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Exchange Rate Usd To Turkish Lira

Exchange Rate Usd To Turkish Lira – Photo of Turkish lira banknotes in different denominations. The Turkish economy suffered from… [+] high inflation and constant devaluation of the currency against the US dollar, euro and British pound. After falling about 45% against the greenback this year, it bounced back in a few days. (Photo: Diego Cupolo/NurPhoto via Getty Images).

The currency has since rebounded to around 5.5, seen by some in FX as a “dead cat bounce” amid the turmoil when the Turkish lira (TLR) breached 7 to the US dollar last Friday and earlier this week. market and simply “temporary”.

Exchange Rate Usd To Turkish Lira

Exchange Rate Usd To Turkish Lira

The situation is certainly fast. Take this Wednesday morning in London, there was a significant move in the lira that was echoed in the previous day’s price action, at the same time. By mid-week, the USD/TLR currency pair threatened to break below the 6 handle.

Will Turkey’s Economic Woes Reach Europe?

However, as Neil Wilson, chief market analyst at in The City, said at the time, “the ease with which the dead cat pounces may be a sign of a return to optimism”.

“The imposition of punitive tariffs on US imports does not indicate that the Turkish authorities are not prepared to engage in some prudent monetary and fiscal measures to combat the crisis,” said the London-based Scottish analyst, originally from Aberdeen.

As trading rooms in The City were active on Wednesday morning, he suggested that if we were to see a repeat of Tuesday’s price action when TLR strengthened against the greenback, “a lower move towards the 5 handle is possible today [Wednesday].”

Although the lira rallied early on Wednesday London time, there was no sign of pressure from emerging markets [EM]. The general term mid-week was against EM and in favor of safe yield assets.

What The Lira Collapse Means For Turkey’s Economy

In fact, the lira gained more than 20% against the dollar between earlier this week (August 13) and this Thursday morning (August 16). Before Monday, the currency had fallen about 35% since the start of July.

Turkish lira to US dollar exchange rate from July 1 to August 17, 2018… [+] (Source:, OTC Interbank).

The main reasons for the lira’s devaluation are the 25% to 30% of GDP per year (mainly the current account deficit and external debt servicing) combined with the slowdown of the global economy. Unwillingness to fight US interest rates and high inflation (15.8% in July).

Exchange Rate Usd To Turkish Lira

The currency’s slide was further accelerated by the appointment of a new cabinet and changes to central bank legislation in the second week of July, the failure to raise interest rates and a rift with the US over the release of US pastor Andrew Brunson.

Turkish Lira Charts Warn Of

Fast forward to the last few days, the rally was fueled by the CBRT’s measures to boost foreign exchange liquidity on Monday and a disguised interest rate hike backed by tighter restrictions on foreign exchange trading (which doubled the cost of TRL reductions). Add to that reports that Qatar will invest about 15 billion dollars in Turkey. Market participants are speculating about China’s Alibaba, and Russia will also invest in Turkey.

Elsewhere, Per Hammarlund, chief emerging market strategist at leading Nordic corporate bank SEB, commented on the ongoing Turkish lira crisis, predicting USD/TLR at 5.50 in the short term and “8.00 by the end of 2018” “without structural reform”.

The Swede added: “We expect the lira’s recovery to be temporary.” The underlying reasons for the currency’s weakness are still in place. And TLR sales will continue in Turkey with no major change in economic policy making.

Turkey’s Finance Minister Perat Albayrak continues to assure investors that Turkey will resolve its structural problems, but according to SEB’s Hammarlund, “at this stage crisis measures, including severely high interest rates, tightening of fiscal policy and support for critical sectors such as construction. Retail and banking are key. will be

Turkish Lira Forecast

As a result, the national economy will fall sharply. This will have a dampening effect on credit growth as the Central Bank (CBRT) is forced to hike interest rates sharply. Also, it will “increase default rates and the need for debt restructuring, which will affect banks’ asset quality,” Hammerlund said.

