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How Much Do Recruiters Get Paid

How Much Do Recruiters Get Paid – Agencies may make money from recruiter fees, but how do recruiters get paid? Staffing agency owners may choose to compensate their employees in a variety of ways, including commissions. How does the hiring committee structure work?

Commissions are wages that reward workers for achieving a goal, such as getting a job. Using commission-based payments can be an incentive for recruiters to take on more jobs.

How Much Do Recruiters Get Paid

How Much Do Recruiters Get Paid

Commissions are commonplace in sales-related industries. In recruitment, commissions are popular with agencies and executives. Commissions are wages that recruiters receive when they achieve certain goals, such as placing candidates.

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Commissions may be a percentage of the total amount of recruiter compensation received by the agency or may be a fixed amount. Staffing agencies determine the recruiter’s commission schedule.

In general, commissions are payments in addition to the regular salary. But in recruiting, it’s not uncommon for a recruiter to only receive commissions. Agencies may choose to only pay commissions to recruiters.

A recruiter’s commission can be limited or unlimited. The recruiter’s unlimited commission structure means that the recruiter earns commissions for as many placements as they can make. Limited commission means that the agency owner does not have to pay commission after a certain amount.

If you are an agency owner, you may be wondering how to pay commissions to recruiters. Or if you’re an agency recruiter, you might be wondering how you’ll be paid.

Do Recruiters Get Commission?

Agencies structure commissions differently. However, in order to create a typical admissions committee structure, some decisions must be made.

Some staffing agencies provide commission-only salaries, while others offer them in addition to a guaranteed base rate. You need to decide if the commission income is the only source of income for the staffing agency.

Commission-only recruiters likely have varying incomes from month to month. Paying a recruiting commission can encourage them to be more productive.

How Much Do Recruiters Get Paid

Again, you can compensate agency recruiters with percentage or flat commissions. This means you either give the recruiter a percentage of the total hire fee or a fixed dollar amount.

How Much Do Recruiters Make?

Decide on these commission rate details before creating a plan. And consider not telling agency recruiters how commissions are calculated before offering a job.

The commission rate you enter should depend on whether the recruiter receives commission only or commission and a regular salary.

For example, a recruiter who earns only commissions may earn 60% commission. On the other hand, a recruiter who is also on a regular salary can earn 20% commission.

If you decide to limit the recruiter’s commission, choose a reasonable limit. The limit usually depends on whether you pay recruiters commissions or commissions and regular wages.

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You also need to select a time period for the commission limit. For example, you can set a monthly or annual limit.

Typically, commission-only recruiters receive commissions for each placement. But there are other ways to get commissions for recruitment agencies.

For example, you might decide to give a recruiter a commission if they make five placements in a month.

How Much Do Recruiters Get Paid

When deciding when to give commissions, set reasonable goals. If possible, use historical data to select possible employment rate numbers. Or do a competitor analysis to see what other agencies are offering.

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How Much Do Recruiters Get Paid

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How Much Do Recruiters Get Paid

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How Much Do Recruiters Make?: Salary Vs Commission

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External recruiters are also known as freelance recruiters or agency recruiters. This means that they work for themselves and not for one particular company. They work for a number of different organizations and help fill their vacancies.

Internal recruiters are exactly what they sound like: they are internal. They are real employees of the company. So they recruit exclusively for this organization and no one else.

So why is there such a difference? For one very important reason: Internal recruiters generally earn less than external recruiters. Internal recruiters almost always have a fixed salary. Their compensation is limited. Not so for external recruiters. They are more like sellers. There is virtually no limit to the amount of money they can make.

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According to, the national average salary for internal recruiters is $79,956. Therefore, for the purposes of this blog post, we will be talking about external recruiters (or agency recruiters).

Internal and external recruiters have one thing in common. That pays them. In all employment situations, the company pays the employer, not the candidate. The only difference is that the internal recruiter is paid by one organization every year. An external recruiter is paid in many different ways.

External recruiters are not paid. (Though, as we’ll discuss later, they may get a base that balances out their commission structure.) They get what’s called a recruiting or placement fee. This can be in the form of a check or bank transfer. Here are a few different aspects of this board:

How Much Do Recruiters Get Paid

The recruiter is looking for an Automation Engineer. The salary for this position is $70,000. According to the contract the recruiter has with their client, 20% of the candidate’s first year salary will be paid. Thus. . . 20% of $70,000 is $14,000. Once the recruiter finds such a candidate, the client sends him $14,000. But not right away. It usually takes 30, 60 or 90 days.

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As you can see, external recruiters don’t have to do too many positions to reach the internal recruiter salary of $79,956.

Now that we have discussed how external recruiters are paid, let’s discuss the different ways they are paid. There are three such ways:

This means that the recruiter is not paid until the candidate is placed. To use the example above, the recruiter doesn’t get his $14,000 until after. Of course, the recruiter is competing with their client’s internal HR department. They may also compete with other outside staffing agencies trying to fill the position. If the organization does not ultimately select one of the recruiter’s candidates, the recruiter will not be paid.

This is what it means to “work for contingencies”. A recruiter works in hopes of placing a candidate and then getting paid.

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