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Arduino Robot Car Wireless Control

Arduino Robot Car Wireless Control – NodeMCU ESP8266 in Access Point Mode: Easiest Way to Build Wi-Fi Controlled Robot Car from Bluetooth Arduino Robot Car + Android App. Read about this project

NodeMCU ESP8266 in Access Point Mode: Easiest Way to Build Wi-Fi Controlled Robot Car from Bluetooth Arduino Robot Car + Android App.

Arduino Robot Car Wireless Control

Arduino Robot Car Wireless Control

In my project Smartphone Controlled Arduino 4WD Robot Car https:///andriy-baranov/smartphone-controlled-arduino-4wd-robot-car-14d239 I have proposed Smartphone Controlled Arduino 4WD Robot Car or Bluetooth Arduino Robot. Then I decided to make a Wi-Fi controllable robot car from a bluetooth controllable car. To do this, I removed the Bluetooth module and added a NodeMCU with the same wire connections (the corresponding Andriod application was already created).

Mobile App Controlled Robot

The NodeMCU ESP8266 works in access point mode to control the robot car outside without Wi-Fi.

Here’s how it works. First, we need to connect to the Wi-Fi Robot network and open the Wi-Fi Robot Android application. When you tap the forward button, the smartphone sends the request

When you touch the forward button, the robot stops. Basic Steps to Transfer Bluetooth Robot Car to Wi-Fi:

This development board for ESP8266 SoC on ESP-12E module is ready to connect to your computer, install USB drivers and start writing programs connected to your Wi-Fi network!

From Bt To Wifi: Creating Wifi Controlled Arduino Robot Car

Enable Wi-Fi Robot Car, go to your smartphone’s Wi-Fi settings and select Wi-Fi Robot Network (without password). After connecting to the Wi-Fi robot network, open the app and enjoy driving the Wi-Fi robot car!

The Android app for this project was created in MIT App Developer. You can edit the .aia file as per your wish. In this tutorial we will learn how to wirelessly control the Arduino robot car we made in the previous video. I will show you three different wireless control methods using the HC-05 Bluetooth module, the NRF24L01 transceiver module and the HC-12 long-range wireless module, as well as using a smartphone and a specially designed Android application. For more details you can watch the video below or read the tutorial written below.

I have tutorials on how to connect and use each of these modules to the Arduino board, so you can always check them out if you need more details. Links to each can be found in the article below.

Arduino Robot Car Wireless Control

We will start with Bluetooth communication, and for this we need two HC-05 Bluetooth modules, which should be configured as master and slave devices.

Keyestudio Smart Robot Car Kit V3.0 For Arduino Ide With Board, Line T

We can easily do this using AT commands, and I set the joystick as the master and the Arduino robot car as the slave. Here is the complete diagram for this example:

We will use the same code from the previous tutorial where we directly control the Arduino robot car using the joystick, and we will make some changes to it.

The code on the main device or joystick is very simple. We need to read the X and Y values ​​of the joystick, which adjusts the speed of the motors, and send them to the HC-05 Bluetooth device through the port. Note here that the joystick’s analog values ​​from 0 to 1023 are converted to values ​​from 0 to 255 by jumping to 4.

We do this because this range, 0-255, can be sent as 1 byte to a Bluetooth device, which is easy to receive on the other end or an Arduino robot.

Ir Remote Control Car

So here, if serial received 2 bytes, X and Y values, we will read both using function.

Now we need to convert the values ​​in the range of 0 to 1023, which is suitable for the motor control code below, we have explained how it works in the previous video.

While uploading the code, you need to disconnect the RX and TX pins of the Arduino board.

Arduino Robot Car Wireless Control

Next, let’s see how we can customize our Arduino robot car. The circuit diagram of the robot car is similar to the previous example, with the HC-05 Bluetooth mode set as a slave device.

How Uctronics Build A Wifi Arduino Robot With The Esp32 Board

On the other hand, using the MIT App Developer Online application, we will create our own Android application, and its appearance.

So the application simulates a joystick that looks like it’s made up of two images or image sprites.

If we look at the blocks of this application, we can see that when we draw the joystick sprite, the image of the joystick ball is moved to the current position of our finger and sends X and Y at the same time. values ​​to the Arduino machine via Bluetooth.

These values ​​are received by the Arduino using the function, as in the previous example.

Bluetooth Controlled Robot Car Using Arduino

What needs to be done here is to convert the X and Y values ​​received from the smartphone into the 0-1023 range, suitable for the following motor control code. These values ​​depend on the size of the canvas, and the X and Y values ​​I got from the application ranged from 60 to 220, which I easily changed using the map() function.

In the application blocks we can also see that when the image sprite is touched, the joystick ball returns to the center of the canvas and the appropriate values ​​are sent to the machine to stop the movement. You can find this application in the article of the website, you can also create two joystick images yourself or modify this application.

Now we can move on to the next method by controlling the Arduino robot car wirelessly using the NRF24L01 transceiver modules.

Arduino Robot Car Wireless Control

Here is the circuit diagram. These modules use SPI communication, so compared to the previous example, I moved the Enable A and Enable B pins of the L298N driver to pins 2 and 3 of the Arduino board. You can get NRF24L01. Module at the Amazon link below.

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For this example we need to install the RF24 library. As in the previous example, after defining some pins and setting the module as a transmitter, we read the X and Y values ​​of the joystick and send them to another NRF24L01 module of the Arduino robot.

First, we can note that the analog readings are strings, which are set to an array of characters using the string.toCharArray() function. Then using the radio.write() function, we send this string of characters to another module.

Other side. In the Arduino robot, after defining the module as a receiver, we receive the data using the function. Then using the atoi() function, we convert the data received from the joystick, or the X and Y values, into numbers suitable for the full motor control code.

It’s very simple, but of course, as I said, if you need more detailed information on how to connect and configure the modules, you can always see my dedicated tutorial for that.

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For the final method of controlling the Arduino Robot Car wirelessly, we will use the HC-12 Long Range Transceiver Modules. These modules can communicate with each other up to 1.8 km.

The circuit diagram for this example is almost identical to the HC-05 Bluetooth modules, as they use the same method to communicate with the Arduino via the serial port.

Joystick code is similar to Bluetooth communication. We read the analog values ​​of the joystick and send them to another module using the Serial.write() function.

Arduino Robot Car Wireless Control

On the other hand, with a time() loop, we wait for the data to arrive, then read it using the function and convert it to a range of 0-1023 suitable for the motor control code below.

Bluetooth Controlled Obstacle Avoidance Robot Car Using Pic32 Microcontroller

So that’s all good for this guide. Feel free to ask any question in the comments section below.

Hi, I’m Diane, a manufacturer, technologist and mechatronics engineer. I love making electronics and robotics projects for you.

In this project we will learn how to build a wireless bluetooth controlled robotic car using Arduino. The robot car can be controlled wirelessly through a smartphone. The smartphone has an Android app that allows the user to send commands directly to the robot. The robot can move forward, backward, left and right and can also be stopped.

Arduino’s Bluetooth-controlled robot car interfaces with the HC-05 or HC-06 Bluetooth module. We can give special voice commands to the robot through the Android application installed in the phone. On the receiving side, the Bluetooth transceiver module receives the commands and sends them to the Arduino, and thus the robot car is controlled.

Bluetooth Controlled Robot Using Arduino

The components required for this project are given below. All these components are available

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