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How Much Stock Traders Make

How Much Stock Traders Make – Anyone starting out on the road to becoming a trader eventually comes to the stats that 90 percent of traders don’t make money when trading the stock market. This calculation shows that over time, 80 percent lose money, 10 percent break even, and 10 percent make regular money.

The interesting point about these statistics is that they are not based on geographic region, age, gender or intelligence. Everyone wants to be in the top ten of those who always make money by trading the stock market, but few are willing to put in the time and effort to achieve it.

How Much Stock Traders Make

How Much Stock Traders Make

When I give a lecture, I ask the audience if they want me to teach them what 10 percent of traders or the other 90 percent know, and each time they say 10 percent. For me, the answer to understanding the 10 percent is simple – all you have to do is go through all the books and studies available and don’t do too many of them.

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To succeed in trading the stock market, you have to do what most traders don’t. This may seem like a simple idea, after all, you don’t know what you don’t know. So how does an inexperienced person deal with a lot of information other than what they’re supposed to be doing?

In this article, I will explore why many sellers fail to consistently make money selling on the stock market and, most importantly, what you can do to avoid being part of that 90 percent. I will give you an overview of what 10 percent of successful traders do.

No successful full-time marketer has ever told me they got lucky. They all follow these simple steps:

Step 3: These two steps are useless unless the trader is willing to put effort into achieving their trading goals.

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Another calculation is that it takes two to five years of experience to learn how to trade the stock market. There is no substitute for hard work and there are no shortcuts to becoming a professional and skilled trader. In fact, self-learning requires both. commitment and work. But you don’t have to be a genius or a rocket scientist to make profits every time you trade the stock market. In fact, I think it helps not to be a rocket scientist.

I have found that many people entering the market force this process, and I explain this with two things: first, financial services professionals who invest in the stock market seem difficult, mysterious to a small investor, and only to those who are wise and very educated. And secondly, the marketing companies that promote all this to enrich themselves with statements like “no knowledge, no experience and no time. No problem. Really! In fact, all they do is fill their pockets with expensive seminars or DVD sets.

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How Much Stock Traders Make

This brings us to the biggest reason many traders don’t make money in the stock market: lack of knowledge. We can also put low education on this platform because many want to be educated but they are looking in all the wrong places and therefore end up with low education.

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In fact, many people call themselves traders simply because they buy and sell stocks. However, when asked how they analyze the stocks they buy or sell, they say they read reports in newspapers and websites, and sometimes look at charts online with their broker.

Upon further questioning, they revealed that while they had a general idea of ​​the basic information needed to evaluate stocks, they had no idea what to look for in terms of understanding how to interpret the chart. And no one had a plan or understood anything about money management.

However, an educated trader will understand the importance of developing a profitable trading plan, how to analyze stocks to know why they are buying and selling, and how they will manage the trade. More importantly, they also apply strict money management principles such as How. stop loss and position measurement to ensure they reduce investment risk and maximize profit.

If you are serious about achieving long-term wealth while trading the stock market, I encourage you to read my top 10 sharing tips that will dispel the many myths that hold you back.

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Trading in the stock market naturally involves some risk. However, most people who are drawn to the markets are willing to take high risks, believing they are prepared enough to trade after reading a few books or attending a weekend course. Indeed, many traders seek instant gratification by trading the stock market using sophisticated methods in the hope of benefiting from their efforts.

We are told that knowledge is everything, but in the context of trading, I believe that it is the use of correct information that is everything. The streets are full of traders who want to be traders, and in a bull market, many of them are profitable with a lot of luck. there is good news. Strong bulls tend to hide errors of judgment and lack of knowledge, which is why I say that if you have not successfully traded in the stock market for more than two years, you cannot consider yourself a trader.

Every week people come to me wanting me to teach them how to trade and most want it to be quick, easy and cheap. If that sounds like you, you’re probably in the 90 percent. Let’s face it. Would you go to a therapist who only watches certain movies, or would you take a weekend workshop? Would you have your car serviced by someone who would do the same, or would you let your kids ride the bus if the driver only read a book on how to drive?

How Much Stock Traders Make

It takes three to four years or more to get a university degree, so you can start the career of your choice. Similarly, trading in the stock market is a business and those who try to do so should treat it as a profession. this need for respect is the main reason why many traders fail to make money while trading the stock market. To become an educated trader, you need to combine a high level of knowledge and experience; otherwise, the chances of long-term success are very low.

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Regardless of why you are trading, learning how to trade is the easy part; the hardest part is understanding your own mind – because it’s true, nine inches between your ears will determine your success as a salesperson. If lack of knowledge is the main reason traders fail, then psychology comes second.

A trader’s attitude or psychology not only determines how they will approach their trading, it will also determine how they will approach the stock market. The emotions of fear and greed drive both traders and investors, and without proper education these emotions are often nurtured, which leads to . for serious mistakes.

To underline this, we receive many calls from people with no knowledge or experience who want to learn how to trade Forex. When I ask why they always say it’s because they don’t have a lot of money but that’s the main reason why they shouldn’t sell this market.

The logic of people who tell me they have very little money to invest but want to trade quality markets is based on greed. They believe that if they only invest $2,000, their return on investment in the sponsored product will result in more profit than if they invested directly in the stock market.

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This is because if the stock goes up 20 percent, they’ll only make $400, but when they have 10-to-1 support, they’ll make $4,000. That’s why wanting a quick return is worth the risk, according to them. , they rarely think about what they might lose.

Unfortunately, while this is a romantic idea, it is a lie. The market doesn’t care how much you think you know or you can have a few thousand dollars, just keep doing what it does whether or not you make money by trading the stock market.

And there is a challenge in this challenge: if you do not have a lot of money, you are always more attached to air and therefore cannot afford to lose it. Therefore, if the trade goes in the wrong direction even a little, fear of losing. kicks hard, which often leads to bad decisions and losses.

How Much Stock Traders Make

People end up looking at the market on a micro scale, watching their trades daily or even throughout the day, or worse, making decisions based on short-term market fluctuations. This leads to the even greater sin of over-trading as individuals chase the market in an attempt to recoup their profits

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