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Forex Traders In South Africa

Forex Traders In South Africa – There are many rich people in Forex trading, including the Forex traders on this list. They came from different backgrounds to reach the top of the mountain. Their stories and backgrounds will inspire and motivate you to make your dreams come true and bring long-term profit when trading Forex.

George Van Der Riet grew up in Cape Town for most of his childhood. Later, he left the country for England to study at Manchester Alliance Business School. He worked there, for a while, as a Forex trader with banks and in various capacities with international trading companies. These positions gave him the knowledge and experience in Forex trading to make him one of the most successful Forex traders in the country. However, his time in England was not entirely happy. At the end of his term, he was sentenced to 6 years in prison for possession with intent to supply and murder. In fighting the previous murder charge against them, he told the court that he had acted in self-defence. However, he was convicted of both crimes and ended up serving two years in prison.

Forex Traders In South Africa

Forex Traders In South Africa

Van Der Riet returned to South Africa in 2010 and started his own Forex business. He used his experience as a Forex trader working for many international banks and companies to grow his account. Around this time, having established himself as a businessman, he advised Sandile Shezi (also on the list). Later, the two founded the World Forex Institute, a Forex trading and teaching company. Sandile Shezi will become one of the most successful Forex traders and youngest millionaires in the country. The Global Forex Institute has won the African Forex Cup several years in a row under the supervision of George Van Der Riet.

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Refiloe Nkele, popularly known as Ref Wayne, was born in Soweto’s Meadowlands. He is a hard-working entrepreneur who sets a perfect example for any aspiring young entrepreneur. He first encountered forex trading while in High School and immediately developed an interest in it. As a result of this new passion he left in 9th grade to follow his dream.

After his collapse, Ref made a living distributing SIM cards. At this time, he met his teacher, Mr. David Schwartz. Mr. Schwartz presents the Ref on Forex trading. Years later, Ref would make his first million from Forex trading at the age of 19 after spending a lot of time studying Forex.

Ref Wayne started the African Forex Trading Company in 2014 to help people with limited opportunities to get rich through Forex trading. He first wrote The Art of Trading Refined, which sold well, and then co-authored Bafana Masilela’s Top Down Analysis of Financial Markets. He has developed a Forex Expert Advisor called Armageddon System and a Cryptocurrency called Pipcoin.

Ref’s website gives a good overview of his achievements. On the website, traders in South Africa have the label “Forex Master, Entrepreneur, Philanthropy.” It also says that “Ref Wayne is an award-winning financial entrepreneur, self-made entrepreneur, and best-selling author.”

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Nelisiwe Masango has always wanted to be a Neurosurgeon since she was a girl. He started his career as a doctor but soon fell in love with the practice. He developed a new interest in finance and investment which led him to study business and management. He did not finish his studies but instead continued to learn forex trading. Here you find it calling.

Nelisiwe Masango founded Bear Run Investments in 2013. The company has stood the test of time under Masago’s management and has grown into an award-winning, high-level financial services provider. He recently started another company, Ubuntu Invests, which “provides clients around the world with the platform and technology to succeed in various financial products. Includes Forex, Derivatives, and Commodities. “

As a person, Nelisiwe Masango was presented with the 2017 Africa Growth Innovation & Leadership Award by Frost and Sullivan. In addition, he represented South Africa at the 2017 World Forum for a Responsible Economy in Lille, France. It supports economic development and supports programs that empower women through financial education. For this reason, she has the non-profit FeFine (Women with Finances).

Forex Traders In South Africa

Sandile Inocencio Shezi was born and raised in Umlazi, Durban. He attended High School at the George Campbell Institute of Technology and then proceeded to the Durban University of Technology for a Bachelor of Civil Engineering. He then switched to Public Relations and Applied Communication but did not complete the course. He dropped out of school to pursue life as an entrepreneur. Things worked out well for Shezi as he met George Van Der Riet, who agreed to mentor him in the Forex business.

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With years of experience in the financial sector, Van Der Riet designed Shezi’s passion into Forex trading success. Two international Forex companies, which were successful until recently started when Sandile Shezi was caught in several fraudulent cases involving customers. It has not been decided whether he is guilty or not, but the results of the case may affect the Institute in the future.

Shaun Benjamin was born in Swaziland but did not grow up there. Instead, he was raised by his single mother in Newcastle, KwaZulu-Natal. After High School in 2012, he joined the University for an Engineering degree but later switched to an Information Technology (IT) career. Although, he did not complete the new course. He had to leave school because he had no money to see him. Benjamin was not discouraged. Successfully secured a trainee for a National Certificate in Underground Mining Operations at Khethekile Mining. After that, you get hired.

While working, a relative who “did well for himself” introduced him to Forex trading, according to Shaun. Shaun hears that his cousin works for a bank. He remembers hearing about investments from his cousin once. Meanwhile, Shaun is looking for a way to quit his job, and when he asks his cousin, his cousin gives him the tools he needs to learn Forex trading. “I fell in love with Forex trading from there,” Shaun said in a video call interview with Sisanda Mabasow.

Like all the rest of the successful Forex traders, Benjamin Shaun created a Forex trading school called Benjamin Forex Academy. He became a millionaire at the age of 21. He popularized ethical trading, and allowed anyone who wanted to trade the right way to earn anywhere from R15, 000. He said that anyone can succeed in Forex trading as long as they do your due diligence. He said his Forex training school is different in that they are honest with their students about the initial capital involved and the commitment needed to progress.

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Known as Flowing Money, Jabulani Ngcobo grew up in Durban, South Africa. He is a businessman. He has done many jobs and owned many businesses throughout his life. At one point, he worked for Toyota and another company’s debt collection agency. Three words describe him best: humility, passion, and integrity.

He learned about Forex trading while working for one of his first businesses, a partnership, at the age of 21. They were contracted to sell other companies’ products. As part of the contract, they receive R38, 000 per month and other bonuses for new cars provided by the employer and contractor. However, he has big dreams. You are not satisfied with a good car provided by the employer and you have regular and assured income. During one of their contractor sales jobs, he saw a stand centered on theirs with banners reading, “Wealth Creation,” “Forex Trading,” and “Investment.” Together with his colleagues, Jabulani found a way to meet them. They ended up getting a contract to sell a Forex trading company, which was his gateway into Forex trading.

He made a lot of money trading Forex in the next five years and was a millionaire by 26. He saw fit to write his biography with Soweto Mandlanzi through the book CashFlow Naked, which is his biography. only. The book also encourages and gives financial advice to its readers. He beat the odds despite facing many challenges along the way. He has been charged with fraud several times since 2014 and was sentenced to four years in prison in a Durban court in 2019.

Forex Traders In South Africa

Simz D’ Mandla is a young millionaire from Tembisa who makes his money trading Forex. This happened despite a poor childhood and lack of opportunity. Since he was a child, he had a knack for making money. It happened when he met his teacher, Mr. Willem, who taught him how to trade in the stock market.

A few years into the stock market, Simz D’Mandla became a millionaire at the age of 20. Since then he has opened a company, Trade4Africa, through which he wants to provide opportunities for young people.

Louis Tshakoane Jr. it’s not

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