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Hdfc Forex Card Withdrawal Limit

Hdfc Forex Card Withdrawal Limit – Forex cards are one of the most important financial tools when it comes to international travel. These cards allow you to spend in foreign currency with minimal additional fees. Many people think that currency cards are similar to credit cards, but they are not. Forex cards are prepaid cards that you have to load before you can use them. In India, major banks and card issuers offer different currency cards with different features. Issued in partnership between YES Bank and BookMyForex, BookMyForex YES Bank Card is one of the most popular Forex cards in India. It offers more basic services with minimal fees.

There are no issuance fees associated with this currency card. In addition, there are no fees for reloading or downloading the card. Talking about its features, card holders can fully manage their card through BookMyForex app where all services are available 24*7. Other benefits of this card include exciting discounts and promotions across multiple categories, card loss/theft insurance and more. For detailed information about the BookMyForex YES Bank prepaid card, its features and fees and charges, see the article:

Hdfc Forex Card Withdrawal Limit

Hdfc Forex Card Withdrawal Limit

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Reissue fee Rs. 250 (if the cardholder is in India) and $30 (if the cardholder is outside the country).

The BMF YES Bank Forex Card is a great choice for those who want a basic currency card with minimal fees. In addition to the basic features of a prepaid card, it has several other advantages, which are listed further in this article:

The BMF Yes bank card does not accept one or two specific currencies, but there are 14 major currencies in total. These include USD, GBP, EUR, CAD, SEK, SGD, AUD, JPY, CHF, AED, HKD, SAR, THB, NZD and ZAR. So, no matter which country you travel to, this card will always come in handy.

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BookMyForex was recently launched and offers various services to cardholders to make their tasks easier. Here are some of the most prominent features of the app that will help cardholders complete most tasks from the comfort of their homes:

Cardholders can enjoy exciting discounts and shopping offers in the dining and lifestyle categories at several participating restaurants/hotels worldwide. Additionally, cardholders can avail a discount of Rs. 200 for making a transaction worth Rs. 1000 or more on EazyDiner.

BookMyForex YES Bank Prepaid Card offers cardholders a card loss liability cover of up to Rs. 1.5 lakhs i.e. j. cardholders are not liable for fraudulent transactions up to Rs. 1.5 lakhs if the loss is reported to the issuer on time.

Hdfc Forex Card Withdrawal Limit

BMF YES Bank Prepaid Card has no hidden extra charges and comes with a few nominal charges which are listed below:

Check Preferred Banking Fees & Charges Applicable In India At Hdfc Bank

There are no such strict eligibility criteria that applicants need to fulfill to apply for the BMF YES Bank Forex Card. Any Indian citizen traveling abroad can apply for this. The only requirement is that the applicant meets the LRS limit of $250,000 per financial year.

You can apply for a BookMyForex YES prepaid bank card online, through the official BookMyForex website, as follows:

You can get this card in 5-6 hours if approved. If you apply before 13:00, you will receive your card on the same day, and if you apply after 13:00, you will definitely receive it on the next working day.

If you are planning an international trip, a Forex card like this is a must. The best thing about the BookMyForex YES bank card is that it offers you all its services with minimal fees. With this card, you can exchange currencies whenever you want as it supports 14 major currencies. One of the most important points is that the card does not charge any foreign exchange margin, making international transactions hassle-free and convenient for you. In addition, you can get exciting offers and discounts on selected categories that will allow you to save even more. So, if you are looking for a basic forex card, this card will definitely be a great choice for you.

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This was our review of the BookMyForex YES bank card. Let us know your thoughts on this card in the comments section below!

Yes, you can withdraw cash with this forex card. There is a cash withdrawal fee of $2 + GST.

BookMyForex card supports 14 currencies including USD, GBP, EUR, CAD, SEK, SGD, AUD, JPY, CHF, AED, HKD, SAR, THB, NZD and ZAR

Hdfc Forex Card Withdrawal Limit

Compare the most beneficial Indian credit cards under one roof and choose the one that suits you best. Forex travel cards can help you carry cash abroad, but be careful, read 5 minutes. Updated: 02 Aug 2018, 12:44 IST Shaikh Zoaib Saleem Premium

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Using a currency card is convenient, but in the event of a dispute or fraud, you may run into problems

Carrying cash when traveling abroad, whether on holiday, business or as a student, is always difficult: you never know how much is enough. Carrying too much cash can be dangerous and too little can get you into trouble. Having a credit or debit card is not the same as using them can increase your total travel bill – you can’t be sure how much they charge and what the exchange rate is at the time of the transaction.

Another option is currency cards, which can be used for all electronic transactions and even ATM withdrawals. These are prepaid cards that allow you to make transactions in the local currency without the risk of exchange rate fluctuations. Although single-currency currency cards have been around for some time, in recent years most banks and travel companies have also come out with multi-currency cards.

Banks or travel agencies usually charge a flat fee for issuing a currency card and for loading/unloading foreign currency onto the card.

Check Classic Banking Fees & Charges Applicable In India At Hdfc Bank

For example, Axis Bank Ltd charges INR 300 plus GST for issuing a currency card with one or more currencies. “Then there’s the markup on the exchange rate, which the bank charges you when you load the card. Typically, this surcharge is in the 1-2% range. If you have reached the US and want to use this dollar currency card, you don’t pay any fee because it is a dollar to dollar transaction,” said Satheesh Krishnamurthy, Senior Vice President, Wealthy, Axis Bank.

Unlike an international credit or debit card, there are no additional currency fees that a bank will charge when you swipe your currency card at a merchant or withdraw cash from an ATM. However, if you load the card in one currency but use it in another, a cross charge will apply. For example, if you have euros on your card, but use it for US dollars.

Cash withdrawals from an ATM may also be subject to a fee. For example, Axis Bank charges $2 (or equivalent in other currencies) per withdrawal. RBL Bank does not charge fees for any number of repeat ATM withdrawals, said Surinder Chawla, Head of Geographic Branch and Business Banking, RBL Bank. BookMyForex’s Forex card offers three free ATM withdrawals, said Nitin Motwani, co-founder and chief technology officer of BookMyForex, an online forex marketplace.

Hdfc Forex Card Withdrawal Limit

Just like credit or debit cards, forex cards offer the convenience of not carrying cash. But there the similarity ends. When you download the currency card, you know the exact conversion rate, unlike other cards where it is dynamic. Of course, this may or may not work for you, but like cash, it can help you stick to a budget.

Forex Travel Cards Can Help Carry Cash Abroad, But Be Cautious

“The exchange rate is fixed at the time of loading or before leaving for the trip. If one uses a credit or debit card abroad, either at a PoS (point of sale) or an ATM, the charges are very high,” said Chawla.

It is up to the user whether to load a single coin wallet or multiple wallets on a single card. For example, a person who needs to travel to both the US and Europe may have US dollars and Euros loaded onto a currency card. When you spend it in Europe, it’s automatically deducted from your Euro wallet. Similarly, in the US, the dollar wallet will be debited.

You can also use a wallet with one currency in a country with another currency. In the same example, if a person has a single currency wallet with Euros and if they use a US currency card, they will be able to make transactions, but

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