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How To Build Hog Wire Deck Railing

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Looking to add some flair to your deck/patio? Learn how to make these pig wire panels for your next fence. Nelson Treehouse & Supply has used these fences on treehouses across America. Now we want to teach you how!

How To Build Hog Wire Deck Railing

How To Build Hog Wire Deck Railing

Before diving into a carpentry project, it’s best to set yourself up for success. Putting a sketch on paper will help you visualize what you will be building and provide a place to write down measurements and important information later!

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Hogwire panels will be held in place by means of 2x2s. To achieve this, you need to provide a channel. The nature of the wire prevents us from using a 2×2 dead center channel. The actual dimension of the 2×2 is 1.5 inches. So you’ll set the table saw fence 3/4″ from the blade. Then set the height to 1/2″, this will allow you to block plenty of space in the string panel. Once the blade is set, go ahead and copy the 2×2!

Your 4×4 post is attached to the base of the deck, this is where you will pull your yardstick. In this case, we’ll go down to 40″. Now is a good time to record your measurements on the preliminary sketch. Subtract a 3″ gap on each side, along with the vertical 2x2s. This gives us a 31″ horizontal 2×2 frame. We know our 4×4 post is 36″ tall. So by subtracting the 3″ gap along the top and bottom and along with our horizontal 2x4s, we’re down to 27″ for our vertical 2x2s.

Now that you have your 2×2 cut to length, it’s time to frame! Make sure the dove cut on your vertical 2×2 perspective is the opposite of the dove cut on your horizontal 2×2 (see image above). Use a drill and drill bit to make the pilot holes. Then secure the frame with 9×3 flathead screws.

Visually, it is best to have your pig wire in the center of the wooden frame. Measure the inside dimension of the wood frame and add 1″ (=1/2″ on both sides) to the horizontal and vertical dimensions. Next, strategically cut the pig wire to size to fit your wood frame.

Hog Wire Fence

Now you can see how the wire will sink into the dado. Destroy the wooden frame, place the Hogwire panel in the dado, and bring it back! You will notice in this step why the dado offsets the reduction.

Now that you have created the hogwire panel, you can see how the 4×4 “floats” between the posts. To accomplish this, we will frame it with 2x4s. Remember the yardstick you took off the bottom of the 4x4s? In our case it was 40″. Go ahead and cut two 2x4s to that length.

We used the remaining 4x4s to cut the 3-inch blocks. This will make installation easier and you won’t want four arms! Drop the spacers, place the 2x4s on top, and screw them into the 4×4 posts.

How To Build Hog Wire Deck Railing

Using the same 3″ block, place the stringer panel on top of the 2×4 you just installed. Measure 1″ from the side of the 2×4 and attach the panel to the slot using 9×2 countersunk head screws.

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Once you’ve installed all of your wiring panels, it’s time to finish off the top hat! Take the top cover material and close it with 9×3 flathead screws! We screw from the bottom to avoid seeing the screw holes. Hello guys! So, last week I shared with you my demolition of an old deck railing (How to Remove a Deck or Porch Railing: Demolition Tips). Let me tell you, it was quite a treat to see the old crumbling rails. OH MY GOD!

I finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel. This week we are building and installing new deck rails. I got the inspiration for this railing design from the wire railings I was looking at on Pinterest. The problem was that pig wire panels are very expensive. One panel can cost $40-$80. That would seriously blow my peanut-sized budget.

So I came up with a solution using regular chicken wire. Yes, this is correct. For this deck fence, we will use inexpensive fence wire that comes in rolls. And for the size of my deck I didn’t need a full $50 roll. (Where’s the exploding head emoji when I need it?)

In my case, after I installed the posts where the old posts were slotted into the 4×4 so it could rest on the floor joist and lock into place.

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Mark the center of the 4×4 posts. Using 2-inch blocks (4×4 cut to 2 inches), place the bottom 2×4 rail on the block and press it at an angle.

When it came time to install the top rail for the deck railing, I discovered a design flaw. If the top 2×4 fence is installed vertically, the fence cap will not have enough surface under it. Over time, this can lead to a strap.

So we turned the tables. Place the top rial flat, 3 inches from the top of the board to the top of the 4×4 post.

How To Build Hog Wire Deck Railing

Now with the top rail flat and in place, place the rail cap on the rail. This can be done in 1 of two ways: you can cut the board between each 4×4 post, or you can cut a slot for each 4×4 and run the board the entire length.

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I recommend running the board along its entire length and cutting holes for the posts. This will seamlessly create a more finished look.

A chisel is very useful during this step because you want the rail cap to be as tight as possible.

Do not overtighten the screws, especially the top ones. If it is screwed in too deep, it can create puddles and cause the wood to wear faster than normal.

The fence cap should be on the inside of the deck and have a 2-inch overhang from the outside of the deck.

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OK, now it’s time to make the wire mesh panels. This is a relatively straightforward assembly. I made it so you don’t need a router or putty knives.

The 2x2s are screwed together. Mesh panels are 29 inches tall. The width is determined by the full width of the deck panel. The width of the wire panel is the distance between the 4×4 posts (deck opening) minus 6 inches. So if the opening between the posts is 60 inches, the width of the wire panel should be 54 inches.

OK, now that you know how long you need to cut each 2×2, it’s time to start assembling the panel. Using a staple gun, attach the fence to the 2×2 frame. Pull tightly to eliminate any defects.

How To Build Hog Wire Deck Railing

Use a hammer to hammer a nail into any loose joints. Cut small strips from the 2×6 boards using a massive saw. These strips will be used to cover the joints and ends of the fence. Use galvanized nails to fasten the strips in place.

In X 36 In X 72 In Black Metal Rectangular Railing Panel In The Deck Balusters Department At

Place the wire panel 3 inches from any post. Press it into place from above and below.

With new pressure treated wood, you don’t want to stain or stain it right away. Wait 3 to 4 weeks before applying stain or color.

These new railings completely transform the feel and look of my deck. I had the worst yard in the neighborhood. LOL No seriously, I saw it apparently. Hahahaha!

Stay tuned as I continue to renovate the deck. Did you miss the demolition? Check it out in all its glory.

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How To Build Hog Wire Deck Railing

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