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First Class Forex Funds

First Class Forex Funds – Royal Hedge Fund Robot is a short head robot for MT4 that analyzes the market using some of the most powerful indicators. It is a high frequency trading robot (HFT) that has overcome challenges quickly and with a high success rate.

This EA was traded during the New York session and used the volatility of the market to remove some pips from the market. No commission on the index and a small amount of slippage is a plus for this HedgeFund EA. It does not use dangerous trading methods like Grid Martingale. Trade several trades per day. All trades are always protected by a small Stop Loss.

First Class Forex Funds

First Class Forex Funds

You can trade with fixed lots or use automated lots and automatically increase trade sizes based on specific criteria. The maximum withdrawal percentage is low for this EA, which makes it possible to use this advisor with a small deposit.

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Try a trial account at least a week in advance. Also, familiarize yourself with how the Royal Hedge Fund EA works, then use it only on real accounts.

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Link to; របស់ខ្ញុំ My Forex Fund 👈 FTMO 👈

First, let’s compare the various account sizes available with Prop Firms with their challenges. For this comparison, I’ll stick with the US dollar because while the FTMO allows you to choose whether you want an account in dollars, euros or sterling, my Forex Fund (MFF) is only in US dollars.

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Compared to my Forex Fund (MFF) which costs $84 for your $10,000, there is a difference of $100 there where my Forex Fund (MFF) costs much less to end the problem Risks.

Towards the $50,000 Accounting Challenge FTMOs currently charge $407 for this challenge, compared to $299 for My Forex Funds (MFF).

Again, there is a big difference in value when you move into a $100,000 account. FTMO currently charges $637 and My Forex Fund (MFF) charges $499.

First Class Forex Funds

Finally, FTMO charges $1,275 for a $200,000 account, compared to $979 for my Forex profile. So as you can see my Forex Fund (MFF) is much cheaper than FTMO for those types of accounts to meet the challenges ahead.

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I now understand that some of you may not price these challenges high because you strongly believe in your business ability. On the other hand, for many merchants, that’s a lot of money to spend on those challenges, especially if they don’t go their way.

If you can save some money on those costs, it can help not only make it easier to deal with these challenges, but it can also help you with the emotional side of trading because you know you don’t need to spend money. Lots of money upfront.

So let’s get into the details of what you have to do with those challenges and rules. First, consider the maximum subtraction.

With FTMO, we all know very well that we have a 10% cashout maximum, so if you reach a 10% cashout on your account during the competition, you’re done and completed and couldn’t compete.

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On the other hand, My Forex Fund (MFF) has a maximum withdrawal fee of 12%. As a result, it gives you more flexibility, which can come in handy when completing a challenge.

Continuing with the daily retreat, both are the same. So while both FTMO and My Forex Funds (MFF) offer a maximum daily withdrawal rate of 5% on their challenges, their profit targets are slightly different.

The profit target for the early phase of FTMO is 10%. So you only make 10% profit, you go through the challenge as long as you don’t break the rules and meet the minimum trading day.

First Class Forex Funds

On the other hand, My Forex Fund (MFF) lowered its profit target a bit and set it at 8%, making it more achievable.

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The profit target for the second phase of the challenge is set to 5% if you go through the first phase and enter the evaluation phase for both FTMO and My Forex Funds (MFF). Thus, you get a low win-win goal in the evaluation phase.

Take a look at the trading days now. To pass the challenge, you must trade for at least 10 days on both FTMO and My Forex Funds (MFF). There are no minimum trading days with FTMO when you have your own account.

As for my Forex funds, they continue only for the first month of trading your live account, you must trade for at least 10 trading days in the first month with Forex funds. However, after the first month in your personal account, they remove this restriction and there is no restriction on the number of trading days you have to trade.

FTMO and My Forex Funds (MFF) now offer one-to-one leverage rates. Also, FTMO recently launched a new app which is purely for swing trading but has a slightly lower leverage ratio of 30:1, otherwise various trading restrictions may affect your trading style. And there are some restrictions on standard accounts with FTMO.

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So first of all there are restrictions on reporting and you are not allowed to hold any position on weekends for FTMO. Although there are no restrictions on your swing account, you must compete with low leverage.

On the other hand, My Forex Fund (MFF) has no restrictions on trading with your standard account, which can be a great benefit for you.

FTMO now offers a 70/30 profit split, which means you keep 70% of the profit and they take 30% when you start trading live.

First Class Forex Funds

My Forex Funds (MFF) are slightly different in that they have a consistent profit sharing system. So per month your real trading account with My Forex Fund (MFF) will reduce the profit by 25% and you can keep the remaining 75%. It decreases as you continue to trade live. So in the second month, you keep 80% of the profit and my Forex fund (MFF) cuts 20%. And in the third month, you keep 85 percent of the profits, while my fund keeps a 15 percent profit gap that will continue for the duration of your time with My Forex Fund (MFF).

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We are now comparing different withdrawals between the two. You can withdraw money from your FTMO account once a month. Whereas with My Forex Fund (MFF) after one month of trading life, you can request to have your trading profits deducted every two weeks. So there are those added benefits to regular withdrawals. If this is what interests you.

Now let’s compare the payment policies. So after you go through the trial and get your own account after the first month, FTMO will refund the amount you paid to complete it.

My Forex Fund (MFF) offers a little more. In addition to a full refund, you paid to finish the challenge. MFF is also offering an additional 15% discount on the fee you paid. My Forex Fund (MFF) also offers a 2% bonus on the profits you make in the second phase of your competition, the verification phase when you have completed your first month of trading.

But what if you follow your risk management rules, meet your ecological risks but miss your profit targets?

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While FTMO will give you another chance to complete the challenge for free, they will only give you an extra month after which you’ll have to restart from scratch. And you have to follow your rules and try again to achieve that goal.

On the other hand, My Forex Fund (MFF) has an attractive supply offering. Instead of giving you other free assets, they renew your account for 4 weeks if you follow risk management without violating any rules and end up green on your account in the first month.

So for example, if you’re trying to hit that 8% profit target with My Forex Fund (MFF) and you end up competing with 5% in your account, they’ll scale it up so you only need to get 3 more. % If still not after 4 weeks but finished green and still

First Class Forex Funds

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