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Axis Bank Prepaid Forex Card

Axis Bank Prepaid Forex Card – Axis Bank is India’s third largest private bank. The bank provides a wide range of financial services for individuals, companies and international. Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) moving to other countries can open an NRI account with Axis Bank to save money or facilitate international financial transfers. NRIs and PIOs (Persons of Indian Origin) above 18 years of age can open an NRI account with Axis Bank to manage their global and Indian income.

If you are in India, you can visit an Axis Bank branch to open an NRI account. Talk to an Axis Bank NRI customer service representative. Please fill the Axis Bank NRI Account Opening Form and submit it to the bank along with the required documents. Click here for more information

Axis Bank Prepaid Forex Card

Axis Bank Prepaid Forex Card

An NRE account with Axis Bank is a rupee account where NRIs can deposit their income abroad. NRIs can use this account to make payments abroad and earn tax-free interest in India. NRE accounts can be opened online or in person at the bank. The main advantages of an NRE account with Axis Bank are that the interest is tax-free in India and money can be sent back to India at any time, along with access to Internet and mobile banking.

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NRIs can open NRO savings accounts with Axis Bank to deposit and manage their income in India such as rent, pension, existing savings and dividends. Below are the key benefits of Axis NRO accounts:

The Axis Premier savings account offers more exciting features and benefits than a regular savings account, such as increased transaction limits and lifestyle rewards.

This account is only for sailors and people who work on the water. Not only the account holder but also his family get the benefits.

Mariner Savings Account fees include annual fees, exchange fees, checkbook fees, account closing fees, transfer fees and special penalties (if any, such as a minimum fee). However, certain Mariner Savings Account fees are subject to certain exceptions.

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Axis Bank’s priority banking services take the concept of exclusivity and privileges to a new level. Axis Bank Priority Savings Account offers its customers various advantageous services such as lifestyle benefits, entertainment offers and preferential rates.

Maintain an Average Quarterly Balance (AQB) of Rs. 4 lakhs in your linked Priority Savings Account and Priority Current Accounts

Maintain Total Relationship Value (TRV) of Rs. 15 lakhs on Priority Savings, Current Accounts, Fixed Deposits, Mutual Fund Investments, Recurring Deposits (RD), Fixed Deposits (FD), Recurring Deposits

Axis Bank Prepaid Forex Card

Either through bank transfer or money transfer from outside the country of at least 20 lakhs in the last 12 months.

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Fees for Priority Savings Accounts include annual fees, replacement fees, checkbook fees, account closing fees, transfer fees and special penalties (if any, such as a minimum fee). However, certain priority savings account fees are subject to certain exceptions.

Burgundy brings you a truly premium and comprehensive banking experience with the benefits of world-class personal banking, tailored services and comprehensive wealth management solutions.

Bourgogne Savings Account fees include, but are not limited to, annual fees, exchange fees, checkbook fees, account closing fees, transfer fees and special penalties (if any, such as the minimum fee). However, certain Burgundy Savings Account fees are subject to certain exceptions.

Here is a quick table showing the minimum amount required to maintain an NRI account with Axis Bank without paying additional minimum charges:

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Axis Bank offers interest on its NRI Fixed Deposit (FD) accounts. Here is an example of what you can expect from an NRI FD with a deposit of less than two crores. But check the prices when you open your account, as they may vary.

Transfer payments from US, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore and Eurozone to India via Axis Bank’s Remit Money platform. Remit Money has no transaction limits. Neither the sender nor the recipient should have an Axis Bank account to use Remit Money. However, Remit Money cannot be used to make business payments; money can only be sent to personal accounts. Remittances can be used to transfer cash for personal savings, NRI deposits, loans, gifts, donations and other purposes. You can also use the transaction reference number to check the status of your money transfer.

You can deposit DD or check in any bank’s currency and get Indian Rupees. Walk into any Axis Bank branch and deposit the DD/Check. The amount stated on the instrument will be credited to the recipient’s account.

Axis Bank Prepaid Forex Card

Axis Bank does not charge any fees or charges on the transfer amount. The amount displayed on the transfer booking screen will be the final payment received by the recipient. However, the transfer exchange rate is not always the actual average market rate. If you check exchange rates on Google or Reuters at any time, you will see the average market or interbank rate. There are no free transfers and banks usually introduce a hidden actual exchange rate. Always compare Wise with the major banks before making your next foreign transaction to see if you’re getting the best rates.

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Axis Bank charges 0.25% of INR value, applicable tax is minimum 114.50 (100 + VAT) and delivery charge is 56 (50 + VAT). Depending on the transfer amount, the correspondent can charge from 11 to 17.5 dollars. The remitting bank may charge additional fees.

Axis Bank allows you to send money abroad via online banking for Axis bank account holders, Axis Forex Online for non-Axis bank account holders or transfer cash to an Axis bank branch.

You can submit a money transfer request at your local Axis Bank office on working days from 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM. You must provide identity documents such as ID and residence. After authentication, the department will accept your request for international money transfer. click here

Axis Bank has many different types of travel currency cards to meet travelers’ needs. Some cards only allow you to load one currency, but other cards allow you to load multiple currencies at the same time. Only some accept VISA or MasterCard, but others accept both so they can be used more often.

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Axis Bank has five Forex cards that can be used for different types of travel. On the bank’s website you can find the following five cards:

As the name suggests, the Axis Bank Multi-Currency Forex Card allows customers to load funds in different currencies, eliminating the need for a separate card for each country. The card is more suitable for people traveling abroad, as it is valid for 5 years. It also offers special dining incentives, emergency services and unique travel discounts, allowing customers to do much more with one card.

Axis Bank World Traveler Card is a prepaid card that can be used in India and other countries. It works together with Miles & More. By giving air miles as bonus points, the card is better suited for people who love to travel. The card works quickly in shopping terminals because it works on contactless MasterCard technology.

Axis Bank Prepaid Forex Card

Axis Bank Diners Card is a prepaid currency card in the Diner network. The card is accepted at more than 22 million stores worldwide and can be used to withdraw cash from approximately 1 million ATMs. The card is currently only available in USD.

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As the name suggests, the Axis Bank Single Currency Card is a prepaid travel card that can be pre-loaded with a foreign currency. The card is suitable for people visiting only one country. The same card cannot be used to load additional funds. Users must purchase separate cards for each type of currency. The card is currently available in 11 different currencies.

Axis Bank India Tourist Card is a prepaid travel card in rupees specially designed for Non-Resident Indians and Non-Resident Citizens (NRIs). The card is only valid in India and is only available through the VISA platform. People visiting India from other countries and NRIs can use the card during their stay.

Axis Bank is the third largest private sector bank in India offering a range of banking and financial products to its customers. Axis Bank provides housing loans to its customers at attractive interest rates and focuses on housing loans offered to NRIs. NRI home loans are offered at competitive interest rates with extra benefits. The main reasons why Indians want to use home loans are:

To apply for an NRI mortgage, you need to determine your eligibility. Check the list below to determine who can and who will not be eligible for an NRI mortgage. Eligible persons for NRI home loan:

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All Axis Bank currency cards are available over the counter. Bring the relevant documents to any bank branch, fill in the form, pay the card issuance fee and purchase the card.

Interest payments on Axis Bank NRI Term Deposits are paid monthly, quarterly and on the FD maturity date. Do you have plans to travel abroad? Business trip or family holiday? Regardless of the reason, you should plan your trip abroad properly. One of the important things you need to consider is the cost.

Currency exchange is a simple solution.

Axis Bank Prepaid Forex Card

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