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Getting Started With Ai Programming

Getting Started With Ai Programming – Written by CTO & AI Practice Leader Geeta Chauhan The development of AI technology in companies, organizations, ventures and seed-funded companies has never happened and will never stop.

We can thank the tech giants – such as Google, Apple and Facebook – for the large amount of AI we use every day. If you’ve ever used Google Translate or received tagging suggestions on Facebook, you’ve experienced the integration of AI into the user experience. Of course, tech giants have resources for AI, but these tools aren’t just for big companies. The tech giant wants the same thing as all companies, organizations and businesses: to improve the user experience.

Getting Started With Ai Programming

Getting Started With Ai Programming

Businesses from startups to enterprises have heard several myths: they can’t integrate AI because they don’t have Google-scale resources, big data can’t have a big impact, AI integration is too complicated for companies. These are all misconceptions. Done right, AI can start at the smallest scale to increase profits while building trust between managers and employees. By building trust in your team, you build confidence in the technology and the potential to introduce larger projects.

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We are not far from a future where all companies will be powered by AI with an AI-first strategy, similar to the current Mobile-first and Cloud-First trends. And this is not only for software companies, but applies to all companies that want to maintain a competitive edge in their field. Understanding how some of these AI solutions serve larger companies can show you how your company or business can start implementing or advancing AI today.

Although tech giants are the first to occupy the frontier to solve user problems, Gartner predicts that in 2019, startups will overtake Amazon, Google, IBM and Microsoft to drive the AI ​​economy with disruptive business solutions. 79% of US adults indicate that they have used some form of artificial intelligence in the past 12 months, and 65% admit that automation has had a significant impact on their daily lives. This impact will only grow bigger.

To better understand how AI will disrupt every industry from healthcare to finance, it is useful to look at some successful case studies of AI integration.

Face recognition technology on Facebook has improved in recent years. Deep neural networks allow Facebook to complete a four-step process to achieve 97.35% facial recognition accuracy. While this creates some privacy issues, many users like to tag their friends and be notified when they are tagged in a photo.

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Google has made great strides with AI-first technology in many products. While Google Translate used to translate word-for-word, artificial neural networks now allow algorithms to process language in a multidimensional way. Neural Machine Translation Systems are designed with brain architecture and neural functions to learn new languages ​​faster and improve natural language translation.

Gmail Smart Replies now make up 12% of all email replies. Suggested answer accuracy is due to machine learning vectors that determine intent. Google Assistant, a personal digital assistant not unlike Alexa or Siri, uses the same technology. It will be a powerful integration force in the Google empire led by the transition from mobile-first to AI-first technology and obviously to personalize the Google user experience.

Customer service has been disrupted by chatbots – even for small businesses. While these chatbots used to be imprecise and difficult to work with, they are more advanced in 2018. The research clearly supports the usefulness and effectiveness of chatbots: 57% of consumers are interested in the quick response time of chatbots, and 40% of consumers are informed. they don’t care if they’re talking to a real human or a chatbot, according to a 2017 study by HubSpot. Chatbots can increase profit margins and streamline customer experience.

Getting Started With Ai Programming

If you’re a business owner or startup, you might be thinking: I use Alexa and Siri, but my company doesn’t have the same resources as Amazon or Apple. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to incorporate AI, regardless of the size of your business. And if you’ve incorporated some AI technology, there are several ways you can take this technology to the next level to stay ahead of your competition.

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There are several ways companies other than tech giants are improving user experience by incorporating AI. Those of us who bank with our phones remember the difficulty of trying to find a clear picture of a check. Today, banks use computer vision to record video when we “take a picture” of a check. The computer can then set itself to check and extract the relevant data.

In contrast to the security concerns created by Facebook’s facial recognition technology, there are some uses for facial identification and biometrics in privacy, such as for employee logins. Chatbots and personal digital assistants can reduce the fixed costs of employee onboarding. Even if you don’t have a customer service department, new employees can complete their onboarding with chatbots using deep learning technology similar to Alexa. Companies with repetitive intensive tasks such as data entry can improve the process with RPA (robotic process automation) technology.

In addition to transforming and improving the user experience, AI-first technology can also ensure that companies can enable employees to perform the smart and creative tasks that humans do best.

While some companies have made significant progress using data and analytics, this progress has benefited many location-based services and retailers. McKinsey predicts that manufacturing, the public sector and health care will only reach 30 percent of the potential value predicted by McKinsey in 2011.

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Why is there so much hype around AI when progress outside this limited domain seems to be lagging behind? It’s not because of a problem with technology. Managers are often surprised to learn that reluctance around AI is often cultural rather than technical or financial.

It is time to dispel the myth that it is too expensive to introduce AI. Businesses, organizations, ventures and companies funded in series can implement AI at a relatively low cost with high returns (for example with chatbots).

In terms of technical barriers, 70-80% of the time it takes to implement AI is often due to a lack of clean data. If an international company has a UK branch that enters sales information in DD / MM / YY format and a US branch enters the same information in MM / DD / YY format, this data must be normalized before it can be used. As complicated as it is, this problem is endemic to everyone – even Google.

Getting Started With Ai Programming

Investing in a data normalization process is easy, but only when senior executives are on board. Many managers are risk averse and will reject AI out of ignorance. Even if managers are in place, employees may be worried about losing their jobs to automation. Here, it is important to convince employees that AI will allow them to do what humans do best: intelligent tasks that require creative and critical thinking, such as solving complex user problems or managing AI systems.

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By introducing small projects first – such as chatbots or RPA – you can build confidence at all levels in the implementation and execution of AI solutions. The numbers in the McKinsey and Gartner reports are clear: By implementing AI, you can benefit from higher profit margins, lower overhead costs and competitive advantage in your industry.

The evidence is overwhelming that it is easy and increasingly necessary to integrate AI into a business, company, series or venture-funded enterprise to compete in a rapidly evolving industry. There are immediate steps you can take to start building your team’s confidence in AI and AI’s potential to take your business to the next level.

The key to integrating AI—or taking it to the next level—is finding small, but meaningful use cases. When you find success there, you build confidence in your team to move forward in the technology that will propel your business forward at the speed of Silicon Valley.

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Getting Started With Ai Programming

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