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Build Your Own Wedding Website

Build Your Own Wedding Website – Looking for wedding website inspiration? You are in the right place! Here at WedSites, we love seeing couples customize our website templates to set the tone for their special day.

From stunning color palettes to custom images and perfect layouts, there are many great ways to make your wedding website personal, meaningful and unique.

Build Your Own Wedding Website

Build Your Own Wedding Website

Keep scrolling as we share 10 beautiful wedding website templates to inspire you and our top tips to keep in mind as you create your own!

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What we love: Megan and Zach did an amazing job personalizing their wedding website and photography. The first thing you’ll notice is a gorgeous, high-quality header image that fills the screen – and as you scroll, you’ll notice that they’ve also tied the image to a custom background image. We love the organic color palette of grays, greens and browns that runs throughout their website.

Megan and Zach have also arranged to pass on location and accommodation tips to their loved ones. They’ve created a Google Smart map with landmarks to their favorite spots to help visitors plan the perfect weekend getaway!

Why we love it: Jessica and Alexander used a variety of design elements to create a stunning wedding centerpiece for their guests. Almost every element of their wedding website is personalized to their vision, from the custom menu icon, header and footer style, to custom images and callout titles. The result is a truly unique wedding website that will continue to set the tone for their upcoming celebrations.

Along with their custom designs, Jessica and Alexander have also discovered the storytelling side of things. From travel and accommodation information to wedding party introductions, they have covered all the bases for preparing their guests.

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Why we love it: If you’re planning your wedding during COVID-19, get some inspiration from Michael and Kalia’s wedding website! Amid the changes in rules and restrictions, the couple decided to have a “little moon” with close friends and family, followed by a party later. We believe you will agree that they do an expert job of communicating with their guests.

In addition to including relevant wedding details, Michael and Kalia have also used a warm color palette and personalization elements including a letterhead style, custom letterhead logo, and button custom RSVP menu. Our favorite place? The couple has included a link to their favorite songs to get guests into the festive spirit. What a way to set the scene!

Why we love it: Kate and Trevor put a stamp on their wedding website with a custom header logo and custom header background. We love the custom images used to display the event schedule – so beautiful!

Build Your Own Wedding Website

Kate and Trevor do a great job of introducing the city of Richmond to their loved ones with beautiful pictures and accommodation tips for out-of-town visitors.

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Why we love it: If you’re looking for something sweet and simple, you’ll love Freya and Tom’s wedding website. Using a small and black color palette, both have a custom menu icon and a custom header with beautiful brush lettering.

Freya and Tom have also designed their own wedding website – breaking down all the important details for their guests, using separate pages for their venue, greetings and theme.

Why we love it: Jaime and Mel’s wedding website is a great example of using custom design elements to create something unique! These two have installed custom headers, custom logos, custom backgrounds, and beautiful photos to showcase their wedding day.

We also love the comments that have come out to share information about their applications and that they have created a comprehensive FAQ page (in English and Spanish) to answer questions​​​​ about dress code, registry information, children and the like.

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Why we love it: If you want to customize your physical invitations to your wedding website, take a page from Allie and Gavin’s book. The couple has used a custom logo created by their porter, The Blackline Bottega, to create a unified experience for guests.

We love that their wedding website is clean, modern, minimal and very easy to navigate. They used separate pages to share their schedule, information about the venue and dress code, and some helpful information about COVID-19 guest safety.

Why we love it: How cute are these floral photos?! Mirielle and Robert have used photo cutouts to upload their photos to their website, which is very unique. They also did an amazing job of telling their love story, sharing photos from their first meeting in 2006 to their wedding.

Build Your Own Wedding Website

We love bridal party introductions and having the RSVP button front and center makes it easy for guests to RSVP. Mirielle and Robert have also included an interactive question page for their loved ones to ask questions.

Creative Wedding Website Examples

Why we love it: This color palette! Leah and Matt have created a wedding website using bold shades of olive green and gold to set the tone for their special day. The couple has added great pictures to their website, along with helpful tips on what to wear, location information and accommodation information. We love that they included pictures of their bridal party to personalize their website.

Why we love it: Colleen and Andrews’ wedding website is another great example of simple, minimal design. The couple has chosen a white background with black text and high quality photos to add color.

We love that they’ve personalized their wedding website with stories about how they met and proposed. For out-of-town guests, Colleen and Andrew have included some very helpful information about childcare, transportation, and their recommended local activities.

As you can see from the wedding website examples above, there are many ways to create a memorable viewing experience for you and your loved ones. Here are our top tips to keep in mind when designing your wedding website:

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Don’t know where to start with creating your own wedding website? We’ve rounded up our top 9 wedding website builders here to help you find the site that best suits your needs.

You can also start building your own wedding website here at WedSites. Check out our free templates, create a free account to get started!

8 Reasons You Need a Wedding Website From managing guest lists to tracking RSVPs, there are many reasons why wedding websites have become an important tool for newlyweds.

Build Your Own Wedding Website

Get your own wedding planning dashboard to keep track of all your wedding activities, budgeting and more. We think one of the most fun aspects of wedding planning is creating a wedding website. From choosing a theme, fonts, colors and images to telling a love story and sharing wedding news, there are many ways to express your creativity and create a beautiful wedding website that showing your personality.

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You can match your wedding website to your wedding invitation, choose a theme that reflects the location or location of your wedding, or choose a theme that suits you. Your wedding website reflects your personality and sets the tone for your wedding day.

We are always amazed at the creativity we see on Joy Couples wedding websites. Here are some examples of real wedding websites to inspire you to create your own.

Whether your style is classic or modern, bold or colorful, floral or minimal, bring your taste and style to your wedding with your website theme, like these wedding website templates.

Andrea and Rob’s elegant floral theme and choice of black and white photography give their wedding website a classic tone while expressing their personality through their photography.

Customizable Wedding Website Templates & Designs

Wei Jie and Elix’s natural color scheme and sun-filled images create an airy and light atmosphere that makes us feel nostalgic.

Jerry and Marlyse created a new look with their wedding website through simple features and a neutral color scheme.

If your name is calling, check out Emily and Steven’s wedding website for inspiration and a watercolor theme to complement their wedding theme.

Build Your Own Wedding Website

While we love seeing a couple’s wedding photos, we love it when couples use unique artwork on their wedding websites, like these examples.

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A portrait of Elmor and Elaine created by their close friend, artist David Correia, reflects their adventurous spirit and love of travel.

Whether you are having a casual wedding or want to express the style of your wedding venue or venue, a theme that reflects your wedding venue will set the tone for your event.

Jaylyn and Zachary Mountain’s website theme and photo selection was perfect for their Canadian wedding. Plus, their photo shows off Jaylyn’s stunning ring!

The couple used their wedding website to share their love story

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