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Door To Door Balikbayan Box

Door To Door Balikbayan Box – Do you have items you want or need shipped to the Philippines? The easiest way to do this is through a balikbayan box. This is not the fastest way, but it is the easiest.

I have mentioned the “Balikbayan Box” many times on this site. The other day, I received a note from a reader asking me what exactly a balikbayan box is. I should clean it first!

Door To Door Balikbayan Box

Door To Door Balikbayan Box

Most people with a connection to the Philippines know that Balikbayan is a box. It is a large box that you can easily use to ship to the Philippines. When you ship a balikbayan box, it arrives in the Philippines as sea freight. The box is sent by ship. In most cases it takes a month or two to reach here. The good thing about shipping via Balikbayan Box is that the weight of the box is negligible! Whether the box weighs 1 kg or 500 kg, the shipping cost is the same!

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Typically, it costs between $80 and $120 to ship a balikbayan box to the Philippines, from the United States. More at the bottom of that area today. When we lived in the US, it was over $100 to ship something like that, but it kept getting lower. Shipping from the US west coast to Manila usually takes about a month. It takes longer to reach Mindanao where I live.

The balikbayan box is really big! In fact, you can use any size box, but large boxes are the most common. Large balikbayan boxes are 24″ x 24″ x 18″ in most cases, and can be shipped at the price I listed above.

The best items to send in balikbayan boxes are heavy items such as books and the like. The reason, as I noted above is because the weight of the box is irrelevant in calculating the shipping rate!

Another thing Feyma and I did when we lived in the US was always look for really good sales, like seasonal clearance and such. Sometimes we were able to buy an item for 10% of the original price when the store was actually trying to clear the item. When we find something like this, we buy it, and throw it in the balikbayan box. As we saw more sales, the boxes filled up, and when they were as full as they could be, we shipped them to Feyma’s family in the Philippines. Nowadays, instead of being on the sending end, we are usually on the receiving end of balikbayan boxes, as mom usually sends a few such boxes at Christmas time. .

List Of Cargo Companies In Ireland For Your Balikbayan Boxes

I know your next question – how do you ship one of these boxes? Yes, you need to find a company that specializes in balikbayan box shipping in your area. Check any Asian grocery stores you can find in your city, they usually have flyers or signs for companies that ship balikbayan boxes to the Philippines. Search Google for Balikbayan Box and your city and you may find a carrier! But don’t despair, such things can be found all over the world!

If you want to practice sending a balikbayan box, and test how it works, send me one! Write me my address if you need it! 🙂 Just kidding, of course!

We’ve all heard of drug mules over the years, I think. Well, if you search for “drug mule” on Google, you’ll find:

Door To Door Balikbayan Box

But, today I am not talking about drug donkeys. I am talking about the most famous Filipino system of “sending” or “delivering” something, which uses “donkey”.

Balikbayan Boxes: Symbols Of Homesickness, Colonial History, And Family

Currently, my son Aaron is in the United States. Over the past few months, Feyma and I have ordered several products from Amazon and shipped them to Aaron where he lives. Most of them ordered health, business needs and some food/beverage items. Our goal is for Aaron to collect all the ordered items and then put them in the balikbayan box and send it to us when there is enough to fill the box. The problem is that balikbayan boxes can take 2 or 3 months to arrive in the Philippines!

Few things were more important, and we needed them sooner. Important things like a small keychain-type pill box to carry important medicine, some pills to break up kidney stones and a few other things. Basically, it’s a small thing, but something that’s needed sooner than a few months down the road.

About a month ago, our very dear friend Lourdes told us that he was going to the US to visit his sister in early January and would be there for about 2 weeks. Well, we had something we wanted to send to Aaron, and he had this “important” thing that he was holding for us. We asked Lourdes if she would pick up the things we had for Aaron and when he was in the US. Will be ready to mail it when it arrives. We also asked him if Aaron could send him a small box containing our larger items. It’s a common practice in the Philippines, everyone does it, and being a close friend, Lourdes readily agreed!

Yes, Aaron received the package we sent, and today Lourdes received the small box that Aaron sent her. Small items can be taken out of the box and placed in their luggage. Lourdes is going home to Davao this weekend, so next week we’ll visit him and get our stuff!

What’s Inside A Balikbayan Box?

Everything is very easy, transporting small items etc. is very fast. Very, very convenient! It’s a donkey system, not just a “mule” system!

So, if you’re going to the Philippines, or back home (wherever that is) don’t be surprised if someone asks you.. “Hey, can you bring me some stuff on your trip?” As a precaution, if you bring something for your friend, make sure you know what you’re taking.. you don’t want to get caught with stuff you didn’t even know you were taking!

Thanks to Lourdes and Aaron for making this easy and quick launch for us! Much appreciated!

Door To Door Balikbayan Box

Whether you live here, or have family or friends who live here, you may want to send something to the Philippines at some point. For example, many times I order something online and have it shipped to my US email address, then I ship it here. There are a few things you should consider if you’re sending large items here, especially if they’re relatively valuable (say $50 or more would be considered valuable here).

These Boxes Are A Billion Dollar Industry Of Homesickness For Filipinos Overseas

So, as you can see, there are ways around the shipping problem. Just use your common sense, and when you send something, consider the value and the best way to get it here!

If you want to try a shipping method, let me know, and I’ll send you a list of everything you want us to ship. I will tell you right away that the shipping method is great! 😉

The other day I got an email from an old friend I hadn’t heard from in years. Many years ago he went to the Philippines. When he moved here, he sent his stuff here in the Balikbayan box. It’s easy to send balikbayan boxes from the United States to the Philippines or Canada and other locations.

My friend has been here in the Philippines for a few years. Now decided to return to America. This is very common. I think maybe 50% of expats who live here come back home after a few years. Only a small fraction are here for the long term.

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My friend emailed me asking how he could ship his package back to the US. He looked around and from the Philippines to the US. Couldn’t find anyone to send the box back to Balikbayan. I have heard this question many times over the years! It doesn’t come around often on sites like this

This is part of an email my friend sent me: I have read and heard many stories about how difficult it is to ship our stuff home now. We also kept our papers and the same balikbayan box in case of this decision and need. Who would have thought that walking in the same direction is so easy. However… I’m pretty sure those big ships and containers don’t go

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