DIYers will be most successful in building handrails from wood products rather than metal or plastic. Measure the distance of the banister from the top of the stairs to the bottom step or landing. Plan to construct the railing so that one person’s hand can slide the entire length of the railing from the top to the bottom of the stairs without obstruction. If there is a post at one turn of the stairs you can break the continuity of the railing. A stair post is a large post at the start, turn or end of a banister.

Purchase a 2 x 4-inch piece of treated wood from a hardware store or lumber shop to use as a railing. Buy the length of wood you need based on the dimensions of the stairs. Make a mark on a post 34 to 38 inches above the stair step. Place the wooden railing on the inside of the stair post. Align the railing with the top back corner of the top post and the mark you made on the bottom post. Hold the railing in place temporarily with deck screws.

Using a spirit level, mark a straight line down the stair railing and remove the railing. Using a jigsaw or circular saw, cut the railing to match the top or bottom posts of the stairs. Seal the cut ends well with exterior wood sealant.

Position the stair railing flush with the top of the posts. Drill 1/8″ pilot holes, smaller than the width of the screw, to prevent this from happening.

A Sturdy Rail For Outdoor Stairs

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