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Build Your Own Radio Kit For Adults

Build Your Own Radio Kit For Adults – Along with my talk at the monthly meeting of the Phil-Mont Mobile Radio Club about “making it” and ham radios, I thought I’d put together a list of links to various kits, kit vendors, and other interesting hams. Radio projects I can only link here Maybe I can update it or make it a permanent page This page is heavily linked so feel free to click! On to the good stuff…

I ordered a while ago but unfortunately it hasn’t been done yet I really like the idea of ​​doing most of the “heavy lifting”, mostly in terms of complete radios that “fit” into the case you choose. Aside from the fact that the front end is Arduino based, it’s amazing what people have done to fit this kit with a color touch screen, 3D printed case and mod. My challenge was to do something – different – with it; What do you want your ham radio to be more than just a black box on the table? Do it now!

Build Your Own Radio Kit For Adults

Build Your Own Radio Kit For Adults

Lots of support for this, including the Group.O support group, YouTube videos, a third-party support site, and more. The company has a few other products, including a 40m version and the Antenna Lab in a Box

Building A Radio

Our friends from AMSAT joined Phil-Mont and others at PhilMaker Fire 2019 last week and demonstrated the CubeSat simulator. Build your own simulated CubeSat satellite powered by the sun using a telemetry transmitter. Attach it to a record player to simulate the movement of a real satellite in space, then listen to it at a “ground station”.

If that’s a little over your head, maybe a Raspberry Pi and a simple wiring diagram would be faster: CubeSat Simulator Lite.

When I was studying for my ham radio license, one thing I wanted to know was the ability to use a Raspberry PI in WSPR mode. All you need is a working Raspberry Pi and a piece of wire Seriously! The software generates the correct signal for the IO pin, and you just use a long random wire as an antenna. In the Philly area, you can find all of these products at MicroCenter (St. Davids, PA). Here’s a great article on building a Pi WSPR transmitter:

Also, there are additional boards to convert the Raspberry Pi into a WSPR transmitter that includes filters, like this one:

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Speaking of pee, wouldn’t it be cool if you could carry an SDR card in your pocket to tune around (and over) you while eating lunch? The RTL-SDR uses an inexpensive TV tuner dongle to turn any laptop or computer, including a Raspberry Pi, into a software-defined radio receiver. Take it with you or put it online as Web-SDR, which can be a good use for a computer in the corner gathering dust.

If your budget can dig a little deeper, check out the KiwiSDR kit, which includes everything you need to build a complete network SDR receiver based on a BeagleBone board. Maybe share it on HAM MESH???

This isn’t a build or kit, except maybe setting up the “rig”, but I wanted to mention it as a potentially family friendly and fun activity – listening to the ISS! All you need is a 2 meter HT radio (or otherwise portable) tuned to 145,800 and a way to record quality audio (any modern cell phone, tablet, laptop or voice recorder will work). See my own article on decoding images sent directly from the ISS, then visit the ARISS page for more information. (Note: SSTV will be broadcast again on October 9-10, 2019!)

Build Your Own Radio Kit For Adults

If you want to build something with your niece or nephew and are into radios, Elenco actually has at least two sets of radios; A simple “modern” FM only radio kit using a single IC and the kit above is an AM/FM radio kit. I prefer the AM/FM kit because it has more parts and better demonstrates how a real radio works with variable capacitors and filter circuits. You can find AM/FM kits at Amazon, Parts Express and others

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If you like computers and networking, you can use your ham radio license and WIFI technology to do some ham networking. Basically, install some third-party firmware on a supported WIFI device and join them to create your own little mini-internet. Phil-Mont’s own JD Jim Fisher AJ3DI is our domestic MESH buzzer

Digi-Wa?? If you are not aware, APRS is the Ham-Radio version of Google Maps Find other hams around, and if you want to know, put a beacon! As with regular repeaters, an APRS digitizer listens to an AP beacon (you) and then retransmits and distributes that information. Also, APRS is especially useful in rural areas where internet and connections are hard to come by, so if you own a mountain home in the woods and have an extra Baofeng or two, this could be a nice project. As a solar powered device You can find many articles and videos on how to build a Raspberry Pi based digital computer on Google Also, the YAAC software (yet another APRS client (who was nice enough to join Phil-Mont in the PhilMaker Fire booth) can act as either a client or a digitizer. Finally, see aprs. fi local internet views APRS beacons.

A: Locally, your best bet in the Philly/Montgomery County area is the Micro Center located off of St. Davids exit 476 (blue route) near Villanova. They have a huge selection of components, parts, kits, Arduinos, Pi’s, test equipment (probes and power supplies) and more. Another fact about Microcenter is that their website has a live inventory; If the website says they have it, they do! If you need tools, check out Techni-Tools in Worcester, PA Although they sell mostly online, they do call pickups at their premises

Online, I’ve used DGK for most of my components because they are hobbyist friendly and often ship small quantities of parts by mail, which is cheaper than the $8 minimum shipping cost of other resistors. Other popular sites include Mouser, New York (formerly MCM Electronics), SparkFun, Gingerbread, eBay, and Amazon.

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In addition to these, local hamfests (the Sellersville Hamfest is coming up on October 20th) and the Phil-Mont auctions are good* parts.

Note that some parts, especially the capacitors, do not age well As for the capacitors, I recommend ordering new ones, while you can find people selling them at hamfests and junk shops.

A: First, I host (mostly monthly) an electronics meetup in the Philly suburbs called Montgomery County Electronics Enthusiasts where I’d love to show you how to sell. Additionally, there are many hacker/maker spaces in the area such as Hive76, Phoenixville Area Maker Space, NexFab and others that host electronics, soldering, building and more.

Build Your Own Radio Kit For Adults

A: Yes, No and Yes Please note that there are many counterfeit parts, components and even tools and test equipment on eBay, especially ICs, some of which are also available from the above commercial sellers. This is unfortunate because sometimes these are very hard to distinguish from the real thing, and you can be frustrated for hours as to why your project won’t work when you realize that the $20 IC you sent for 99 cents from China is actually one. . Lego blocks in some legs I’ve had mixed luck; Some cheap modules and parts are really useful and worth the price, but if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. | Check the reviews carefully and if you can help, use our local sources and sellers first. This great kit includes all the components you need to build your very own retro cool – working 1970’s FM radio!

Sears Christmas Book

Listen to bats and other things that emit ultrasound You’d be surprised how many commonly heard words surround us every day!

This is an easy-to-build kit – all parts simply snap or screw together Clear, step-by-step instructions and cardboard box included

Once assembled, throw yourself against the computer, repeating the correct sequence of flashlight and sound.

Transport yourself back to the 80s by building your own working electronic synthesizer. Includes all components, cardboard box and complete instructions

Haynes Retro Radio Kit

Build your own version of the iconic Ping Pong arcade game with a coin slot and red LED display!

This unique set lets you build 20 simple retro games like “Simon Says” and Wire Maze.

The included color instruction booklet shows how to build each game, the technical aspects of each circuit, and additional materials are available online.

Build Your Own Radio Kit For Adults

The end result is a combination of old and new technology – a true vacuum tube for strong reception and classic sound, and a modern audio IC and speaker for excellent volume.

Make Your Own Radio

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