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Earn Money Online Surveys Uk

Earn Money Online Surveys Uk – Looking for the 10 best paying survey sites in the UK? Well, there are many online survey companies to choose from and simply no one has time to join them all. So I have written this valuable review which is well worth your time. I use each of these sites weekly to supplement my income.

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Earn Money Online Surveys Uk

Earn Money Online Surveys Uk

I know many of us think about it, but how do you make extra money in your spare time? Well, one good way is to fill out online surveys. OK, it won’t make you rich, but in 2020 they’ve helped me earn an extra £8,500.

Best Places To Take Paid Online Surveys (up To $50/hr)

Now, what would you do with another £8,500? Don’t ask me about spending 2020 sitting at home for obvious reasons. But my plan is to spend this money every year on vacations and a pretty boring retirement.

My favorite feature of survey sites is that they don’t limit you to earning from home. Many of them now have apps, meaning you can earn extra money or a gift card on your daily commute or by stopping outside the school gates.

You can watch the episode (12 minutes in) at the link below. My 5 minutes of fame. Or over 1 minute and 40 seconds.

However, after several years of experience, I have learned that some survey sites are much better than others. But how do you know which sites are legitimate and which are scams? Well, to save time going through all my reviews on my site (50+), I’ve listed my favorites in order of priority.

Legit Online Surveys That Pay Cash

Please note that I am based in the UK, but many of these sites are also available to US hunters.

And also note that unlike other sites that claim to tell about the best paying survey sites, mine is genuine. You see, some people just recommend a survey site because they get a commission. And many sites pay huge commissions because, frankly, they are terrible. If you join 4 of the sites I have listed below you will get me nothing (think 2, 4, 7 and 8).

Yes, you can. You will struggle to earn a full-time income, but you can easily earn several hundred pounds a month without much effort. It’s just a matter of finding the right survey sites for you. If you look at my income reports you can see that I usually earn more than £500 a month.

Earn Money Online Surveys Uk

The best sites charge £10 – £15 per hour, but there is no hard and fast rule. How much you can earn from a survey depends on several factors, such as how long the survey takes, which company pays you, and how unique your opinion is. For example, a survey looking for women ages 18-60 will not pay as much as a survey looking for female engineers in their 30s.

Top 10 Income Survey Questions For Questionnaires

Some sites will pay you up to 10 cents for each survey. This might not seem like a good idea, but it usually takes a few seconds. At the other end of the scale I was invited to online focus groups after a short survey costing £100 for 2 hours.

So, without further ado, let’s check out my top 10 for all serious college students. Remember, the more sites you join, the better your chances of making money. But you don’t want to sign up for all of them right away because it takes a while, so why not join the first ones and bookmark this page to visit later?

This site makes my number 1 for a few reasons. There are much more surveys compared to other sites, giving you more opportunities to earn money. And unlike some sites that offer a lot of surveys, these pay very well.

Not only that, but you also have the chance to complete more surveys and get bonus points for reaching the top of the leaderboard. This can increase your income significantly.

Earn Money Doing Surveys With Opinion Outpost

And my favorite benefit is that you get a small compensation if you are cleared of the examination. Very few survey sites offer this and it’s good to know your time isn’t being wasted.

You can withdraw your money with gift cards or if you have a lot of money you can choose PayPal. It is important to note that Branded Surveys is a site that deposits $ into your PayPal, but this may change when you withdraw to your bank.

If you want to make some quick cash, why not check out these free cash offers?

Earn Money Online Surveys Uk

This was my first choice. It is probably the best paid survey site out there. However, as it has become more popular over the years and places are limited for surveys, you can go weeks without finding anything.

The surveys here are usually created by university faculty and students. The great thing is that they often receive grants to write these surveys. This means the money they pay you is not theirs, which often makes them more generous.

The minimum payment for this site is £5 per hour, but I have found that most surveys pay more than that. Some will pay you extra bonuses if you do well, or if you complete certain surveys over several weeks. I had a survey that paid over £80 an hour, although it was very rare.

The money you earn will be paid into your PayPal account. There is a minimum withdrawal limit of £5 and if you are a new member it will take a few days to access your account. If you’re a more established Prolific user, you’ll get it right away.

Cons: Spaces are limited and fill up quickly so you have to be quick. The waiting list means it may take a while before you start making money.

Best Survey Apps For Money In 2023 (as Per Reddit)

Another must site. This survey site is not the best paying of the two mentioned above or Y Live, but it has one big advantage – the ability to test products. Although this is not a weekly thing, I have had the opportunity to try all sorts of products such as chocolate, alcohol, biscuits and fabric conditioner. And I also pay high fees.

I have been invited to join focus groups for market research. These surveys pay more than regular surveys and can earn you up to £60 per hour, just for taking part in a video call.

You will often receive several surveys per day, which will earn you points. These points can be exchanged for rewards such as Amazon coupons or PayPal cash.

Earn Money Online Surveys Uk

This site is ranked fourth even though it has better payouts than the other sites on this list.

Survey Junkie Review 2023: Is It Legit For Quick Cash?

What keeps Y Live (formerly PopulusLive) from being in the top 3 is the frequency of the survey. Some months I’ve only made a few pounds, but others I’ve made over 30. When they think you hit the right demographic, YLive will send you a link to a survey. Otherwise, just sit and wait.

And even if you receive a survey, you are not guaranteed to qualify. In some cases you can still check – even after 5 minutes. And there is nothing more frustrating in the survey world than being kicked out of a survey after answering too many questions.

In reality the pay is around £12 an hour and most surveys can be completed from your phone or computer.

When you reach £50, you’ll be paid by bank transfer the following month. You can choose check, although it is very slow.

Is Yougov Legit? Can You Really Cash Out £50

This is a similar site to Y Live, although you only pay half as much. But don’t let that put you off, because the surveys are very interesting and are often used in national newspapers.

Polls don’t come as often as I’d like, but they appear more regularly than PopulusLive. Again, it pays you via bank transfer when you reach £50, usually within a few days.

You can earn extra every week by letting the YouGov site find shows you watch on streaming services like Netflix. But this is completely voluntary.

Earn Money Online Surveys Uk

YouGov has another app to make money. The “Live” section of the app (separate from the main YouTube site) features short surveys from major brands. When you reach £1 you can withdraw directly to your bank.

Legit Online Surveys In Kenya That Pay

I’ve never had a product to test, but it pays to watch the occasional TV show, which can happen.

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