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How Many Day Traders Are Successful

How Many Day Traders Are Successful – Anyone starting out as a trader will eventually come across the statistic that 90% of traders don’t make money trading the stock market. This statistic assumes that over time 80 percent is lost, 10 percent breaks even, and 10 percent is earned consistently.

What’s interesting about this statistic is that it’s not based on geography, age, gender, or intelligence. Everyone wants to be in the top 10% of people who consistently make money trading the stock market, but very few are willing to put in the time and effort to achieve this.

How Many Day Traders Are Successful

How Many Day Traders Are Successful

When I gave my presentation, I asked if they now want me to teach whether 10% of traders know or the other 90% and each time they say 10%. For me, the answer to understanding 10 percent is simple – you just go through all the books and courses available and barely do it.

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To trade successfully in the stock market, you have to do what most traders don’t. This may seem like a simple point of view, after all, you don’t know what you don’t know. So how does an inexperienced person know what to do with the vast amount of information out there?

In this article, I will explore why many traders don’t make steady money trading the stock market and more importantly what to do to avoid being part of the 90%. I will also give you an overview of what 10 percent of successful traders do.

No profitable full-time trader is constantly telling you they are making a profit. All follow these simple steps:

Step 3: These two steps are useless unless the trader is willing to work hard to achieve his or her trading goals.

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Another statistic is that learning how to trade in the stock market is two to five years’ experience. There is no substitute for hard work and there are no shortcuts to becoming a professional and competent trader. In fact, self-education requires both commitment and effort. But you don’t have to be a genius or a rocket scientist to make consistent profits trading the stock market. In fact, I don’t think of myself as a rocket scientist.

What I’ve noticed is that many new entrants to the market tend to complicate the process, and I think this is due to two things. only for the wise and highly educated. And second, marketing companies promote that they have all the answers to get rich with statements like “no knowledge, no experience and no time. That doesn’t matter. Really, all they do is fill their pockets with expensive conference supplies or DVD sets.

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How Many Day Traders Are Successful

This brings us to one of the biggest reasons why most traders don’t make money trading the stock market: lack of knowledge. We can also put poor education in this area because many people who seek education, they are looking in the wrong place and, therefore, receive a poor education.

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In fact, many people call themselves traders simply because they buy and sell stocks. But when asked how he analyzes the stocks he buys or sells, he says he reads reports in newspapers and on websites, and occasionally looks at charts online with brokers.

When asked further, he revealed that while he had a rough idea of ​​the fundamental information needed to evaluate a stock, he had no idea what he was looking at when interpreting the charts. And no one has a plan or knows anything about money management.

However, educated traders understand the importance of developing a profitable trading plan, how to analyze stocks to understand why they buy and sell, and how to manage these trades. More importantly, they also implement strong money management rules, such as stop loss and position sizing to ensure they minimize investment risk and maximize profits.

If you’re serious about getting rich long-term trading the stock market, I recommend you read my top 10 stock tips that will dispel many of the myths that are holding you back.

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Trading in the stock market naturally involves some degree of risk. But the majority of those attracted to the market are willing to take higher risks, believing they have enough money to trade after reading a few books or taking a weekend course. Indeed, many traders looking for quick gratification plunge headfirst into the stock market using the Compound Strategy in the hope of profiting from their efforts.

We are told that knowledge is everything, but in a trading context, I believe that the right application of knowledge is everything. instead of good knowledge A strong bull market tends to hide flaws in judgment and lack of knowledge that’s why I say if you can’t trade the stock market for more than two years you cannot consider yourself a trader.

Every week, I am approached by people who want me to teach them how to trade, and above all they want to trade quickly, easily and cheaply. reality. Are you going to a doctor just watching videos or attending a weekend seminar? Would you park your car with someone with the same job or let your kids ride the bus if the driver was just reading. How do you drive?

How Many Day Traders Are Successful

Getting a college degree takes three to four years, or more, for you to enter the profession of your choice. Similarly, trading the stock market is a business and the People trying to turn it into a business should be treated like a profession. The lack of this sought-after chapter is the main reason most traders don’t make money trading the stock market. To be an educated trader you must combine a high level of knowledge with experience; otherwise, the chance of future success is very low.

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No matter what you trade, learning how to trade is the easy part; The hard part is understanding your psychology – because it’s true, 9 inches between your ears will determine your success as a trader. If lack of knowledge is the main reason most traders fail, psychology will follow shortly after.

A trader’s attitude or mentality determines not only how he approaches trading, but also how he approaches the stock market. for costly mistakes.

To highlight this, we receive many calls from people with no knowledge or experience wanting to learn about forex trading. When I ask why, they usually say because they don’t have much money, but this is why they shouldn’t trade this market.

The reason people tell you they have too little money to invest but want to trade in the market is largely because of greed. He believes that if he only has $2,000 to invest, the return on his investment in the product he leverages will generate more returns than if he invested it directly in the market. stock market.

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This is because if the stock goes up 20% it will only make $400 but using 10 to 1 leverage they will make $4,000. rarely think about what they could lose.

Unfortunately, while this is a romantic notion, it is a fallacy. The market doesn’t matter how much you think you know or if you only have a few thousand dollars, just do what you do no matter how much money you make trading the stock market.

And here’s the challenge: if you don’t have a lot of money, you’ll be more emotional and, therefore, unlikely to lose. also kick in, which often causes bad decisions and losses.

How Many Day Traders Are Successful

Then individuals get a microscopic view of the market by watching daily or even intraday trading, or worse, they make decisions based on the short-term volatility of the market. This leads to an even greater sin than through trading, as individuals chase the market in an attempt to recover.

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