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How To Build A Website From Scratch For Free

How To Build A Website From Scratch For Free – Once you’ve chosen your website builder, you need to figure out how to use it. In this article, we will look at how to create a website from scratch.

For someone just starting out online. I’ll cover everything, so all you have to do is follow the guide.

How To Build A Website From Scratch For Free

How To Build A Website From Scratch For Free

As a complete beginner, it is recommended to use a site builder. This greatly facilitates the entire process of creating a website. For this example I chose Wix and WordPress, but in the end I decided that WordPress is a bit complicated for beginners, so I recommend Wix. I will explain why…

How To Create A Website Free Of Cost In 2023: Beginner’s Guide

Okay, I have to admit, after many years of owning and building websites, I was a little skeptical of WordPress. Wix just seemed a little rude. But today I completely changed my mind, sorry WordPress! Wix is ​​very easy for beginners to get up and running in minutes. The whole process is completely simplified – I’m now a fan of Wix.

It is a good idea to have or purchase a domain name for your new website. This will be your online presence. I never included this as a step in the process. Because you don’t actually need a domain name to get started with Wix, which is great.

Both Wix and will direct you to purchase a domain name, but if you’re feeling adventurous, you can even get a completely free domain name and point it to your WordPress or Wix website.

Setting Up a Website with Wix BEST FOR – Complete beginners who want to get up and running quickly

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All you need to get started with Wix is ​​an email address and a simple idea.

One great thing about is that you can sign up in seconds with your Facebook or Google accounts. Alternatively, you can enter your information to create your account (which takes a few more seconds). Wix is ​​one of the best free website builders out there if you’re on a budget.

Fill in the blanks in the questionnaire to give Wix more information about the type of website you’re building – the answers appear as a pre-populated drop-down menu, so it’s easy to follow.

How To Build A Website From Scratch For Free

If you’re a complete beginner, “Let Wix ADI Build a Website for You” is free and makes life a lot easier. Just press the “Get Started Now” button (on the left) and you’ll be taken from creating to publishing your website in minutes (literally).

How To Make A Website From Scratch (using WordPress & Site Builders)

You will then be asked a few questions about your blog or website. I chose “healthy food blog”, but you can fill in a few keywords and choose the type of website that best suits your project or organization.

Decide what features you want on your website. If you are not sure, you can skip this part for now. However, I recommend that you choose from the available options a few features that you think you might want to use:

I chose the following features for my blog – subscription form, paid plans, Instagram feed and booking. However, if you want to show videos or sell tickets to an event, you can choose the “Video” and “Events” features. You can even sell the designs online, which is very useful.

A visual questionnaire populates your website with relevant content and you can choose the right template that fits your needs. All you have to do is select the type of theme you want and choose from the options shown (my options are shown below).

How To Build A Website From Scratch: A Beginner Friendly Guide

You can easily edit the topic by hovering over the section and pressing the “Edit” button (shown in the image below).

When editing your website design, a panel appears on the left side of the page that allows you to change text and images.

Creating a website with WordPress is not as easy as Wix. To get started, you need a domain name. You can easily get it on However, note that you have to pay for the DNS service. Even if you have your own domain name, wants to pay for the privilege of using its domain host.

How To Build A Website From Scratch For Free

Transferring your domain to or buying a domain name from them seems to be their preference. If you’re happy to host your domain name on, the process is simple.

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If you want to grow your business in the future, creating a WordPress website is a great option. There are unlimited options and additional plugins that you can get to enhance your WordPress website. I suggest picking up a .com domain name extension and taking the time to learn WordPress (or hire someone to upgrade your theme) if you’re serious about your online presence.

Create your account using your email address, create a new username and secure password. Unfortunately, you can’t log into Facebook or Google like you can with Wix.

I decided to start a food blog because I want to write about living raw foods and share recipes. However, if you are, say, a graphic designer or photographer, you may want to choose a professional portfolio site.

This is where your domain name comes into play. You have three options, you can choose to purchase a new domain name, transfer your domain name to, or map your domain to your (which costs $14.50).

Free Website Creator

Select a topic by clicking “Topics” on the left menu. There are a number of themes to choose from. To find a topic that suits you, use the search bar (where it says “jobs”) and enter keywords related to your topic to narrow your search.

You can choose between free and premium themes and you can switch between the two (depending on your preferences). Your theme determines the look and feel of your business and can be easily changed later.

Customize your theme by clicking the customize button at the top of the page. Here you can change the page title in the left menu. You can also many other aspects of the appearance of your website.

How To Build A Website From Scratch For Free

By default your website home page will display your latest blog post to change your website to a static home page (with content of your choice).

Website Design Planning Templates

The entire website can be further customized, for example, you can change the colors of the website by selecting the colors and background in the menu.

✔ Easily upgrade to a rich, professional WordPress website on your own hosting if you choose later

✘ If you are using a domain name that you own, you will be charged an additional $14.15 per year to maintain the domain name with your current DNS/domain name hosting provider.

If you’re looking for a really easy way to get started, Wix is ​​your best bet. The whole process is simple and perfect for beginners. However, if you want to go deeper and not be overwhelmed by the huge amount of customizable features, WordPress is the best choice. It may take days or weeks to convert WordPress to the way you want it. However, Wix can be up and running in minutes – definitely the more convenient option.

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Although the name may not suggest it, subdomains are actually part of your main domain name. They are designed for it. Whether you’re looking to build your company’s web presence, launch an impressive campaign for global reach, or just grow your audience, setting up a website is probably the first step you should take. What makes it so important?

How To Build A Website From Scratch For Free

Having a website is essential for individuals, freelancers, companies, international companies and companies of any size. This will help you achieve your goals, whether it’s growing sales/profits, building partnerships with overseas partners/customers, or just a way to get users’ attention.

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The question is: is it possible to start a website from scratch if you are not a coder? This is where most beginners put their backs against the wall.

With so many new website building technologies to choose from, it can be confusing for some to choose the best one for them. The choice mainly depends on the complexity of the project, key objectives, type of website, budget and technical background.

In this ultimate guide, we’ll review all the website building tools and technologies available to highlight their pros and cons, key features, and benefits. So stay with us!

Starting a website from scratch is always a challenge. It doesn’t matter what web design expertise you have and what kind of project you need – there’s always a lot of planning behind the website development process.

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This is especially true when you want to avoid failure in your future project. Without detailed planning, complete preparation, clear goals and

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