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How Do You Make Money From Trading Stocks

How Do You Make Money From Trading Stocks – By William J. O’Neil of IBD should be required reading for any serious trader or investor. This book describes the author’s high-performance CAN SLIM system in great detail, and provides the reader with all the essentials needed to achieve above-average returns in the stock market. If you are looking for a proven methodology that has the potential to generate huge profits, this book is a must.

, William J. O’Neil is the creator of the popular CAN SLIM investment strategy and the author of several bestselling books, incl

How Do You Make Money From Trading Stocks

How Do You Make Money From Trading Stocks

. Born March 25, 1933 in Oklahoma City, OK, O’Neil grew up in Texas and eventually received a bachelor’s degree in business from Southern Methodist University. In the early days of his financial career, he worked as a retail broker and then bought a seat on the NYSE at the age of 30. After years of using computers to compile research databases on investing, he started

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Provides a detailed step-by-step breakdown of O’Neil’s renowned CAN SLIM investment system. O’Neil’s methodology has influenced some of today’s best traders, including Mark Minervini, David Ryan, and many others.

As well as learning the ins and outs of O’Neil’s CAN SLIM strategy, we also liked the fact that there are over 100 charts in this book with detailed annotations that provide valuable insight into price action and volume, we base the model on, and identify the market. superior

“It’s a unique combination of finding your stocks with massive increases in sales, earnings, and return on equity along with powerful chart patterns that reveal institutional purchases that together will materially improve your stock-picking and time.” (page 9)

, William J. O’Neil provides readers with 100 charts of the best performing stocks from 1880 to 2009. These charts are extremely helpful and should be studied over and over again if you really want to get better at buying and selling stocks. .

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“Luck is made each year by those who take the time to learn to interpret the tables properly.” (page 111)

In chapter two, O’Neil discusses the importance of stock charts because history repeats itself. He also outlines the main price trends to look for including:

“Following the CAN SLIM strategy’s emphasis on returns ensures that investors are always guided to the strongest stocks in any market cycle, regardless of temporary and highly speculative ‘bubbles’ or euphoria.” (page 154)

How Do You Make Money From Trading Stocks

In chapter three, you will begin to explore the CAN SLIM strategy. Technical aside, this method places a strong emphasis on company fundamentals and O’Neil lists the most important things to watch for including increased EPS (Earnings Per Share), excellent management, and growing sales. .

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“It’s a combination of strong earnings in the last few quarters along with a solid record growth in recent years that makes for a good stock.” (page 162)

If your goal is to correctly identify stocks capable of superior performance, it’s important to keep track of the company’s annual earnings growth rate. This chapter also addresses the fact that P/E ratios are overvalued and abused.

In chapter five, you will learn about the various catalysts needed for big profits. O’Neil also explains the importance of looking beyond the traditional “buy low, sell high” mentality and focus instead on “buy high and sell higher” after a stock completes a strong archetype.

“…if you choose between two stocks to buy, one with 5 billion shares outstanding and the other with 50 million, the smaller is usually the better, other things being equal.” (page 180)

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Chapter six covers the importance of supply and demand and insider buying, a company’s low debt-to-equity ratio, and the potential dangers of stock splits.

“If you have a portfolio of stocks, you have to learn to sell the worst first and hold the best a little longer.” (page 188)

In chapter 7, William J. O’Neil explains why it’s so important to focus on buying the industry’s strongest, best-performing stocks. He only buys stocks that have a high Investor Daily Trading Relative Price Strength (RS) rating and explains how to identify the next wave of super market stocks after a correction.

How Do You Make Money From Trading Stocks

“…buy only those stocks that have at least some institutional sponsors with a recent better-than-average performance record and that have added institutional owners in recent quarters.” (page 198)

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Institutional support is a key element when it comes to price appreciation in a name and chapter nine describes the specific criteria O’Neil looks for in mutual funds, hedge funds, and other institutional purchases. It also discusses why too much institutional interest can be negative for a stock.

