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Axis Bank Forex Card

Axis Bank Forex Card – Are you planning to travel abroad? Did you know that you can save a lot of money by using a forex card instead of using your debit or credit card? But which forex chart should you choose among the many? Let’s see some of the best forex charts in India (2023).

Nowadays, credit cards or debit cards are the most widely used methods in the country as people know the benefits they offer. They help you manage your money easily and don’t carry money anywhere. This will save you stress. Along with that, if you want to improve your credit history, it is good for you. A good credit history helps you get loans easily in future. However, when traveling abroad, you should avoid using credit cards to make payments and purchases as they may incur high transaction fees, conversion fees and other charges. Choosing a forex card is a smart decision as it helps you exchange foreign currency easily and without any extra charges.

Axis Bank Forex Card

Axis Bank Forex Card

A forex card is a great way to spend your money while traveling abroad. These cards are safe and serve as a cost-effective option for your money. It will also help you with the best exchange rate if you are using a foreign currency loaded forex card. Even if the foreign exchange rate continues to rise or fall, the amount you load into your forex card will remain the same.

Best Forex Card In India For Students [multi Currency]

It is best to use a forex card when you travel abroad. It saves you the trouble of carrying money and exchanging money. Paying for purchases at retail stores, hotels, restaurants or anywhere else is easy on the go.

Also known as a prepaid card, prepaid travel card or travel credit card, a forex card is a ‘ready-to-use card’ that uses the local currency. It is available in fixed currency but offers the option to top up the card as per your requirement.

You can earn any money with it and use it as your debit or credit card. One of the main advantages of this card is that it allows you to pay while traveling abroad and saves you the hassle of exchanging money. And like a credit card or debit card, it can also be used to withdraw money from an ATM. Forex cards help protect your money when traveling abroad.

Other types of forex cards have also been introduced for students traveling abroad, such as student forex cards and cardless forex cards that allow you to pay for your purchases securely. One should choose the best forex card among these according to his usage.

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This card is offered by Axis Bank in association with Miles and others; This is the best forex card for Indian travelers who travel internationally frequently. The card comes with free miles with other members. You can earn bonus miles for loading and spending every time you use your travel card.

For more information about Axis Bank’s Term Traveler Cash Card refer this PDF on the bank’s website.

You can redeem your miles both online and offline with Miles and its partners. Some of the partners are Taj Hotels, Restaurants and Palace, PVR Cinemas, India Season Shopping etc.

Axis Bank Forex Card

Students going abroad for study or vacation or college trip or any other reason try to save money on every activity like flights, travel insurance, college fees, cash withdrawal etc.

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Axis Bank Multi-Currency Forex Card is one of the best forex cards for students and one of the best forex cards in India which allows you to hold 16 different foreign currencies in one card.

I. Forex Card: This card has Visa payment technology. Using Visa’s PaymentWave technology, you can swipe your card on a trusted card reader to make a payment. It’s even more secure because you don’t have to give someone to swipe your card, you can just swipe it on the card reader yourself and the payment is made.

II. Image Forex Card: This Axis Bank Multi-Currency Forex Card gives you the option to add an image of your choice to the card.

To apply for this card, you need not be an existing customer of Axis Bank. The validity of this card is 5 years. You can renew and use this time for as many trips as you want. And the first 3 ATM operations are complementary.

How To Load Money In Axis Bank Forex Card?

Axis Bank Credit Card allows you to make payments in USD only. There are many other benefits associated with the card for travelers to the United States. The card gives you 2 points every time you spend USD 5 at any store.

HDFC ForexPlus Card is one of the best forex cards in India, a convenient, secure and cashless way to carry foreign currency during your travels abroad. You can use this card to pay for shopping, accommodation, dining and more.

As the name suggests, this card was launched for students and serves as a student ID card. It comes with many benefits like you can avail discounts on books, travel etc. in 130 countries.

Axis Bank Forex Card

This card is loaded with USD. There are no fees. You can make payments in other currencies. Again, there are zero transaction fees for this card.

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Another good forex card in India, this card comes with 5 years validity and another good thing about this card is that you get free store card. You can use this backup card if your original Forex card is lost or stolen.

This card can be topped up with USD and can be used worldwide. Issued by MasterCard, this card is valid for up to 5 years.

This Forex card is for frequent international travelers. Up to 8 coins can be loaded on this card. You don’t need to be an existing customer of IndusInd Bank to opt for this card. You also get food and safe sale through this card.

This travel/forex card is a prepaid foreign card that will make your foreign travel fun without worrying about financial issues. You can load this card with multiple foreign currencies in India and use it abroad to withdraw money in local currency.

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ICICI Bank Multicurrency Platinum Travel Card also comes with features like travel insurance, emergency assistance, convenient account management.

One of the best MakemyTrip India cards is SBM by TripMoney Global Cash Card. It provides financial assistance to foreign travelers and reduces currency exchange costs. TripMoney Global Card is the destination for people who want to spend their money and cards online. The fact that the card, unlike others, does not require a credit history is a boon for people who like to travel abroad. TripMoney Global Cash Card can be used worldwide. You can make purchases in any currency of your choice at every POS and ATM. You can quickly withdraw money in INR and use it in any foreign currency without any markup or currency conversion charges, giving you freedom. This card can be used in more than 150 countries without any problem.

It is considered as one of the most useful and secure exchange cards in India. Online customer care website helps in easy management of cards worldwide at any time. It has high security and low cost compared to others.

Axis Bank Forex Card

BookMyForex has launched its Visa-enabled forex card in partnership with Yesbank for easy international payments. Traveling students and professionals love its service and find it useful. There are no expensive fees for using an ATM to withdraw money or scan the counter. BookMyForex has sold 1, 25, 000+ forex cards and saved 19.25 million dollars and this is what sets it apart from its competitors.

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According to a survey conducted by a trusted travel agency, Yes Global Card is the most popular and useful currency card. This card was launched in collaboration with DCB Bank. It’s easy to use the card through their mobile app, and you can lock the card if it hasn’t been used for a long time.

The Unlimited Smart Card is one of the best student cards. They allow low cost transactions between countries and easy payments, small and large, in the local currency. It’s online and you can send money in 60+ currencies worldwide. If you are a student in the US, Europe, Australia or the UK, you can get an account with Money Smart, a single card that allows users to deposit 45+ cash and withdraw up to USD 350 / INR 25,976. Free every month.

ICICI Bank Student Forex

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