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Cebu Pacific Air Contact Number

Cebu Pacific Air Contact Number – One of the best jobs if you like to travel is to become a flight attendant. One of the most popular airlines in the Philippines is Cebu Pacific Air. Here is a guide on how to become a flight attendant in Cebu Pacific Air Philippines.

In this article, we will discuss the requirements to become a flight attendant and the recruitment process. Cebu Pacific has 36 domestic locations in the country as well as 25 international locations. It is an important choice to be because there are Filipino values ​​and you get a chance to travel. Read more and good luck!

Cebu Pacific Air Contact Number

Cebu Pacific Air Contact Number

Height: minimum 5’3 for women and 5’7 for men (Rent depends on height) If possible, waist under 32 and hips under 36

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If you want to become a flight attendant, you can select “Cabin Crew” for available jobs. If there are no current jobs, you can subscribe to their website to receive an email if jobs are already posted.

You can also visit the Cebu Pacific Office – just make sure they accept travel applications on the day you travel.

STEP 2: Wait for their response. Usually they will give you a schedule for the presentation and interview.

STEP 4: Wait for your turn to be checked. If you are eligible, they will usually check the height first. Next, smile – you need a confident smile and a set of teeth. In addition, your skin will be checked, you must have no visible tattoos, no visible scars and your skin must be even. If you have passed, you can proceed to the next step.

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STEP 4: You will be interviewed so you can prepare in advance. It is better to answer questions in English. Wait for the decision on whether you will go to the final interview.

STEP 5: After passing your final interview, you will be offered the chance to train. Medical tests and other requirements may be required.

STEP 6: There will be a 2 month (47 days) training at Cebu Pacific Head Office. The expenses you usually pay during the training period are office fees (air tickets to Manila are free), accommodation costs and meals if there is no training that day. There are also exams with a pass rate of 85-95%. You get 3 life lines; If you fail your exams and classes, you get a lesser one.

Cebu Pacific Air Contact Number

STEP 7: After the initial training, you will have a Supervisor Rank exam, as an internal flight attendant with a supervisor. Your leading cabin crew will assist you throughout the flight. However, be prepared for supervisors to scold you in front of passengers.

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You will then have to take a final exam with your supervisor or managers – a practical exam and an oral exam.

STEP 8: If you pass your final exam, you can graduate and have “wings”. Congratulations, you are now an official employee of Cebu Pacific Airlines!

You may not pass the first stage even if you have a cheerful or cheerful personality, but you can try.

For pimples, many recommend that you interview when you are not leaving. For others, as long as it’s covered with makeup, it’s good to go.

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You can still apply, but if you have withdrawals you will be asked to withdraw before training or before your Supervised Line Experience.

5. Do I have to graduate from college or attend an FA school to become a flight attendant?

No, you can become a flight attendant as long as you are a SHS student or university student. Things can be learned during your training.

Cebu Pacific Air Contact Number

When Cebu Pacific accepts “Walk-in” applications at its office or “One-day” bulk hire, you can apply online or check the schedule.

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If the interviewer asks you in English, it is better to answer in English as well. You can speak it, but I recommend you answer in English because it will help them assess your understanding of the language.

Yes they are. If you fail the test three times, you may lose your chance to become a flight attendant.

Yes, after your education, you get a Supervisor Series Experience, where you have to perform tasks as a flight attendant. However, your supervisor will help you and ask you some questions.

Once you have completed your training, SLE, and Check Ride, you graduate and have your “wings”. Now you can become a certified flight attendant.

Cebu Pacific Plane Hi Res Stock Photography And Images

It will depend on your flight schedule and allowances. Let’s say your basic salary is PHP 14,500 and you have 70 flying hours per month (70*350 = 24,500). So your take home salary will be PHP 39,000 plus other allowances less tax deductions, bonuses etc. that’s already a huge amount!

Hello, my name is Lyza! I was once a person who only dreamed of traveling the world “one day” but decided to follow my dreams. My first trip abroad was to Japan, solo, last year 2018 and I loved the experience. I aim to visit 10 countries every year before returning to 30 and 2 new places in the Philippines. Apart from travelling, I like to organize trips, take pictures, read and make new friends. Follow my adventures via myInstagram. Flight cancellations and rescheduling are normal parts of airlines and airlines around the world. They happen for one or more different factors, from safety to economics to operational reasons.

I’ve had my share of canceled and rescheduled trips. Just a few months ago, I was supposed to fly to Seoul with Cebu Pacific, but there were changes in the flight schedule that were not convenient for us, so we had to cancel our trip. That’s perfectly fine because we knew about the cancellation months in advance and we couldn’t book tours yet, so we still had plenty of time to rearrange our travel plans. We were given options on how to proceed and I chose to request a full refund.

Cebu Pacific Air Contact Number

So last month, our AirAsia flights from Taiwan to Manila were canceled due to the coronavirus-related travel ban imposed by the government at the time.

Cebu Pacific Changes Checked Baggage Policy

Both times I documented my experience so I could share the recovery process with you. In this post, we will focus on Cebu Pacific. (If your canceled flight is with AirAsia, read this instead: HOW TO GET A REFUND FROM AIRASIA!)

If your Cebu Pacific flight is canceled or rescheduled and you want to request a refund, this post might help.

Before we discuss that, let’s emphasize that NOT all flight reservations are refundable. If you bought your ticket at a piso shop or other seat sale, there is a good chance that you will not get a refund for your ticket, unless it was the airline itself that canceled or changed the flight.

If your Cebu Pacific flight is canceled or rescheduled (at least one hour difference), you have three options:

Cebu Pacific Sales Office In Wisma Cosway, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

You can do it over the phone, but the easiest way is to do it online. Here’s how you do it.

Once done, you will see your refund status on the dashboard. First it will show RECEIVED. But that can change over time.

If you paid through an offline channel (7 Eleven, Cebuana Lhuillier, etc.), you may need to visit a Cebu Pacific ticket office to receive a refund. You will be informed about it when you complete the request. Here is the list of CEB ticket offices.

Cebu Pacific Air Contact Number

How long before you receive it depends on many factors, some of which may depend on your bank’s or card’s billing cycle. I got mine in less than 3 weeks.

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For refunds due to flight cancellation or flight rescheduling by Cebu Pacific, double payment or double booking, terminal fee or airport tax along with other charges and fees will be refunded to you.

However, if you missed your flight or you no longer intend to use your reservation (not shown), you can request a refund for just the terminal fee or airport tax.

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