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Creating A Blog For Dummies

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I sometimes speak to college classes full of promising future journalists and writers. They will often ask how to fail at writing for a living. My advice to them is always the same:

Creating A Blog For Dummies

Creating A Blog For Dummies

Compared to being a “YouTuber” (aka vlogger), an Instagram/TikTok “Influencer” or even a podcaster, blogging doesn’t seem popular these days. But a full-fledged blog that dates back to the late 1990s, when the “weblog” first took off—that’s where the real writing was.

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If you’re not clear about the term, a blog is a regularly updated website with posts that are usually listed in reverse-chronological order, so you see the newest listing first. Sometimes blogs are embedded in larger websites. Other times a blog is an entire website. Content can be anything from personal diary-style articles to full reports and beyond. It can be written by one person or by a group of people who take turns.

Blogging is not like social media. Twitter is called a micro-blogging service because its posts are short. Facebook status updates are very similar, although you can write longer pieces there. While you can (and should) put photos on your blog, no one would call Instagram or TikTok a social media service, even though you can create clever hashtags on every post.

Blogs are primarily for writers who want to get information quickly and get instant feedback. If that’s you, but you don’t know where to start, here are things to consider and services you might want to try to get blogging.

Starting a blog can be intimidating. Here’s a quick list of things to think about (thanks to Ryan Robinson’s article and infographic at (opens in a new window), which you should read).

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There are other things to consider. Are you going to blog with a group? If so, you need tools that allow multiple users. Will you have an audio component, such as a podcast? You’ll need a webhost that allows such uploads and displays audio with podcast syndication listings (if podcasting is the whole point, use a podcasting host like SoundCloud, BuzzSprout (Opens in a new window) or Transistor (Opens in a new window). Fetch)).

Many decisions are influenced by which service you choose as your blog publishing tool, i.e. your content management system (CMS). Sometimes a CMS is on hand to create an entire website, sometimes it isn’t. We will deal with this later.

Website builders make creating an entire website a piece of cake. You go to the online service, set up an account, and create a page in your browser. Almost all of them offer some form of blogging option. For the most part, a blog is a secondary aspect of creating a public website.

Creating A Blog For Dummies

Two of our Editors’ Choice website builders are WixandDuda. Our analyst says Duda’s blogging feature is only “serviceable,” but it compliments Wix’s rich blog (pictured above). You can schedule posts, apply tags, provide RSS feeds, get comments from Facebook or Disqus, and aggregate all posts into one blog post interface. (But don’t. Always write your blog posts in a word processor. It’s crazy to lose a long blog post in text format. At least restore Typo form (opens in new window) Install Chrome extensions to save almost every thing you type by mistake.)

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Wix Website BuilderReview 4.5 Best Price Check (opens in new window)

HostGator Web HostingReview 4.5 Best Price Review (Opens in New Window) InMotion Web HostingReview 4.0 Best Price Review (Opens in New Window) Bluehost Web HostingReview 4.0 Best Price Review (Opens in New Window)

Wix’s blog feature lets you add photos and videos and format everything to your liking. There are many pre-made templates so you don’t have to actually design anything. Try it for free.

The rest of the website builders we reviewed usually offer blogs. There are also many web hosting services, such as Bluehost and GoDaddy, that have built-in website builder tools and bloggers. If you already have a website with one of those, adding a blog is an easy option. Many use WordPress; More on that below.

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Although the blogosphere isn’t what it used to be, there are still websites and services that cater to people who want to create a blog. These are more for tech types that can sometimes, depending on the service, run into HTML and script issues.

Let’s talk about (Opens in a new window) again. We include it in our collection of website builders because it is more than just a blogging tool. Not to be confused with the free, open-source CMS software you can get from (opens in new window), which can be installed on almost any web hosting service server, even by you. . WordPress is famous for supporting plugins that expand functionality beyond the basics, adding everything from e-commerce to photography galleries.

You can find WordPress installed with many web hosts. These hosts sometimes drop extras like data backups. However, you’re unlikely to find it easier to use than a professional WordPress hosting effort: Also, has limited extensions. This is confusing. For a complete breakdown, read How to Get Started with WordPress.

Creating A Blog For Dummies

About 40.6% of the Internet is powered by WordPress (opens in a new window), which supports 14.7% of the top 100 websites. So it’s a valuable skill to learn as a budding professional blogger. Also, it’s one of the few tools that makes transferring your blog to a new service a little tedious if you want to do so in the future.

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There are other specialized blogging platforms. Blogger (opens in new window), owned by Google, is free and includes all websites domain until you buy the domain, and you can use Google’s tools to increase advertising and (hopefully) make money. on Evernote.

Ghost (opens in new window) bills itself as a “commercial streaming platform” and launched on Kickstarter. There are plans to power individual bloggers (starting at $108 per year) as well as entire teams if you’d like to host the site as a guest. You have the option to download the Ghost software and install it on your web host’s server. You might want this CMS for a minimalist group blog if you find WordPress too busy and complicated and you don’t need what WordPress can offer like e-commerce.

There are also some very advanced CMS like Joomla (opens in new window) and Drupal (opens in new window), which provide blogging capabilities and more. Keep in mind that working with these tools will be more work, but if you’re someone who likes things “that way,” this might be the way to go.

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If you have developer tools, you can install other tools, such as Bolt (opens in new window) and Svbtle (opens in new window), to create lightweight, non-distracting software.

Some people subscribe to the process of “lazy blogging (opens in a new window)” — jot down your thoughts in a Google Docs or cloud-based word processor of your choice, then share the document with your friends. Their opinion is probably what you want, though, and it’s no more common than a note on Facebook. Naturally, this can work in email as well.

—a true online journal—but if you want to store it entirely online for access anywhere, check out Penzu (opens in new window). It’s free, as long as you keep the journal or password protected beyond access. Don’t ask for it. Plus the Pro version costs $19.99 per year.

Creating A Blog For Dummies

When you use a third-party publishing service, you limit yourself to being small fish in a big pot. The upside is that you’re becoming part of a website that already has an audience – people who might be clamoring for your writing if you’re marketing it properly (that’s right, you’ll be a

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. The biggest advantage is that you can focus on writing and not worry about website maintenance.

Is the poster-child for this medium (opens in new window). If you’re a reader, there’s more to it than you’re used to. But you’ll quickly tire of the $5 per month demand to read them all, though you can open an incognito mode window to access them. As a writer, Medium is a fantastic choice for simple writing; Its minimalist approach makes for easy-to-read, beautiful posts. This makes sense since Twitter co-founder and blogger Evan Williams originally created the medium as the anti-Twitter. You don’t even need a password to get a Medium account.

You can use the medium to create your own “publication” or submit your work to other media publications in hopes of getting “published” – but you have to write everything first, with no guarantees. The concept of this is “On

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