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Forex Market Hours In My Time Zone

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Forex Market Hours In My Time Zone

Forex Market Hours In My Time Zone

I think everyone who thinks about trading in the financial markets asks themselves about the working hours of the stock market or Forex. Unfortunately, little attention is paid to this issue in regular training courses, which can be found anywhere on the Internet or obtained by a broker company. However, the opportunity to make a profit on an exchange directly depends on a parameter such as trading time. When a trading session is closed, the market does not move and there is no opportunity to open trades and profit from them. So, let’s find out when Forex trading sessions are open.

When Does The Tokyo Forex Market Open Pacific Time?

There is a stock exchange in every country, or rather, the largest stock exchange in the world, and each operates on its own clock. Below is a list of the largest exchanges in the world. I also specify the working time using the common world standard UTC/GMT 0:

In other words, while it is possible to work in the stock market during the day, the stock market is closed at night. For example, if you are in the Asian region, you cannot trade on the NYSE during the day. You should settle for the local TSE exchange. Of course, the world is used to it and it does not cause any inconvenience, but in some cases, 24-hour access to trading is urgently needed. I can easily remember a time in 2008 when most investors in the American stock markets had positions and knew that the famous crash began after the trade was closed. Naturally, they can do nothing and have no chance of losing their existence. They just have to wait until morning. Then a trading session is opened in the morning and quotes with large price gaps (30% and above) are published. If the stock market had not closed at night, they could have withdrawn their assets with a small loss.

The price difference between the closing price of the previous period and the opening price of a new period may not arise in a moment of great turmoil. On an exchange, price gaps due to trading breakouts are normal and occur before the opening of almost every trading session.

The picture above is an example of the price difference on the chart of APPLE shares. The difference between closing and opening prices is 20 points, which is a big difference for an asset. Due to such business characteristics, traders who use short-term speculative strategies often encounter such surprises that can be very expensive.

Best Forex Trading Entries

The main thing that distinguishes Forex from an exchange is decentralization. This means that there is no need to be “connected” to a specific place and time to access trading transactions. Unlike the stock market, Forex works 24 hours a day. Where from? Because its operation is guaranteed by global banks around the world and in every time zone. The 24-hour operation of the foreign exchange market is ensured by 4 consecutive forex trading sessions:

I have to mention something important here. The opening and closing times correspond to the current winter season. If the clocks change to daylight saving time, the session schedule will be moved forward by 1 hour.

Trading sessions follow each other and may even overlap. That is why the Forex market is open 24 hours a day. A parameter like volatility depends on which session is currently open. Volatility shows the number of price fluctuations per 1 unit of time and varies from one session to the next. The part of the world where most trading participants live and where the largest exchanges are located has the highest volatility. Also, the flexibility of a particular instrument depends on the regional interest in that instrument. For example, the AUD (Australian dollar) is most actively traded during the Pacific trading session.

Forex Market Hours In My Time Zone

However, the fact that Forex operates around the clock does not mean that it never closes. At the end of the week. Saturday and Sunday are normal holidays in Europe. These days the market is closed and sales are impossible. Sunday closes at 23:59 on Friday and opens at 00:01 on Monday. Price gaps similar to the gaps that occur in an exchange are usually recorded at the opening of a Forex trading session.

Open 24 Hours A Day, 5 Days A Week

We see that only the Asian session is open during the morning hours, while Europe and America are closed. Naturally, there is little interest in selling these currencies, which is shown by their small price fluctuations (gray zone). Another example is when the European session opens. The price starts to fluctuate more actively and the volatility grows by a factor of two or more. Therefore, if your strategy requires operating under low volatility, it is better to sell this pair when Europe and America are closed.

We have checked the working hours of the exchanges and Forex trading sessions. We also talked a little about how to use this knowledge. Now let’s move on to the topic of how to earn from it. I would like to discuss an old trading strategy based on the study of trading sessions. This strategy usually applies to one currency pair – EURUSD.

The whole point is that there is a short period of time – about 1 hour – during the operation of the American and European trading sessions, where there is little volatility. It happens often, but not every day. I mean the time when the European session ends and the American session begins. With about 1 hour left until the end of the European session, trading becomes less intense and a narrow side channel (flat) is formed. The channel ended at the opening of the American trading session. The price broke one of the channel limits and entered a high volatility phase. I suggest you take advantage of the output of this channel. All we need is to find this apartment and place the pending orders.

Trading hours for this or that currency or instrument are usually determined by the broker you trade with. They are detailed in a trade contract. For example, the trading hours of the Russian ruble coincide with the working hours of the Moscow Stock Exchange MOEX. The trading hours of the shares coincide with the working hours of the stock exchange where they are quoted.

Forex Market Hours And The Best Time To Trade Fx

In conclusion, I would like to reiterate that it is very important to consider hourly instruments and volatility in your trading strategy. In this regard, the European region is the most attractive region because it hosts the 2 most active trading sessions and therefore the volatility is always high here from morning to night. However, high volatility does not necessarily benefit a trader. The higher the volatility, the higher the market noise factor (I discussed this in one of my previous articles). As a result, a trader should avoid short stop orders during this period.

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Forex Market Hours In My Time Zone

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