“…in your analytical toolkit you really need to have a proven and reliable method to accurately determine whether you are in a bull or bear market.” (page 199)

In chapter nine, you will learn about O’Neil’s method for anticipating market direction and why it is so important to control if you want to reduce the amount of your losing trades. He discusses how to protect yourself from big dips in the market, stop-loss orders, identifying major peaks in the market, and how to identify bottoms to re-enter at the right time.

“The whole secret to winning big in the stock market is not to be right all the time, but to lose as little as possible when you are wrong.” (page 240)

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Cutting losses is a big part of being consistently profitable. In chapter 10, you will learn exactly when to take a loss and why it is so important to maintain strict discipline in this area.

“If you don’t sell early, you will be late. Your goal is to make and take significant profits and not get excited, optimistic, greedy, or emotionally overwhelmed as your stock progresses stronger. (page 254)

Knowing when to book profits is one of the most important aspects of trading, but it is one that many traders rarely manage correctly. In this chapter, you will discover why it is so important to develop a profit and loss plan, whether pyramids are something you should implement, the main technical sell signals to watch for as your stock goes up, and the importance of being patient.

How Do You Make Money From Trading Stocks

Chapter 12: “Money Management: Should You Diversify, Invest for the Long Term, Use Margin, Short, or Buy Options, IPOs, Tax Shelters, Nasdaq Stocks, Foreign Stocks, Bonds, or Other Assets?”

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“…diversification is good, but don’t over-diversify. Concentrate on a smaller list of preferred stocks, and let the market help you determine how long each one should hold.” (page 301)

In chapter twelve, a wide variety of topics are covered including diversification, buy and hold strategies, day trading, IPOs, options, and other popular asset classes.

“By far the biggest mistake 98% of investors make is never spending time trying to learn where they went wrong when buying and selling (or not selling) stocks and what they should stop and start doing to become more successful.” (page 302)

Trading is a skill developed over time and requires breaking bad habits in order to be consistently profitable. In chapter thirteen, O’Neil dives into twenty-one of the biggest mistakes he’s seen traders make over the years.

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“If you think you’re looking at a lot of charts, think again. What you see is a snapshot of the accumulated price pattern of the biggest winning stocks—just before they start their really big price moves.” (page 315)

Chapter fourteen presents more CAN SLIM success stories as well as profitable chart patterns to learn. This is a very helpful chapter which should be studied carefully as it provides the main price trends to watch out for.

“The majority of major shares are generally in large industries. Studies show that 37% of stock price movements are directly related to the performance of the industry group in which the stock is located. Another 12% is due to his overall health. Therefore, roughly half of stock movements are driven by the strength of the respective group.” (page 323)

How Do You Make Money From Trading Stocks

Investor’s Business Daily provides you with access to a large amount of useful data, and in chapter fifteen, you will learn how to use IBD to quickly identify the strongest market sectors, industry groups, and individual names.

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“IBD’s entire focus is on solid database research and building extensive historical models to serve as examples—facts, not personal opinion.” (page 341)

And provide more compelling reasons to consider subscribing. O’Neil guides you through a number of the newspaper’s features and also provides detailed explanations on how to use them on a daily basis., the online companion for

“Bernard Baruch stresses the importance of separating the facts of a situation from tips, ‘deep dope’ and wishful thinking. One of his rules is to be wary of barbers, beauticians, maids or anyone else who brings such gifts.” (page 383)

In chapter seventeen, O’Neil discusses the dangers of listening to financial television networks, stock tips, and rumors from. The best traders keep going and avoid getting sidetracked by emotional noise and traps. The importance of keeping a journal detailing market reactions to various news events is also discussed.

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“Mutual funds are an excellent investment vehicle if you learn how to use them properly. However, many investors don’t understand how to manage it to their advantage.” (page 393)

In this chapter, mutually

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