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Capital One Performance Savings Interest Rate

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Capital One Performance Savings Interest Rate

Capital One Performance Savings Interest Rate

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Capital One Cd Rates

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Bottom line: Capital One 360 ​​Performance Savings is ideal if you’re looking for an account with a minimum $0 deposit and no monthly service fee. It also offers fixed prices.

The Capital One 360 ​​Performance Savings Account pays an annual percentage rate (APY) of 3.50% (as of 04/23/04) on all account balances. This is significantly higher than the national average of 0.37% APY.

Everything You Need To Know About Capital One Offers

Capital One pays much higher interest rates than you’ll find at a brick-and-mortar bank. You may find better rates at other online banks, but rates vary, so it depends on when you find the bank with the highest interest rate.

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Capital One Performance Savings Interest Rate

Capital One and Ally charge similar savings rates. Both pay the same interest on all balances compounded daily and monthly.

A Complete Guide To Capital One’s 360 Performance Savings Account

Although Capital One is considered an online bank, it has more than 470 branches in 8 US states and DC. If you live near a branch and want to talk to a banker face-to-face, you may prefer Capital One.

But if you like the safe deposit bucket, you might like Ally. By setting up multiple savings goals in one account, such as Emergency Savings and Travel Savings, you can keep track of all your goals in one place.

If you are looking for a higher interest rate on your savings account, CIT Bank may be a better option. The CIT Bank Savings Connect account pays 4.50% APY regardless of your account balance.

Remember, deposit rates change, so just because one bank is paying a higher interest rate doesn’t mean it always will.

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If you’re looking to open a savings account with a $0 minimum deposit, Capital One might be a better fit for you.

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Capital One Performance Savings Interest Rate

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Capital One 360 Performance Savings 银行账户【2023.3 更新:$1000 开户奖励又回来了!】

Please note: The above offers are correct at the time of publication, but may change and change or become unavailable at any time. Are you a Capital One Savings Account customer? If so, you could be losing thousands of dollars a year, so you should check your account immediately. How to tell if you’re affected and what to do about it.

As diligent as I am with my money, I recently discovered that I was losing thousands of dollars a year in interest. I thought I had a high interest account with Capital One, but mine was only 0.30%. Why was it so low? Because a few years ago, Capital One actually archived some of the older accounts — replacing the “360 Savings Account” with a higher-interest, competitive product. (These new accounts are fictitiously called “360 Performance Saving Accounts” and currently have an interest rate of 2.15%.)

At first I was bummed to find out I was only earning 0.30% instead of a competitive rate – how could I miss that as a personal finance writer? Then I was angry not only for myself, but also for millions of users who were in a similar situation to me. Why am I angry? Because Capital One told us they have high interest accounts. Also, when Capital One stopped offering our account with a higher interest rate and replaced it with a competing product that paid higher fees, they did not email us or automatically transfer us to our new account. They thought we still had high interest accounts and let them go.

My first step was to contact Capital 1 and try to fix it by fixing it for all of us, but they refused and even said 0.30% was high (more on that later).

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So now, consumers, if the company doesn’t do the right thing, you have to do it in your own interest. How to make sure you’re getting the right interest rate with Capital One. If not, what to do about it?

Here’s how to tell if Capital One is scamming you by keeping your high-interest account with a low interest rate

Here’s a step-by-step guide to determining if you have a low-profile “360 Savings Account.”

Capital One Performance Savings Interest Rate

INGDirect has been one of the best high interest savings accounts for years. I remember in 2008 I had 5% (!)  interest on my ING account. Then around 2012 Capital One bought these accounts from INGDirect and we all became Capital One customers. (Note: Capital One, like ING, will continue to manage accounts and offer competitive online rates.) If you previously had an INGDirect account and never closed it, Capital One. One customer. If you opened a “high-interest” account with Capital One before 2019, you may be an affected customer.

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There are 2 ways to make sure you have what I call an “interest account” (low interest account). First, you can determine your account type by looking at your last statement. If your account name says “360 Savings” below, you will earn abasyml interest.

The second way to identify your account type is to click on the “Account Information” section of the app/website (when you click on your account at the bottom of the page), it will tell you.

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