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Forex Gods – World famous trader Louis Jr Tshakoane has achieved R2+ million profit and sales from his latest book Forex Millionaire in 365 days by the grace of God. The book is selling well because of the huge African following he has amassed over the past 5 years. With 2,000+ pre-ordered and online copies sold before the book’s launch, it has met the needs of many aspiring forex traders around the world.

With over 1 million social media followers on Facebook and Instagram, he launched a free forex indicator phone channel with over 5,000 subscribers. The site offers free forex tips to young people who cannot afford to pay for expensive tips in the market.

Forex Gods

Forex Gods

He has claimed that his book is the best selling Forex book of all time. “The fruit of history is made”. The book costs $75, but many people still order it despite the high price. Anyone who wants to know the secret of the success of his first book can be found at “I saw that there was a gap in the market for quality forex training,” says Louis. “I have found that many people go to expensive training courses but are left unsatisfied and still confused about the secrets of Forex Trading. After being taught by Master Forex Trader Dr. Shepherd Bushiri and growing a number of personal FOREX trading accounts from $500 to thousands of dollars. , hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars. I began to think about incorporating this method into a model I can share it with my students to reduce poverty in the African continent. When I announced the launch date for the book, the orders started pouring in. from all over.”

Thank God It’s Forex ! (light)

The entire book is full of powerful insights and strategies that I use when trading the stock markets Monday through Friday. I often go live on Instagram and Facebook for video books and people ask me for tips, especially when I share the NFP (Non Farm Payroll) job alert on First Friday of each month. My students love that trade because the trader can double or triple their account on the same day.

I help my students take risks and manage money through my book. Dr. Bushiri has always been my mentor. “To avoid risk in Forex, you must be patient.” When I learned about this simple kingdom concept, I decided to use it in my marketing strategy and it worked wonders. Hence the grace of God written in the title of my book. Without God I could not have reached this far and become famous in the world as a good trader.

It takes hours and hours of day trading to develop your own trading style. That’s why when someone buys my book, they get a lifetime membership of free video leadership with me. This is the main reason why people rush to buy the book. I don’t think people spend all their money on training fees at other institutions. They buy the book, get a free signup and a lifetime lead, and then use their money to fund their outbound marketing campaign. It’s a win-win for them 🙂

A major misconception in the market is that I provide Forex Investments and professional financial advice due to the spread of fake news on social media to lure unsuspecting victims into get-rich-quick schemes. I have never done anything like this, never will. I fully respect the law and warn the public against the temptation to access such services. Please notify me or the authorities if you see a social media page that is suspicious of me. P.S. Always make sure you are trading with a licensed forex broker and not depositing money into random bank accounts. You can visit for a quick search. The role of social media in the development of financial crimes is not reduced. Following on from our previous blog How to Use Social Media to Work Financially – Part 1 & 2, which focused on money mules, took a deeper look into the world of forex trading or forex on social media. Forex trading scams are schemes used to trick traders into believing that they can make huge profits by trading the forex market.

Understanding The Forex Market

We decided to dig around to see what these forex scams look like. conducting research in passive observation without any direct contact and using only four basic forex trading methods. We explored two social media platforms: Instagram and Facebook. Once accounts are found, they are manually reviewed to assess performance.¹ What we found is below.

Video – An increase in the images displayed on the content of these FX Scam pages. The main features are money, cars, watches, designer clothes, stock market graphs and “signs” that people have made a lot of money in their bank accounts.

Language – The language used in the speech followed a pattern. first how much money you can earn in a period then how much investment and lastly a DM or WhatApp request for more information. Another important feature that appeared in some comments was the phrase “I don’t like cheaters”, which was sarcastic.

Forex Gods

Forex trading, also known as forex trading or forex trading, is the exchange of different currencies in the world market. You can control price fluctuations in the forex market. The purpose of FX trading is to predict whether the value of one currency will strengthen or weaken against another currency.

How To You Know What Currencies To Trade Forex?

Because of the high profits that can be made from forex trading, we have seen many scams that take advantage of victims who want to make a quick profit. These scams are nothing new, but social media is an easier way for scammers to reach their victims. Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn are full of accounts that claim to have the secrets to success in forex trading. a quick DM or WhatsApp to the account owner will make you rich.

There have been many variations of forex scams over the years, three types are currently the most popular.

Most influencers work on their own, but there may be a deeper agenda involving large organized crime groups, or even punitive players. We have seen this in the case of the Nigerian developer “Hushpup” (Ramon Olorunwa Abbas), who has more than 2.5 million followers on Instagram.² He has been arrested by the US, not in the accused of helping to clean up the social network. income. machine fraud and computer hacking, but also helped North Korean hackers launder more than $1.3 billion from a Maltese bank.³

Forex traders often claim that their wealth is due to trading, but this may not be the case. They usually get paid by selling “points” and/or “teaching” by getting a commission from each registration/marketing without warning their students about the risk of losing money (e. required by law). Internet hackers don’t realize the many consequences and consequences they can have on the lives of the people they give their illegal advice to. And it is not clear whether these influences are involved in changing the content of the platforms they use. Some online companies limit the advertised product rates and prevent the use of words related to unreasonable claims4, but according to our findings above, it is not enough.

Louis Jr Tshakoane’s Forex Book Now A Best Seller!

The FCA provides a warning list which lists firms that offer these ‘tips’ and ‘recommendations’. Some Internet companies have changed their policies to reduce the return rates the company can advertise and prohibit the use of words that make unfounded claims5. Given the amount of money lost by victims, these changes are too little, too late.

If you would like to speak to the team about the topics discussed here or other financial crime topics, please contact Ishima Romain, Analyst or Greg Wlodarczyk, Senior Counsel, by email or to our Great Britain

¹ A formal network analysis of any transition between platforms has not yet been performed, but this will be considered as part of future research. This is my current system, on a daily basis. I use the NNFX method for trading. Much work is still needed. Below are the indicators and the EA, my goal is to make 30% roll per year on 28 pairs with a minimum profit ratio of 1.3, reverse profits for 28 pairs. Let the journey begin!

Forex Gods

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