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How To Build Cable Deck Railing

How To Build Cable Deck Railing – Our tire and tire rail had to be replaced. Since we live on a lake, we wanted to use the wire so as not to obstruct the view of the lake. We researched several options and decided to install wire deck railings. We actually learned through this process that we wanted to use sheep/goat yarn. It is made up of 4×4 squares. (Hog wire is made up of rectangles and cattle wire is made up of larger rectangles.) We bought the sheep/goat wire panels from Tractor Supply Company. We sourced all treated lumber from Ace Hardware and were satisfied with the quality.

This DIY railing project completely transformed our deck and YES, we have a great view of the lake.

How To Build Cable Deck Railing

How To Build Cable Deck Railing

Before we installed our new wire railing, we updated our deck (turned the floorboards). It costs less than $60. Click HERE to see the checkout; you will be surprised by the result!

Best Deck Cable Railing Kits & Systems

First we decided on the height of our deck railing. It helps me get it out. Below is my rough sketch. Standard residential height is 36 inches; we settled on 37 inches (including the railing).

We had to remove the old deck railing. We used a flat bar, crowbar and hammer to remove the old spindles. We used a spirit level to screw an old 2×4 to the post and a circular saw to cut the 6×6 posts. The 2×4 gave us a nice even cut/level to rest the new 6×6 post on.

Next, we cut the 6×6 treated posts. Since we didn’t want to replace the posts all the way down to the ground (our deck was very high in front of the house), we cut a 2 inch wedge out of each post. We started the cutting with a miter saw and finished with a chisel and hammer.

This allowed the post to rest on the deck. We used 8-inch carriage bolts to attach 6×6 studs to the deck.

Cable Railing Caution

Here is a section where the posts were installed. Our poles are 36 inches tall. After adding the railing, the height will be 37″.

Here is a picture of the corner post. (I put this in after writing the original blog post at the request of a reader.)

We use two 2×4 treated bottom and top. Below it shows Neal setting up the two 2x4s below. Note that we used a scrap piece (3.5 inches) to hold the 2x4s in place (ie at the correct height) while we installed the two 2x4s.

How To Build Cable Deck Railing

We purchased sheep/goat wire (real fence boards) from Tractor Supply Company. We used thread cutters to cut the thread. (We saved some of the excess/scraped wire to make trellis for our garden next year.)

Project # 249

NOTE: Make sure the wiring panels are facing the same way. In other words, we decided that the horizontal cable should lie inside the railing and the vertical cable should lie outside. It doesn’t matter as long as you are consistent when installing each wiring panel.

To ensure consistency, we used these pieces of scrap wood (see photo below) every time we installed a wire panel.

When attaching each 2×4 to the 6×6 post, Neal used a drill bit to make a pilot hole for each screw. Note that he does it in a corner. We also used clamps to tighten the 2x4s against the wire.

Neal followed the same process, to attach the top 2x4s (used clamps, he used a drill bit to start the hole for each screw, screwed the end of each 2×4 into the 6×6 post and added screws to attach the two 2×4 -ones to each other.)

Railings — Www.pacific

We measured to ensure the correct length of each 2×2, cut them and screwed them into place (on each side of the wire and both ends of the board). These complete the frame that holds the wire in place. Again, we used clamps to make sure the 2×2 was snug against the wire before screwing it in.

We used 5/4 planks with decking for the railing. We measured and cut the exact length. We screwed them in place with the same screws as the patio tables.

We did the step railing in the same way; but we had to cut several corners. We have a handy tool (see image below) that allows us to measure angles and then adjust our miter saw to cut that angle.

How To Build Cable Deck Railing

These stair railings took a little longer because of all the angles. My advice is to take your time. As good carpenters say: “Measure twice and cut once”.

Cable Railing Systems For Decks And Stairs

After completing the deck railing, we pressure washed the outer edge where the spindles were nailed. We love our pressure washer!

Here is a picture showing the view from inside our living room. I like how you can see the lake through the railing. This is exactly what we wanted to achieve!

Don’t forget to check out how we upgraded our deck flooring by flipping the planks. You will be surprised by the result!

Blogging and DIY with my talented husband Neal. I share our projects and life lessons after Christ. View all posts by SuzanneCable railing is a modern railing system. It uses the wires in the cable to act as a shield, keeping the system safe

Making Outdoor Urban Spaces In Seattle, Wa More Comfortable With A Horizontal Bar Railing System For Stairs And A Deck

For this reason, cable railings are an ideal alternative to deck railings. It’s safe, sleek and easy for anyone to install, whether you’re a seasoned handyman or a DIY homeowner. Cable Railing Systems from comes with all the resources you need to install a cable bridge railing.

Even if you have no previous experience with cable railing, you can still install it yourself. Download the Cable Railing Project Guide to learn everything you need to know about cable railing.

Deck cable railing posts are usually made of two different materials: metal or wood. Wooden post systems are usually custom built. Depending on the type of wood, they can be durable and long-lasting. Here, we do not make wooden posts for cable railings, but we do offer wooden post sets. This allows you to install the cable wires in any wooden post.

How To Build Cable Deck Railing

Metal posts are a stylish and modern solution for deck railings. They are made of stainless steel or aluminum and can be treated with a brushed finish or powder coated in a variety of colors.

Deck With Cable Railing System

For outdoor projects, use Endurance powder coated aluminum rods. If you are close to the coast, 2205 stainless steel bars will provide maximum corrosion resistance.

To plan your project, create a diagram of the dimensions of your deck. You can do this on paper or by using our design tool, Victor. Victor is our online design and quote app that takes your sketches and turns them into 3D masterpieces.

Then use the diagram to layout and edit your posts. If you are working with our DIY Railing Express System, this video (or below) will help you arrange and place your posts correctly.

All components are built entirely to code, but it is still your responsibility to ensure that you install according to code requirements. Code regulations vary by state and even municipality, so be sure to check which version of the International Code your state has adopted.

Steel Cable Railing Systems

To meet the deck railing code, the posts should be no more than 4 feet apart. If you are installing cable into existing wooden posts and they are more than 4 feet apart, use an intermediate post to bring the system up to code.

You must follow the 4-inch ball rule, which states that a 4-inch ball cannot fit through the studs of the system. If your system is 36 inches tall, you should purchase 10 cable covers. This means that you need 20 buckles (10 on each side) of the cable routing.

Any successful cable railing system is held up with specific mounting and tensioning components. This hardware keeps the cable tight and comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles to best suit your needs. Make sure you buy the right hardware for your system as this will ensure your cables are up to code.

How To Build Cable Deck Railing

If you own a DIY home with existing wood studs, use DriveTite Exterior. These kits are built specifically for decks that already have wooden posts, and the hardware allows you to convert your posts for use with cable railings. DriveTite kits mount to the surface of wooden posts and pull the tension on the cable as they are drilled deeper into the post.

Vevor Cable Railing Post 42 In. X 0.98 In. X 1.97 In. Stair Railing Kit Without Hole Deck Railing W/ Mount Bracket For Balcony Lgzh106.72.550fr7v0

If you ordered our signature system, purchase the Angle Clamp Kit or Clamp Kit, depending on whether your project is on an angle or a flat surface.

Or use our Express system, which takes the headache out of buying hardware kits separately from posts and bringing them all together. It’s the easiest way to buy a cable railing for your deck.

No cable railing project is complete without cable. Fortunately, it’s easy to find out how much you need.

So if your project has the following dimensions, you can calculate how much cable you will need

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