Hammerlund added: “Turkey’s central bank’s credible commitment to provide monetary policy independence is key. If the government does not introduce an austerity program in the coming weeks, an event such as a (possible) increase in inflation or a large fine (possible) for Halkbank for violating US sanctions on Iran, the full monetary balance May trigger a crisis. , followed by a banking crisis.”

So far, the government has shown few signs of willingness to change course, whether on economic policy or relations with the United States.

Exchange Rate Usd To Turkish Lira

“The Turkish lira is headed for the International Monetary Fund (IMF),” says SEB’s EM strategist. “CBRT actions this week and deals with China and Qatar could push USD/TLR to 5.50 or below, but without structural reform, the pair could reach 8.00 this year.” Food for thought.

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To access SEB Per Hammarlund’s latest and complete report on the economic issues surrounding the Turkish Lira, click this link. On Friday morning, the Turkish lira fell more than 20% against the US dollar, hitting record lows, extending the currency’s spiraling decline over the past several years. The lira’s decline has accelerated dramatically in 2018, but Friday’s one-day decline was steeper than previous declines.

Below is a daily chart of the US Dollar against the Turkish Lira covering a one-year timeframe. As the dollar is the first or base currency in the USD/TRY currency pair, the sharp rise in the chart illustrates the lira’s dramatic weakness against the dollar.

The severe economic and geopolitical problems that continue to plague Turkey led to very sharp changes in the currency on Friday.

The steadily deteriorating relationship between the United States and Turkey in recent years has taken a serious hit to both the Turkish economy and its currency, reaching dangerous levels.

Daily Exchange Rates From July 1, 1997 To December 31, 2009

Last week, Washington announced new sanctions against Turkish officials in response to the arrest of an American pastor accused of supporting the failed 2016 coup against Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Then, on Friday, just as the Turkish lira fell, US President Donald Trump helped compound Turkey’s problems by announcing a dramatic increase in tariffs on Turkish metal imports.

I have approved the doubling of steel and aluminum tariffs against Turkey because their currency, the Turkish Lira, is rapidly depreciating against our strong dollar! Aluminum will now be 20% and steel 50%. Our relationship with Turkey is not good at the moment! – Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 10, 2018

Exchange Rate Usd To Turkish Lira

The tweet helped put more pressure on the lira, which fell, despite President Erdogan’s efforts to minimize the damage.

Turkish Lira Plumbs Record Lows Against The Dollar On Economic And Political Fears

Concerns about Turkey’s fast-rising inflation — above 15% year-on-year in July — have been overshadowed by a hike in interest rates by the country’s central bank. President Erdogan has pressured the central bank to keep interest rates low, avoiding much-needed hikes. An artificially low interest rate environment contributed to additional pressures on the Turkish lira.

Turkey’s huge debt obligations to other countries are evident in the very high percentage of its debt in foreign currencies. As the lira continues to weaken, it will become more difficult and expensive for Turkey to manage this external debt, further exacerbating the currency’s decline. A potential debt crisis involving Turkey’s request for a bailout or bailout from the International Monetary Fund could have significant European and global economic consequences. Turkey’s huge current account deficit further increases the country’s potential to fall into a severe debt crisis. However, the global threat from Turkey’s debt problem is relatively small. Global exposure to Turkish loans is $265 billion, or less than 1% of the global total, according to the Bank for International Settlements. Nevertheless, the Turkish debt crisis could have unknown consequences across an already volatile region.

President Erdogan on Friday sought to stem the currency’s losses by calling on Turkish citizens to wage economic war against other countries and buy the lira using foreign currencies and gold. This attempt to create a national interest in protecting the Turkish currency was not immediately successful. The lira remained under strong pressure against the US dollar until Friday afternoon.

Apart from the possible impact of the Turkish debt crisis on European markets and financial institutions, which could have a strong impact on other global markets, the fall of the lira is also important as it helps further weaken and further strengthen the already weak euro. United States of America. The dollar, which has risen sharply for most of the year.

Turkish Currency Breaks Record Low Threshold Against Usd

President Erdogan continues to exercise an iron grip

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