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How To Build A Big Lego Robot

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“Wall-E” director Angus MacLane also created an awesome Lego version of Wall-E, which Lego now considers an official product.

How To Build A Big Lego Robot

How To Build A Big Lego Robot

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Wall-E is one of the most popular robots of all time, and soon kids and older kids will be able to build an official LEGO version of the garbage-collecting robot.

Angus McLean, the main animator of Pixar’s “Wall-E”, started building Lego Wall-E in 2005, while developing the computer model. McLean completed his work in 2008, and thanks to the LEGO Ideas program where anyone can submit new ideas for LEGO toys that are considered by the company, he submitted his work for review in 2013.

On Tuesday, McLean’s project passed the 10,000-fan mark and now enters Lego’s official review process, where designers, project managers and other teams will determine whether the project fits with Lego’s corporate brand. The research process will begin in September and, if successful, the project will go into production in early 2015 for release late next year. Choice is a badge of honor reserved for the best things you can see, use or make. If it’s optional, it’s worth the time.

I’m allergic to cats but the one that sits on my desk cleans when I feed it, dairy free, almost 100% plastic, made by me and tidy.

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Frankie the Cat is just one of five robot projects in the new Lego Boost, a $159.99 model building and coding educational tool for kids (and adults). It joins a long line of Robotics Lego products, such as the Mindstorms Ev3, which combine the satisfaction of building your own Lego bricks with the intriguing interest of privacy and robotics.

However, Lego Boost is more accessible and cheaper than anything Lego has done in this space before.

First, it’s the perfect link between your LEGO robot creations and a tablet-based app (iOS or Android). Instead of doing things through the Move’s hub or central brick, everything – from instructions and programming of the central brick, sensors and motors – happens on the tablet. Lego Boost does not include technical design and actual code units. It allows you to create and code an icon based on drag and drop as fast as possible.

How To Build A Big Lego Robot

This set also uses standard LEGO bricks, meaning you can add it to your collection.

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Getting started with Lego Boost is, at least in one way, as intimidating as it is with any other 847-piece Lego set. There are 11 plastic bags full of pieces, because they are made in five different ways (you can make one at a time), they are not organized in any way. Yes, the tail pieces for Frankie the Cat are all in the same bag, but they are different.

If I have one criticism of this collection, it’s that there’s no easy way to find the little pieces you’ve always been looking for, other than browsing through each bag. To be successful, I decided to build one of the most complex Lego Boost projects, meaning I needed lots of parts from hundreds of building blocks.

Large projects are also divided into several stages with internal breaks for robot interaction and play. Credit: LEGO

Typically, you start by building and programming simple Lego robots, and with each success, the app guides you to more successful secret missions.

Video: Walking Lego Mecha

The beautiful and attractive Lego Boost app (iOS and Android) starts by showing the bottom of the possible tasks. Before you get to the hard stuff, you’ll need to do some building and coding, which makes perfect sense when you think of Lego Boost as a full-fledged educational tool.

This intuitive tool provides some essential text to help you get up and running. The first step is to insert six pen batteries into the Move hub. When you press the green power button, it will connect to your tablet via Bluetooth.

The app will launch you to an icon-based app screen, but your first stop will be below the image of the two Lego bricks above. I wish the app would take me directly to these instructions, but I don’t think anyone would have much trouble figuring out where they are.

How To Build A Big Lego Robot

Lego Boost’s instructions are similar to its real-life counterparts, but the giant arrows and slides are game-changers. Credit: LEGO

Custom Corner: Big Wheel (spider Man)

If you’ve built a Lego model, you know that the instructions are very similar to the IKEA model: no words, just lots of pictures and colored pieces. The lack of text-based instructions and even audio instructions can lead to some confusion and dead ends.

Fortunately, Lego Boost does most of that. There are large forward and backward buttons to help you move through each process and better yet, there’s a slider that lets you move the entire room forward and backward.

Just press the green button and Move Brick and Lego Connect will automatically connect to your tablet via Bluetooth. Credit: Lance Ulanoff/

In complex builds (like Frankie the Cat and Vernie the Robot), Lego Boost provides a much-needed break from play, allowing you to take action and interact with your model even as you build it.

Lego Instructables Robot

I used a simple version that uses the Move Hub, an interactive engine, and a color and distance sensor. The last two are connected to the Move hub via a flat cable. By following the simple on-screen instructions, it took just a few minutes to build a Lego Faceless Minivan.

With that, I closed the build window and followed the instructions to build a simple app for my bot. In this setup, this involves dragging and dropping a small building block guide that starts with a large music button and connects to the Forward, Back, Left, Right, and Circle blocks, all represented by arrow images. Contradictory words.

The Lego Boost app is a task based on dragging and dropping icons. Each block represents an activity and a big green Play button so you can test your “code”. Credit: LEGO

How To Build A Big Lego Robot

Although this robot house is simple, there are steps of programming complexity. The following programming tasks include starting the program using the motion sensor (by placing your hand in front of it) and activating the orange carrier.

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Many of these programming blocks are self-explanatory, but not all, and I think that’s by design. It’s easy to drag a block into your app chain, run the app (either by clicking the start button on the chain or the big start button on the edge of the app block) and see what happens.

Yes, you can keep control of the bosses, but you can also control the speed and duration of each move. The color and appearance sensor can be customized to respond to most of the original LEGO colors. Each of these settings is accessible with a simple slide and slide.

In Frankie the Cat robot, the color sensor becomes part of the cat’s face. Credit: Lance Ulanoff/

The Lego sensor can recognize Lego colors, meaning Frankie can be programmed to turn off the yellow Lego candle when the sensor detects it in front of the cat’s face. Credit: Lance Ulanoff/

Lego Building Projects For Kids

I made Frankie a cake out of Lego and every time I put it in front of his nose, Frankie would blow out purple plastic flames and say happy birthday. On the private side, this includes having a color sensor that responds to yellow candles and adds an audio block to the birthday song.

As I started Frankie’s program, I discovered that I could use the Move Hub’s built-in motion sensor to start my program by turning the Lego cat around or flipping it over. Similarly, I can start this process by moving the front of a color on the remote sensor or capturing the block with a color that matches the color settings in my programming block.

While Lego Boost has a number of built-in sound effects (all from your connected mobile device), you can also record your own sounds with filters. Credit: LEGO

How To Build A Big Lego Robot

There are also a few audio-based programming options, including recording your own soundtrack and applying filters, although there isn’t even a speaker in the Lego Boost app. Instead, your tablet will make whatever sound your Lego robot makes.

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Keeping things simple, it’s easy to build small robots with basic programs, but there’s almost no limit to what you can do.

I spent a lot of time making this cat. I can’t take it apart Credit: Lance Ulanov/

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