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Good Stock To Invest In Today

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It’s been hard to watch the action in the stock market lately. The Federal Reserve, or Fed, is on course to fight inflation at a level we haven’t seen in more than four decades, and most financial experts agree that there is a strong possibility of an economic downturn in the near term.

Good Stock To Invest In Today

Good Stock To Invest In Today

Of course, the market reacts. The S&P 500 is down more than 21% year to date, while the Dow Jones Industrial Average and Nasdaq Composite are down more than 16% and 30%, respectively.

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In times like these, it’s hard to decide which stocks, if any, you should buy. However, when stock selection feels like you’re swimming in a sea of ​​red, there are juicy, green options to take advantage of.

When bears take over the market, it’s easy to second guess your investment decisions and hard to find something you’re interested in putting your money into. However, no matter how red the market is, there is always a glimmer of green.

The most popular stocks to buy now are large companies with a large economic moat—a competitive advantage that prevents competitors from taking them away. Many of these are non-cyclical plays that offer strong dividends. And there are some cyclical gems that risk-tolerant investors may want to dive into to get a discount on returns that seem guaranteed going forward.

Here are some ideas of the best stocks to consider buying right now. There is something for every type of investor. For more ideas, check out our list of the best stock-picking services, including The Motley Fool Stock Advisor.

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Tech stocks like Amazon are probably the last pick you’d expect on this list. The company operates in a highly cyclical industry and has given up a third of its value this year alone. There is no doubt that some AMZN investors are speechless right now, but this is often the best time to buy.

Even with the recent selloff, the stock has remained a favorite among exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and mutual funds. What is so interesting about this falling knife?

Amazon is an e-commerce company with a clear ability to weather economic storms. The company’s stock price did not fall even as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, possibly because it benefited greatly from door-to-door orders and store closures.

Good Stock To Invest In Today

This is not the first crisis the company has faced. Although it had its ups and downs, the company’s strong fundamentals carried it through the bursting of the dot-com bubble and the Great Recession. And while shares are currently trading lower, that trend is unlikely to continue forever.

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If history is any indication, the company will quickly return to all-time highs.

Along with allaying fears, the company also has an opportunity to return to greatness. For most of its existence, Amazon has focused on narrow margins in the e-commerce space. However, its new Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud computing offering is anything but modest. AWS business profit margins are so high that they crowd out the average enterprise profit margins.

Overall, Amazon is facing some economic headwinds, but it’s nothing the company hasn’t yet proven it can handle. If you’re risk-averse enough to handle short-term hassles and smart enough to average out in a bear market, AMZN is a stock worth your attention.

Devon Energy is an income investor’s dream. The company is the highest dividend paying stock in the S&P 500. Devon Energy is an oil and gas powerhouse with a long history of outstanding performance — and after a more than 80% gain in the past year, the share price is expected to continue to rise. .

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Veterans of income investing may think, “DVN is only paying dividends because oil and gas prices are rising.” But that’s not the case. The company has consistently paid strong dividends to investors for the past 29 years, even as oil and gas prices have declined.

It has a strong balance sheet and an impressive credit rating. Although the oil and gas sector is not so hot, the company has enough cash available to pay dividends.

The world’s largest oil cartel, the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), recently announced plans to increase oil production. The announcement sent DVN crashing, giving up much of the gains it had already seen this year. While the stock is up 12% YTD, it has given up over 33% of its value in the past month.

Good Stock To Invest In Today

European countries are expected to ban more than two-thirds of Russian oil imports over the next year, pushing oil prices back to record highs. This is great news for DVN and its investors.

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However, if you’re an income investor, chances are you’re not too concerned about rising prices; You are more interested in checking quarterly dividends. When you invest in Devon Energy, you can be confident that meaningful dividend payments will be made on schedule, as they have been for nearly 30 years.

The meta platform, formerly Facebook, is a favorite on Wall Street; It is the fourth most common stock in ETF portfolios. However, the past year has been a difficult time. While this may send most investors running for the hills, this is actually an opportunity.

Meta is a growth stock by any definition. The company has delivered solid revenue growth over the years, and the growth in earnings per share (EPS) until the last earnings report was impressive. Additionally, the stock was known for its high price gains earlier this year as inflation concerns pulled the rug out from the tech sector.

The recession has created an opportunity you don’t see often — a growth stock that could excite value investors. The Meta trades on a P/E ratio of around 12, while the S&P 500’s P/E is over 19. The stock’s P/B ratio is also at a five-year low.

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Even with these headwinds, Meta offers a unique opportunity to own stocks that have historically significantly outperformed the market, but have experienced a steep discount to their current market value to do so.

H&R Block is a household name that offers tax services as well as full-service tax professionals. It is one of the most attractive values ​​on the market.

First, let’s address the elephant in the room – the 123 P/B ratio. Of course, that’s high by any standard. However, this contradicts the HRB. The company has few tangible assets, as is the case in the service industry.

Good Stock To Invest In Today

To get a true sense of the discounts it’s trading at, just look at its P/E and P/S ratios, which are around 5 and 1.4, respectively. This is the lowest in any industry. Its P/E ratio is about a quarter of the S&P 500.

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All people eat, sleep and pay taxes. Rising interest rates and falling consumer spending can have a negative impact on other businesses, but people still have to pay taxes regardless of the economic situation. HRB’s business model works well even when there is a recession.

While other companies are looking for ways to cut costs heading into recession, HRB is working to revamp its small business product to increase profitability.

If that’s not enough for you, the company also provides a nice thick layer of icing on the cake with a 3% dividend yield.

Recently, there has been significant interest in semiconductor manufacturers such as NVIDIA (NASDAQ: NVDA ) and Advanced Micro Devices (NASDAQ: AMD ). The widespread shortage of semiconductors is having a significant impact on almost every industry, from automobiles to computers and even healthcare.

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However, companies like NVIDIA and AMD cannot do without companies like ASML Holdings, a semiconductor equipment manufacturer that makes tools for the aforementioned brands and many others.

ASML Holdings has a monopoly on the extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography equipment needed to create the patterns found on tiny chips. They are not only aesthetically pleasing. The smaller and more complex these models are, the more data the chip can handle.

These machines are not cheap either. ASML takes away about $150 million in revenue each time it is sold, and revenue is expected to grow in the future. Despite the potential slowdown, analysts are predicting significant earnings growth for the rest of 2022 and 2023.

Good Stock To Invest In Today

The bottom line is simple. ASML holds a global monopoly on a tool used to produce a sought-after product amid global supply shortages. Its tools are used to make chips by car makers, medical device makers and technology companies

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